Chris Wallace Contemplates The End Of Life

From the Department of Prize Winning Stupidity

Chris Wallace of Fox News was interviewing Jim Towey, former director of faith-based initiatives in the Bush administration, about the trumped up “death book” controversy. This is a pamphlet distributed by the Veteran’s Administration that assists people in making end-of-life decisions, like preparing a living will. Wallace has twisted this into another ludicrous myth that accuses the VA of promoting suicide. And then he let’s this whopper loose:

WALLACE: I guess one of the questions I have about it is why would those even be in a document about end of life? Usually people don’t even contemplate end of life until they’re in an irreversible coma.

Yep. That’s when I plan to contemplate end-of-life. The next time I’m in an irreversible coma it’ll be the first thing I do.


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  1. VA ends Gulf War illness research contract with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. UT Southwestern strongly disagrees with the VA’s action.

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