Guess What The Fox News “Psycho” Analyst Found Inside The Mind Of Vladimir Putin

The Fox News Medical “A” Team’s resident psychiatrist, Keith Ablow, has a long history of going “inside the mind” of pretty much anyone who is in the news (and especially President Obama). I recently compiled a list of 35 articles in which Ablow entered the minds of unsuspecting victims of his quackery. What they all share in common is a deep disregard for medical ethics and a penchant for sensationalism, wild conjecture, and deranged diagnoses – such as his affection for the Unabomber. [Here is the News Corpse file on Ablow’s vast crackpottery]

Keith Ablow

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With the Russian foray into Crimea, the rank opportunist in Ablow has marched himself straight into the mind of Vladimir Putin. And you’ll never guess who he found there. After rattling around for a bit to make some baseless assumptions, Ablow discovered that President Obama had established occupancy and become the key factor in everything that Putin does. In fact, Ablow’s excursion into Putin’s mind is really just an excuse to foster ludicrous hypotheses about Obama’s psychological state. Ablow begins his inane adventure by saying…

“I believe Putin’s psychology is being directly fueled by that of President Barack Obama. Obama being Obama helps Putin be Putin.”

Isn’t that simple? Putin isn’t an autocratic dictator with a compulsion for power and influence. He’s just a vessel into which Obama pours his omnipotence. Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine – he might not even have existed – but for Obama. But despite the fullness of Obama’s ability to fuel Putin’s emptiness, Obama is still Putin’s lesser who is motivated by a desire to weaken America, the nation he rose from simple beginnings to lead. Ablow says that…

“Putin apparently believes he was placed on this planet to be the most powerful person he can be, to assert his religious and social beliefs unsparingly and to help reestablish his Russia as the dominant power in the world. Barack Obama apparently believes he was placed on this earth to be the most powerful person he can be, in order to restrain America in the expression of its power.”

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? The interracial child of a single mother struggles his whole life to achieve lofty goals that most people believed to be unattainable just so he could rip it all apart once he arrived. It’s a theory so brilliant that only Ablow himself can understand it as anything other than idiocy.

Ablow goes on to assert that Obama thinks that “national (American) character is a bad thing,” and that Obama is only interested in “in disempowering the United States.” But it isn’t just America as a nation that Obama is determined to destroy, it is every individual in the nation, whose autonomous freedom Obama has set out to eviscerate. And naturally, Putin’s superior observational capability is further praised by Ablow who said…

“I do not believe that Vladimir Putin would miss the fact that Barack Obama has imperiled the notion of individual autonomy (by seeking to disarm Americans, by seeking to make Americans dependent on unemployment checks and food stamps and by making it officially impossible to choose how to spend your own money, via the Affordable Care Act).”

Somehow, in this article purporting to be an examination of Putin’s mind, Ablow has managed to turn it into a parade of nearly every negative talking point about Obama on the Republican Party’s hit list: guns, unemployment, food stamps, health care. If he had thrown in Benghazi, and taxing the rich, he would have completed the set. But he wasn’t finished. He still had to concoct a conclusion that would denigrate the President as being more harmful to America than Putin or its other foes. And this is what he came up with:

“If Crimea becomes part of Russia or all of Ukraine does, it will be in no small measure due to the psychology of Vladimir Putin, and, in equal measure, due to the psychology of Barack Obama.”

There you have it: Keith Ablow’s excursion into the mind of Vladimir Putin – where the mind of Barack Obama rules. It still isn’t clear how a weak and vacillating Obama in mom jeans can overpower the mental superiority of a masculine and virile leader like Putin (Ablow and his right-wing comrades truly love Vlad), but Ablow’s analyses were never intended to make sense. His sole purpose is to attack the President, and it hardly matters if the attack is coherent. His audience is infected with an inability to grasp reason or logic, and they are overtly hostile to facts. And with psychiatric advice from wankers like Ablow, don’t expect them to get any better.


9 thoughts on “Guess What The Fox News “Psycho” Analyst Found Inside The Mind Of Vladimir Putin

  1. So Obama controls Putin in a sense.

    I wonder if he found anything in that Putin mind about Sarah Palin?

  2. All this Putin Love is going to bite the GOP in the ass. It shows that this political party will take any position that undermines Obama, even at the expense of their own country. I guess Republicans do not realize what assholes they (continue) to look like to the rest of the world.

  3. Ablow needs to have a session with Dr Phil…frauds “helping” frauds.

  4. Hmm. Much preferred it when Roland Hedley went Inside the Mind of Ronald Reagan. At least, Roland actually accomplished it. Twice.

    So, what’s this idiot’s excuse? Naturally, he has never met any of the people he “examines,” isn’t that Right? (Pun, of course, always intended.) Isn’t that like a dentist in LA looking inside your mouth while you are in NY?

  5. Hello my name is ignoranceisbliss formerly Randy I wanted to change my moniker to better reflect my disdain for the conservative movement in general and what it really is. The moral depth of Keith Ablow is equal to that of the width of a human hair and that might be a stretch. People like Ablow used to be condemned for this sort of thing in the msm. That was, of course, before the creation of Fox News parading about as something that actually informs people of reality. The only thing this man is doing is providing more embarrassment for himself, Fox and conservatives in general but when you are as ignorant as they are they cannot be embarrassed. It simply is not in their psychological make-up. Let me sum up Mr. Ablow , psychologically speaking, using his methodology from afar. He is a narcissistic psychopath with no conscience who has no sense of right or wrong!

    • Thanks for the heads up on your name change. You comments are very much appreciated here. And, as Ricky Gervais said about your new name…

      “Ignorance might be bliss for the ignorant, but for the rest of us it’s a right fucking pain in the arse.”

      • Thanks, I can’t say it any better than Ricky Gervais! That’s my new name and I’m sticking to it(until or unless I change it again).

  6. Obama is and will ever be a campaigner.
    He is not a leader.
    Putin is the muscle between these two.
    Mutt and Jeff

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