Fox Nation Declares Victory: Death Panels And Hitler Edition

This is the fourth time that the Fox Nation has declared a “victory” on their web site that is not attributable to Fox Nation nor even a victory:

Quoting me: Fox Nation has decided to make a habit of these “Mission Accomplished” moments. That stance in and of itself is evidence of Fox’s bias. They have ceased to even pretend to be a neutral news enterprise. They are now openly admitting that they have a stake in the outcomes of political affairs. And when they think their side has won, they won’t hesitate to declare victory and commence a celebration.

However, on this occasion there was an even worse display of the repugnant character of Fox Nation. Accompanying a link to a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, Fox Nation selected an image that illustrates perfectly the Fox doctrine of division and hatred:

Take a good look at that picture. It is no accident that the Obama as Hitler poster is the first thing that draws the eye. Yet there is no editorial connection to that visual cue. The graphic links to a poll conducted by Fox News with predictably negative results for President Obama. But the revolting context suggested by the image is affirmed in the caption:

“FNC Poll: America Sides With Town Hall Protesters.”

The inescapable conclusion is that town hall protesters regard Obama as equivalent to Hitler and that the rest of America concurs. This is not merely a snapshot of a vile assemblage of ignorant hate mongers, it is confirmation that Fox is amongst those who side with the Hitler-invoking protesters. It was Fox editors who made the decision to publish this photo that was deliberately cropped to deliver a visual message.

What makes this even more repulsive is that Fox persistently denies the allegations that the Tea Baggers who populate these town halls are racist. Yet here they plainly flaunt the transparent loathing that infects these objectionable objectors and furthermore, they exalt them as the essence of American values.

Were this just an example of photojournalism capturing a real moment in the quilt of characters that make up our nation, it would be appropriate and enlightening. But to deploy this image in this context is simply disgusting, but not surprising coming from Fox.


5 thoughts on “Fox Nation Declares Victory: Death Panels And Hitler Edition

  1. A neutral news enterprise does not exist. You love playing the racist card. What can you draw on Obama that isn’t racist?

    • Your statement about news enterprises is given as a fact. Facts have evidence. Do you have evidence for the statement?
      The fact that you think something has to be drawn on Obama betrays your ignorance of the act. The debate is NOT about Obama but about policy. The ad hominem attack on Obama obfuscates the debate. Why worry about the health care of millions of uninsured or under insured people since we have a fascist president. Why address the facts of this particular post if you can accuse the author of merely “playing the racist card”?
      Putting aside your refusal to discuss the issue of the post, you seem to be ignoring the context. There are plenty of images and reported instances of overt racism at Town Halls and on FOX news to support this charge.
      And let’s not forget that this “victory” Fox Nation baselessly and erroneously declares is based on lies and distortions, never mind that this end of life provision was written by a conservative.

    • Another faulty arguing tactic: claiming all sides equally guilty. Another: ascribing motives (“you love…”) to the opponent. And it’s a trick question: why draw anything?

    • Hey…that does sound like me. Thanks.

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