WTG: Obama Stiffs Fox News

The Washington Post is reporting that President Obama will appear on five of the Sunday news programs this weekend. Apparently this is a notable achievement immortalized by William Ginsburg, attorney for Monica Lewinsky in 1998. It has since become known as “the Full Ginsburg.”

The difference in this instance is that Ginsburg appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox. But Obama has ditched Fox and replaced it with Univision.

Obama has gone off the reservation in the past, consenting to interviews with Chris Wallace, Bill O’Reilly, and others. It isn’t to late for him to squeeze in Fox if he wants to. That would be unfortunate. This administration has already caved in to right wing pressure on too many important matters – from health care to Van Jones. This would be a good time to demonstrate that the network that is so openly hostile to the President and his agenda, the network that employs a man who has called the President a racist, does not deserve to be graced with his presence.

It would be best if no one from the Democratic or progressive communities ever appeared on Fox News. As I have written in Starve the Beast, Fox News is focused on doing as much harm as possible to Democrats. They will exploit every opportunity to make them look bad and to disparage their political goals. Fox News spends 24 hours of every day debasing the debate on vital issues and promoting incivility and even hostility. It is not a serious venue – it is a circus.

There is simply no justification for rewarding Fox with a presidential booking – or any booking at all. Obama is doing the right thing by turning his back on Fox. Let’s just hope he doesn’t change his mind.


10 thoughts on “WTG: Obama Stiffs Fox News

  1. obama himself is the only one listening to your advice on this, mark. why his advisor’s and spokespersons (axelrod, gibbs, burton, etc) dont follow suit is a mystery, but i guess someone has to talk in favor of obama on a right wing network.

    • No they don’t. Let the Fox Pods just talk to one another. 😉

      Fox thrives on fomenting conflict. If they have no one to bicker with they’ll go after each other.

  2. Of course, the FOX hosts will exploit the snub by spending the time Obama has allotted to the other networks complaining about Obama not appearing on theirs. A very good time could be had by setting up a drinking game in which one takes a gulp every time someone says “What’s he so afraid of?”

    • That’s really fun though. I love watching Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto whining about how the kool kids won’t play with them.

  3. To add to daphne’s deft summation of FoxNews’ reaction to the snub, unless I’m completely wrong Univision is a network of spanish speaking OTHERS. Add, “Why does Obama care more about illegal non-amurikun speaking aliens than real amurikuns?” to the “What’s he so afraid of?” false accusations.

  4. B8ovin, perhaps BO doesn’t know where the “Real America” is..Maybe he can ask Sarah Palin…

    • Why? I’m pretty sure she can’t see if from her house…

  5. I agree. I think America would much rather hear about how Obama’s B-ball game is going and how 9 months later the economy is still Bush’s fault than to get answers about his relationships with ACORN or how government controlled healthcare will not lead to rationing (death panels) like it has in every other country.

  6. What a wonderful point Joe. Nine months and Obama hasn’t fixed the economy left to him. What a loser! And it’s all so black and white. Obama is the president, a democrat and african american. ACORN is an advocate for minorities and the poor whose members skew democrat. There MUST be a hidden relationship (maybe not unlike Bush and Chaney’s relationship to Halliburton or Blackwater, you know two of many companies that won no-bid contracts worth millions in Iraq). And there is that pesky little thing called reality where death panels show up in EVERY other country that has government controlled health care, with the stipulation that I can’t find a single instance of a death panel in any such country. Besides, Joe, aren’t you patriotic enough to believe that we are a better country than those others and can do anything better? Or are you down on your country and its government when you lose an election?

    • Your last point is one that always gets me. Why do right-wingers hate America? Why do they have such little confidence in our ability to achieve and to surpass other nations. Aren’t we supposed to be exceptional?

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