Fox Nation Declares Victory: Health Care Edition

This is the fifth time that the Fox Nation has declared a “victory” on their web site that is not attributable to Fox Nation nor even a victory:

Quoting me: Fox Nation has decided to make a habit of these “Mission Accomplished” moments. That stance in and of itself is evidence of Fox’s bias. They have ceased to even pretend to be a neutral news enterprise. They are now openly admitting that they have a stake in the outcomes of political affairs. And when they think their side has won, they won’t hesitate to declare victory and commence a celebration.

In addition to this overt display of bias, Fox News broadcast another episode of its long-running series of chyron “bloopers.” Normally they are satisfied with merely misidentifying the party affiliation of politicians. In almost every case the error reflects badly on Democrats. But on this occasion they have stepped up their game. By mislabeling Joe Sestak as Joke Sestak, Fox News is blatantly insulting a Democratic congressman and candidate for the Senate. I guess the next step will be to attach devil horns to the the top of every Democrat’s head and replace the audio with commie radio broadcasts.


2 thoughts on “Fox Nation Declares Victory: Health Care Edition

  1. Douche bags….

    Think I’ll declare a victory…

    Wait… I don’t own a cable “news” outlet. Damn!

    • Fox Nation has no modesty.

      I don’t like to brag, but I’m the guy who brought down the Berlin wall. It was after I walked on the Moon and cured Polio. But do I go around declaring victory?

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