A Cry For Approval From John McCain

John McCain just released a new ad that features an endorsement from none other than Barack Obama:

More than anything else, this ad refutes McCain’s allegation that Obama doesn’t work across party lines. It shows Obama as collegial and open-minded. It ought to help persuade independents that Obama is a man of reason and fairness who will give credit where it’s due.

As for the issue the ad addresses, environment voters are probably already voting for Obama. Why support a maverick Republican on the issue when you can support a candidate and a party that has been championing it for decades?

Finally, you know you’re on thin ice when you have to rely on the endorsement of your opponent. If McCain really thinks that Obama is an inexperienced, untested, dangerous, risky, Socialist pal of terrorists, why is he so anxious to have his approval?

Thanks for the kind words, John. Please play this ad everywhere.