Even More Glenn Beck Messianic Delusions

The rate at which the wheels are coming off of Glenn Beck’s crazy train is dizzying. He must surely be disturbed by the success of the campaign that has resulted in forty-six advertisers (so far) ditching his program. It shows in his obsession over Van Jones, whom Beck still neglects to inform his audience was a co-founder of Color of Change, the group spearheading the advertiser boycott (although Jones has had no affiliation with the group in over two years).

Beck is continuing his practice of taking things out of context and twisting them into ghastly conspiracies. For instance, he played a clip from a speech Jones gave wherein Jones sought to inform people that the environmental movement is not just about solar panels and hybrid cars. It has to be considered more fully to include the broad spectrum of eco-issues, i.e. water safety and availability, endangered species, agricultural reform, etc. Beck played a clipped (three times) of Jones saying…

“This movement is deeper than a solar panel! Deeper than a solar panel! Don’t stop there! Don’t stop there! We’re gonna change the whole system! We’re gonna change the whole thing!”

Beck then contorted that to mean that Jones was advocating changing the whole government, presumably to some sort of Muslim Socialist dictatorship. But then, Beck can’t be blamed for the hallucinatory fantasies that crowd his diseased brain. On his show today he exhibits more of the messianic delusions that have made his train-wreck of show so popular:

“You know… I… I’d really like to share with you a personal story from today, but I can’t, because it puts my family in danger.”
[Because everybody is after you, aren’t they?]

“Do you think I want to get on the air every night and tell you this stuff?”
[Of course not. God is commanding that you do it.]

“Do you know who I am?”
[We know who you are, Glenn. And we’re watching you right now.]

“The media will say ‘he’s just a clown.’ Well you know what, I am a clown. I am a guy who just…I just want to have laughs and fun, I’m a capitalist, I want to make money, all that stuff.”
[Well then, mission accomplished, you fun-loving rascal.]

“I want to live my life with my family. I don’t want to have to live with security, and walls, and gates, and everything else. Do you think I want to live that way? Maybe there are some people like that. That ain’t me. That is not me.”
[If only there was some way that you could retire and enjoy your life and family and money.]

“I don’t want to believe these things, but unfortunately I find them true.”
[The voices compel you to believe. You can’t resist.]

Here are some of Beck’s prior incantations, just to keep you up to pace with his Besieged Cult Leader Syndrome:

“They can take my job and they can take my wealth but that’s okay….even if the powers to be, right now, succeed in making me poor, drum me out, and I’m just a worthless loser… which I’m just about that much above that now… I will only be stronger for it. “I will use American ingenuity and my ingenuity to pull myself up, and I will find another way to get my message out on a platform that will be a thousand times more powerful! Because of my faith, I know how this story ends. The truth will set you free! America, you prepare to witness mighty and powerful miracles in your lifetime!”


“Many people will ask you, ‘Well, if these things are so true, why is that only Glenn Beck is saying them?’ Believe me, I have asked myself that question many, many nights. Usually about 2:00am when I couldn’t sleep. Why is no one else asking these questions?”


“You ever see those movies where they say, ‘I gave a note to my attorney, and if I’m found dead, open the note.’ I kind of feel like you’re my attorney. If I show up, you know, in Thailand, dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation, don’t believe it.”


“If I’m ever in a weird car accident, or I commit suicide or something, after the media stops celebrating my death, could they check into it? Because I’m not suicidal. And I’m a pretty good driver.”


“I fear that there will come a time when I cannot say things that I am currently saying. I fear that it will come to television and to radio, and I will stop saying these things. Understand me clearly. Hear me now. If I ever stop saying these things, you will know why. Because I will have made a choice that I can only say certain things, and I haven’t lost all of the rights. But know that these things are true. And if you hear me stop saying these things, it’s because I can no longer say them to you. But hear them between the sentences. Hear them, please. I will be screaming them to you.”

Seriously, Beck is just a hair’s breadth away from Nikes and castration.


7 thoughts on “Even More Glenn Beck Messianic Delusions

  1. Glenn also showed the video clip of Van Jones speech that led up to the one that you posted. For some reason you forgot to mention that. Why not post the video of Van Jones saying “White people are poisning our immigrants intentionally”. And your saying Beck is crazy

    • I did say that Beck showed the clip 3 times. Yes, one time he played a longer version of it. But after that he still went off on how Jones was asserting some sort of massive government overhaul that was NOT a part of the speech at all.

      And the other thing Beck picked up on from the longer clip was that Jones said we need to look at how we treat each other. OMG! Beck thought that was appalling. How dare we concern ourselves with preventing harm to Americans from environmental degradation (which was the context Jones spoke in). Beck thought it had something to do with social justice, another positive goal that Beck is twisting into something sinister.

      And, by the way, white people (corporations) ARE poisoning immigrants and people of color with agricultural policies that place them in proximity to harmful pesticides, and civic planning that puts polluting businesses in urban, minority neighborhoods.

      I left all of this out of the original posting for the sake of brevity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address it.

  2. Blame it on the white people.. Care to name a couple of examples?

    • There are thousands. But you’re gonna have to look it up yourself if you really care (which I don’t think you do). I’m not your research department, and you would just dismiss anything I spent my time retrieving anyway. So I’ve got better things to do.

      • Yes, Mark don’t waste your time with these neanderthals. They are fit to be tied and facts just hursts their heads. I am Black and LIBERAL and just got into a tit for tat with a Black conservative(WHATEVER THAT IS). All he could do was parody Limbaugh, Beck, Malkin, Savage, O’Reilly, Hannity et al. Talk about lazy! And you are right on about these jokers not doing any research. Fuck em.

        • Black conservatives = Jews for Hitler.

  3. Wow then we wonder why people in the far left and people in the far right are not taken seriously.

    Black conservatives = Jews for Hitler?

    A little over the top wouldnt you say? Again the hypocrisy is stunning that the left claims to be the party of tolarance but I guess that only applies if you agree. With serious accusations such as white people are killing immigrants I would expect at least someone to pick on that in the heavily leftists media. Wouldnt you say?

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