Gretchen Carlson Not Naked In Fox News Debut

BREAKING (7/6/2016): Gretchen Carlson Sues Fox News CEO Over Pervasive Sexual Harassment

Moving up from her previous assignment on the Fox & Friends couch, Gretchen Carlson’s new afternoon program on Fox News premiered today with something of a disappointment for the old, white, male, Christian, Tea Partiers who dominate the Fox audience.

Earlier this month Carlson teased the launch of her new show, “The Real Story” during a an interview with her former co-host Brian Kilmeade on his radio show. The discussion took a lascivious turn when Carlson announced that “pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends.” She later chided Kilmeade saying that “You always liked to be shirtless. Sometimes you actually suggested that for me.”

If that saucy exchange didn’t get blood pumping in the Viagra-stuffed Fox watchers, what came next would surely guarantee a anxious tune-in bonanza for Carlson’s debut.

Carlson: You never know what I’m going to show up in. I’m busy putting it all together and so, you know, I might forget my clothes the first day.

Unfortunately for all the Fox pervs who made a point of flipping over to Fox for Carlson’s virgin outing, she showed up fully clothed and sitting behind a desk that obstructed much of the view that fans had become accustomed to on the Fox & Friends furniture. Sometimes the temptation even proved too much for her co-workers.

Gretchen Carlson
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As for the program itself, Carlson managed to book both Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to spice up the first day. Needless to say, her guests insured that the program would have the same low standards for substance, depth, and newsworthiness that she demonstrated on her old show. Trump pretended that he would be able to negotiate a solution to the shutdown crisis, but offered no specifics on how. Palin unleashed her patented word-salad jumble of incoherence that was peppered with insults to the President and anyone else with whom she disagrees.

Carlson herself proved that she does not have the intellectual foundation to host an alleged “news” broadcast. In a discussion about the Justice Department’s announcement that they are suing the state of North Carolina for voter suppression, Carlson was stunned to learn that the state had a voter fraud rate of about .00174 percent. She further dismissed the notion that any other state’s rate would be so low. Of course the truth is that North Carolina’s rate is not the least bit extraordinary, as documented by Media Matters. Voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States, despite the right’s attempt to artificially inflate the issue as some sort of epidemic.

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Fox News has had a great deal of success parading a bevy of blonde hosts and contributors who have no journalism credentials whatsoever. She is replacing Megyn Kelly who got a bump up to primetime. Carlson, therefore, may do well in her new role as the network’s newest daytime eye candy. But she will also continue the network’s right-wing agenda and devotion to lies and disinformation. If Fox News is anything, it’s consistent.


14 thoughts on “Gretchen Carlson Not Naked In Fox News Debut

  1. “…Voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States…”

    Ah, so Greg Palast, Mark Crispin Miller, Randi “Kill Bush” Rhodes and all the other Bush-stole-the-election yahoos are a bunch of shysters and frauds. Well, we knew that already.

    Meanwhile, folks, we have Mark once again obsessing about the fact that the female news anchors on Fox News actually look much better than Rachel Maddow.

    • Republic Party member Mitt Romney is the most famous vote fraudster. In January 2010, he wanted to vote for Scott Brown in the special election to replace Ted Kennedy’s seat. Problem was, he had sold his mansion in Belmont MA. No problem, just lie and pretend you’re living in your son Tagg’s basement in Belmont. He wasn’t. He had no legal domicile in MA at that time, a requirement to vote. He committed voter fraud. Lucky for America, both Mittens and Scotty boy lost.

    • Do you not see a difference between a voter committing fraud and fraud committed in a voter’s name? Oh, and the fact that you emphasize that the Faux Blondes “look much better than Rachel Maddow” tells me all I need to know about the value you place on journalistic standards. Obviously, Faux News was right on target in catering to its core demographic – men who care more that the babe delivering the news has big tits than if what she’s saying is accurate.

    • They may look better but it would take four or five of them–on a good day– to equal Rachel’s intellect

      It is obvious to me that the shape of a news personalities’ legs is far more important to Roger Ailes than what’s between their ears–case in point Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Thantos

      • Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros are both very intelligent women.

        • And very attracrtive as well, unlike the ugly Maddow.

    • Have you seen Rachel’s senior picture? She could be a hot blonde if she wanted to be, it’s just not the image she’s going for.

    • Ah Scott try listening with the head on your shoulders rather then the one in your pants

  2. Yeah, those bleached blonde clones over at Faux News are some real lookers!!!

  3. Fox News is nothing more then a personal mouth piece for the right wing agenda of Rupert (stay in Australia) Murdock.

  4. After reading all the liberal losers comments, now I know why all liberals suck.

  5. I dislike Rachel Maddow (as well as Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, to name but a few) for several reasons. The least of which is because she is ugly as compared to Gretchen Carlson. Secondly, she is a poseur. Thirdly, she is a liar… And finally, the main reason, – she is nothing more than an extreme socialist (or more precisely communist) propagandist with a smattering knowledge of the villainous tyranny of all the communist countries, such as the former Soviet Union, North Korea, China, etc. But in spite of that, Rachel Maddow and the likes of her continue to spew out their misleading socialist/communist propaganda day in and day out. I guess if she had had the power, she would in a jiffy have dragged us into the communist crap. And this is the existential danger to America about which nobody did hear in the past and will ever hear in the future on the MSNBC channel.

    • Oh God, I hope that’s snark. Because otherwise it is painfully stupid.

      • Do your progressive buddies, including Rachel Maddow, have scientific achievements to be worth mentioning? The answer is ‘NO’. Which means that all the communist-leaning anchors-shmanchors on MSNBC are no more than a bunch of noisy chatterboxes who know nothing about macroeconomics and associated disciplines and thus know nothing about the way the society either thrives or withers and dies. Therefore, to begin with, it is highly recommended that your progressive cronies on MSNBC read what has been written, in particular, by an outstanding intellectual of the twentieth century, a Nobel Prize-winner economist Friedrich August von Hayek:

        1. “The guiding principle in any attempt to create a world of free men must be this: a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.”
        2. “As a rule of thumb, government cures are not only worse than the disease, but lead to further disease.”

        Also, your friends on MSNBC should not forget the following: What makes the state a hell on earth has always been the government’s attempt to make it a haven. And this is exactly what is going on right now in our country owing to the government of BHO.

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