Glenn Beck: McCain Would Have Been Worse Than Obama

Katie Couric is premiering a new Internet interview program tomorrow. Her first guest will be Glenn Beck. In a teaser for the episode, Couric asks Beck what he thinks of Hillary Clinton. That set off an interesting exchange:

Beck: How about this? I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama. How’s that?

That’s pretty remarkable. Considering that Beck has alleged that Obama is marching the nation to socialism; he asserts that Obama is both a Marxist and a fascist; he connects Obama to all sorts of figures that Beck regards as evil and/or corrupt; he believes emphatically that Obama is intent on destroying every principle on which our country was founded; he insists that, due to this administration, these are the most dangerous and frightening days of his lifetime.

I have to wonder then, how does it get worse than that? What does Beck think McCain might have done that would exceed in horror the destruction of America? Beck’s characterization of McCain as a “weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt,” doesn’t seem to be enough to validate his fear. After all, Roosevelt served as president for eight years and the country survived and is still here a hundred years later.

I will be interested to see if Beck explains his position further in the Couric interview. Can he possibly present a coherent argument that justifies his bombastic assertion? And if he does, then how on earth can he remain silent about such an existential threat that still occupies a prominent place in the United States government?

Ever since Obama was inaugurated, Beck has been on a televangelistic crusade against some relatively low level administration advisors and non-governmental organizations. But McCain is the ranking member of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, he serves on several other important committees, and he is a frequent guest on television news programs. Yet despite the risk Beck sees in him, Beck has never bothered to alert his audience to the danger. If McCain is truly worse than Obama, shouldn’t Beck do a week-long series exposing him? Shouldn’t McCain be driven from office to protect our nation’s future?

On the surface, I have to agree with Beck (did I just say that?). McCain would indeed have been worse than Obama. But my reasons for that opinion have nothing to do with a paranoid and foreboding sense of doom, nor even a belief that McCain would have reduced America to rubble. This outburst is just further evidence that Beck is suffering from a dementia that may be deeper than modern psychology can address.


7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: McCain Would Have Been Worse Than Obama

  1. My guess: now that he’s hitting his mainstream coverage stride, Beck feels compelled to say something counterintuitive in order to provoke that much more response. Since the stakes became higher, his rhetoric has to be even more confounding. Or something like that. I’m still formulating the theory.

    • Good luck figuring our Beck’s labyrinth of a brain. But be careful – you could injure yourself.

  2. I just want to reiterate what I posted over at TVNewser:

    “What could possibly be more worse than a socialist, communist, marxist, fascist, racist, secret Kenyan Muslim antichrist?

    John McCain, apparently…”

    The words that come out of Beck’s mouth are so nonsensical, to try to make sense of it would just be an exercise in futility.

    I’m just waiting to see him completely implode and end up in the nearest psych ward…

  3. what kind of drugs is beck on? and how do i get some of that. this guy is bi polar…

  4. im guessing beck meant that mccain would have been worse as president, but as senator he isnt that big of a threat. thats why we shouldnt expect a big expose on how evil and dangerous mccain is.

    this whole thing is a ploy to make his viewers think that he is rational and makes sense, when he has already instilled himself into society as a nutjob. too little, too late for a change.

    • But if Beck thinks that McCain would be worse than a Fascist, Marxist, Muslim tyrant – worse than all of that – were he President, can Beck believe that such a person would be harmless as a powerful senator? Even less harmful than a green jobs czar?

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