The Fox Nation Makes (Up) The News

Over at Rupert Murdoch’s Internet propaganda outlet, The Fox Nation, they are stridently pushing forward on their mission to mis- and dis-inform their readers and the world. Here are some examples of this week’s outrageous departures from honesty, decency, and journalistic ethics:

1) The Fox Nationalists see fit to juxtapose an image of the burning World Trade Center towers with that of President Obama, as if he had something to do with it. Apparently they object to September 11 being designated a Day of National Service, because who would ever want our memory of that tragedy being tarnished by Americans coming together to make their country better?

Also note that Sen. Kennedy’s passing was the second most important story according to Fox Nation.

2) This one will piss off Ron Paul supporters. A survey conducted by US News and World Report asked a dozen GOP and conservative leaders to come up with a top 10 list of people who would be the leaders of the “town hallers” (or should that be howlers?). The image posted by the Fox Nationalists shows those who came in second through fifth. Ron Paul came in first, but somehow his photo got lost.

I want to go on record as casting my vote for Sarah Palin – A Howler leader if there ever was one.

3) Here is a revealing graphic that I thought should be noted for the blatant association of Obama with a famous fictional crime family. What provoked this visual editorializing? It was Obama saying that he liked the movie “The Godfather.” If everyone who likes that movie was alleged to be a Goodfellow, it would mean most of the free world are criminals.

4) Another story featured on Fox nation was titled, “Griff Jenkins Confronts Howard Dean at Town Hall.” But if you click on the link you will see a five minute video that contains a ten second exchange with Dr. Dean and four minutes and fifty seconds of tea baggers. Some confrontation.

5) In addition to the Fox Nationalists opposing Americans participating in a Day of Service, they are also opposed to Organizing for America offering internships to young Americans. I wonder if they would also object to these internships offered by Fox News.

6) And just to get that awful taste of patriotism and public service out of our mouths, Fox Nation celebrates Town Howlers who threaten to incite “An Uprising That’s Going to Make the Boston Tea Party Look Like a Picnic!” Now that’s the sort of wholesome activity that Fox can support for America’s youth.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more flagrant and asinine propaganda from the Fox Nationalists.


5 thoughts on “The Fox Nation Makes (Up) The News

  1. Whats new? Fox news is one sided, like all media outlets in this country… people need to get off their lazy asses and do some research. thats whats wrong with today, people cant think for themselves , they expect fox or cnn to be honest..

    yeah fucking right, no wonder this country is so divided.

    fox news should call themselves unfair and unbalanced…

    only those who are unable to think for themselves watch fox…

    • Hey Amerika, where are your facts. All you do is name call.

      state one unfair/unbalanced fact.

      Or STFU already

      don’t be a dope you sheep, be real.

      • There are six examples of unfairness/balance above. Did you even bother to read it.

  2. “Except of course that Fox didn’t make the comparison. The evil, reprehensible “going to the mattresses” quote? Not written by Fox Nation at all. It is from the New York Daily News, an article by Michael Goodwin that Fox Nation merely linked to:”

    [Editor] This comment has been edited because it is not much more than spam. It is from Johnny Dollar who runs a site that laps up Fox News’ crap like it was lemonade. Then he comes here and, instead of engaging in a dialogue, he cuts and pastes the article from his own site and adds nothing to his already infantile attempts at rebuttal. In fact, he even ignored five of the six points made in my article to focus on just one, and he still couldn’t make a coherent argument. Well my site is not a garbage can for his failed rants. People can read that crap at site – if they have the stomach for it.

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