Is This The Most Hateful Fox News Commentary Ever?

This weekend Fox News ran their regular commentary by reporter Liz Trotta. For those unfamiliar with Trotta’s work, she gained a certain measure of infamy when she joked that President Obama should be “knocked off” along with Osama Bin Laden. On another occasion she criticized women in the military for complaining that they are “being raped too much.” Trotta never defined what an acceptable amount of rape would be, just that these soldiers should expect it.

Fox News Liz Trotta

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On the scale of loathsome miscreants, Trotta has set a pretty high bar for herself, but her newest commentary may have succeeded in surpassing all previous efforts. She has managed to squeeze derogatory references to women, men, liberals, African-Americans, gays, teenagers, and Puerto Ricans – all into one grotesque editorial retch. Trotta began by disparaging women as unfit to serve certain roles in government:

“Is there a lesson in the fact the the President, clinging to his diversity mantra, has appointed mostly women to top security and state department jobs? America the exceptional has become America the incompetent.”

Apparently the lesson is that women are incompetent. It’s funny that Trotta never bothered to express this opinion when George W. Bush appointed a women as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State. But then Obama has always had to live by a separate set of standards according to these right-wing hypocrites. Next, Trotta unleashed a barrage of things about which she has grown tired, including…

“…tired of the random rudeness and coarse language on and off the street, especially from oversexed teenagers who advertise their sex and then claim abuse.”

Indeed. Those irresponsible teenagers flaunting their nubile sexuality are just asking for it. They have no right to complain when they are subsequently abused by perverts who can hardly be expected to resist such temptation.

“…tired of weaselly young men with their testosterone challenged beards and mincing ways who would rather do the dishes than defend our country.”

We’ve all seen them, haven’t we? Those young bearded men bellying up to sinks, cleaning dishes, are everywhere. Meanwhile, the quarter million men in the armed services are hardly ever spotted on city streets. They probably have some lame excuse like they’re fighting terrorists in Afghanistan, or they’re stationed in army bases, or some such nonsense.

“…tired of racial imperatives. Hollywood’s robotic devotion to groveling liberalism by requiring every picture to showcase the liberated ingenue as assertive heroine and a cerebral black man as its sensitive anti-hero.”

Exactly!. The last thing we need is Hollywood casting women as positive role models, rather than the dutiful housewives or hookers-with-a-heart that God meant for them to portray. And as for black men, what ever happened to the days when they were rightfully confined to roles as gang-bangers, drug dealers, and dancing slaves? Who ever heard of a cerebral, sensitive black man anyway?

“…tired of the deification of homosexuals who may have won the media race and silenced the incompetent opposition, although many Americans find their lifestyle repugnant.”

It’s good to see that the struggle for civil rights has been reduced to a media race. And the fact that many Americans are repulsed by gays is justification enough for oppressing them, just as it was with African-Americans before they got uppity.

Liz Trotta is obviously bursting at the seams with animus for a wide variety (and a clear majority) of Americans. She even went after Puerto Ricans (who are American citizens) asking “When was the last time you saw an American flag at a Puerto Rican Day Parade?” Well, it took me about two minutes to find this photograph from a parade in Chicago last year.

Trotta is just another in the long line of pseudo-patriots who spew an unending litany of hatred for their country. She ended her rant with a generalized insult directed at the nation as a whole saying “America, the incompetent, rules.” We should be grateful for Trotta and her enablers at Fox. They let us know precisely how they feel about America. It’s too bad their viewers are too addle-brained to recognize that the network they worship hates them and their country.


15 thoughts on “Is This The Most Hateful Fox News Commentary Ever?

  1. It’s shit like this that makes me genuinely wonder what their ideal actually is. What would their more perfect union really look like? All they do is bitch. That’s all they do. Bitch and complain. Bitch about how ‘they’ over here ruin fucking everything, and bitch about how ‘these’ over here do pretty much the same thing so fuck them too. And it’s almost always about pluralism. It’s always ‘insert those other people here’ that are less than and need more and we’d be so much better without them. And all ‘they’ really have to do to get targeted by the right is to have the nuts to exist. It’s always just about convincing people to tell everyone else to fuck off and die. It’s always they’re coming for you and all we are and oh my god this president’s illegitimate and wants to destroy America and oh my god the stakes have never been higher on absolutely everything and holy shit we gotta join a tea party. Don’t tackle a problem, don’t try to actually do anything, no. Bitch and complain until everything else that’s fucking everything up goes away. Cause we aren’t accountable for the end results of last decade. Everything went to shit because no one listened to our bitching and fear mongering and poorly thoughtout plans and how everything else is fucking with what we had.

    Remember when they were ‘soul searching’? Is this shit the result?

    • This comment is so full of REALness and WIN that I can’t stand it. Bravo sir. Bra-Freaking-vo. If there was a like button I’d beat that sucker into submission.

    • Ditto; superb. Try it without the fucking language and please, spread your wisdom. As it stands, you’re preaching to the choir of Twisted Youth, right? Why not actually reach out, communicate? Wish you would; we’d benefit. In any case thanks.

    • you are so on target with your commentary on this alledged news reporter

  2. Anyone who still refers to homosexuality as a “lifestyle” clearly has her head up wrinkled old ass.

  3. Also offended that she spelled “coarse” as “course” Why can’t republicans spell?

    • Wow! So, you think all republicans spell or thinks as she does? LOL
      The focus should be on the spelling or misuse of the word “course”?

  4. Shorter Liz: “Women are completely terrible at their jobs. I mean, look at ME for fucks sake!”

    ANY WOMAN IN THE GOP IS NOT A WOMAN… but a really stupid gop slut!


    • Wow, take it down a few notches? Yea, I think take it down a few notches. Mkay? Greaaaat, thaaaanks!

    • I agree that Trotta is perhaps a miserable person and completely out of touch, but your language is really offensive.
      You can do better than that on this site. Even our right-wing trolls on this site have more respect for the opposition.

  7. I’m so glad I found this post. One of my Conservative male co-workers who can’t seem to get it through his head that I’m Liberal, forwarded this commentary to me. He actually thought I’d like it and that I’d agree with her on many of the things she had to say. He couldn’t understand why I got angry and why I didn’t think she was the most brilliant speaker I’d ever heard. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only person offended by her and everything she stands for. But then again, everything about Fox offends me so I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s one more person on Fox to dislike.

    • You’re welcome. Trotta really stands out as the sort of hateful relic that Fox caters to.

  8. Two of the men I work with are Tea Party types. The only opinions they have on politics and world events are the ones dictated to them by Fox and Conservative radio programs. It drives me crazy. I had never even heard of her before today but now I’ll have to check in with you on a regular basis to see what other crazy, hateful things she spews. Keep up the good work.

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