The Fox Frame: Obama’s Stock Market Voodoo

After months of turmoil, the stock market has clawed its way back to levels that haven’t been seen for a year. Passing the 10,000 mark would ordinarily be perceived as good news by most market analysts and millions of investors, many of whom are relying on market performance for their future security and retirement.

But Fox News, the network that celebrates America losing the Olympics, and laments the President being honored with a Nobel Peace Prize, sees things differently.

Last March, Fox News was the first to report that a declining Dow was unambiguously the fault of Obama, who had been in office for a little more than a month.

Fox declared the declines “Obama’s Bear Market.” They illustrated their coverage with colorful charts highlighting the foreboding financial trends that were about to sink all future hopes of America.

Unfortunately for Fox, later the same month the market began what would become an unprecedented turnaround. It would rise 21% in 16 days – a feat that has not been recorded in modern stock market history

Undaunted, Fox came up with a unique explanation for why Wall Street would suddenly seem to be reacting positively to a Muslim, communist, alien president. It was the Tea Parties:

“Call it a tea party rally. Wall Street’s sure partying, up six weeks in a row. The bulls came out about the same time these guys started to shout.”

In April the market continued its winning ways. This led Fox News to seek a new excuse for good fortune that was clearly driving them nuts. I mean, nothing positive could possibly be attributed to this president, so there must be another explanation. They hit on the notion of a bear market rally, which they then turned into a persistent talking point.

And capping off the Fox News campaign to deny Obama any credit for the still advancing market, having now risen about 40% in seven months, Fox has raised the stakes and brought in their “A” game. They are now, in all seriousness, proposing that what we are seeing here are the effects of the Bush recovery.

The same folks who were insisting that Obama was responsible for every negative occurrence – from suicide bombings in Islamabad to pimples on teenagers – from the day after his illegitimate inauguration, now assert that Bush, from whom financial duties were stripped when the economy went south in August of 2008, that Bush somehow deserves recognition for his role in the market comeback.

To summarize, if something bad happens it doesn’t matter how early in his term it is, Obama is the owner and the cause of it. If something good happens it wouldn’t matter if it were the middle of his second term, he is merely a lucky bystander. It was probably something Reagan did thirty years ago.

Are even Fox News viewers stupid enough to fall for this? Please tell me they aren’t.


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  1. It’s a religion.

    All good things come from God.

    All bad theings are your fault.

  2. Ummmm, Mark, they ARE stupid enough to fall for it…

  3. “Prepare yourself for an instant classic of disinformation. It starts with those fine, fine folks at Think Progress. They kicked off the echo chamber mania by posting [this screengrab], tossing in an incendiary (and cleverly inaccurate) headline:”

    ‘Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: “Is this now the ‘Bush Recovery’”?’

    “Then they added a little more fabrication to the mix:”

    ‘On his Fox News [sic] today, Neil Cavuto claimed the stock market rebound is evidence of a “Bush recovery”:’

    “No surprise, the story spread to other Fox hater sites, like News Corpse:”

    ‘Fox has raised the stakes and brought in their “A” game. They are now, in all seriousness, proposing that what we are seeing here are the effects of the Bush recovery.’

    “Two websites using the same screengrab, with no video. And then we have the newspooches:”

    ‘Cavuto Asks If This “Is Now The Bush Recovery”’

    “Actually you don’t have to read very far in to catch the fact that Cavuto’s question has been slightly doctored. What he actually asked was:”

    ‘What was once the Bush recession is now the Bush recovery? Or is it a bit of a stretch?’

    “The bowsers quote guest Jim LaCamp’s thesis about Bush and the recovery, then they quote Cavuto as saying:”

    ‘You’re either a goat and only stay that way or suddenly become a llama.’

    “And the hounds have a video clip. A video clip so good that Think Progress actually did an update to link to it! Yet there is something odd about the mutt video: it presents only about one minute of the interview! Let’s look at the hound video and see where it ends:”

    ‘JIM LaCAMP: I don’t blame [Bush] for the banking problem, I don’t give him all the credit for the recovery, but you can’t blame him for the problem if you don’t give him some credit for those moves that were made that are helping these banks start to recover.
    CAVUTO: You’re either a goat and only stay that way or suddenly become a llama. I don’t know. But–‘

    “Did you catch that, how when the bowsers quoted Cavuto they left off those four words that show he wasn’t agreeing with the guest? And that brings up another question. The mongrels cut off poor Mr Cavuto literally in mid-sentence. Why? What was he about to say? We’ll tell you what the newsliars don’t want you to know:”

    ‘CAVUTO: You’re either a goat and only stay that way or suddenly become a llama. I don’t know. But let me ask you about what has happened since then. We’ve had rescues after rescues, and sometimes rescues for the rescues. And so whatever President Bush unleashed he might have regretted it. He hasn’t said so in so many words, but one rescues begat auto rescues begat this, this, and this, and everyone has their hand out. What do you make of that and whether we might regret saying it was all good?’

    “Whoa! Does that sound like Cavuto praising Bush? No wonder Think Propaganda was eager to link to the hound video. It was sliced and diced almost perfectly to match their little screengrab. You can [listen] to the rest of the segment for yourself and you will find that nowhere does Neil Cavuto “claim the stock market rebound is evidence of a ‘Bush recovery'”. A lie from Think Progress, mindlessly recycled by News Corpse, and enhanced with cropped video from the mongrels. A trifecta of trickery.”

    “By the way, two can play that screengrab game:”

    “We could adopt the Think Propaganda approach and say: Look, Fox News is biased for Obama, making excuses for the economy! But we won’t, because we don’t lie.”
    Fox Haters Week in Review: Part One

  4. Right on Stewart, it’s about time Fox went after Bush like they have Obama, it might have taken eight years but……

    Oh wait

  5. We’ve had a recession start in EVERY Republican President’s term since 1900. The Republicans that served two terms had two recessions start on their watch, Eisenhower had three. But, Kennedy had none, Johnson had none, Clinton had none, and so far Obama has not started one. The only Democrat to have a recession start in his term since 1953 is Carter and his was only 6 months long with unemployment never going above 7%. Reagan had the worst, before Bush’s lasting 16 months and unemployment going to 10.5%. You figure it out. I used (R)Bernanke’s statistics. Respond if you want the links to verify this.

  6. Market Rally or just another bubble? The Fed only seems to know how to one thing: Print Money! The Federal Reserve was created by Congress in 1913. It only took them 16 years of irresponsible monetary policy to create the stock bubble of the 20’s & then the Crash of 1929. The Fed (and Politicians in both parties) created the more recent asset price bubble with the exact same loose money policy. But, bubbles are inherently unsustainable & burst eventually. So now what do they do….print even more money!!!

    People are now moving into stocks, not because business is necessarily looking good, but because CASH is being devalued! Those with cash are seeking to preserve their wealth by converting into almost anything else! While Obama & the IDIOTS in Congress continue to KILL JOBS, those that still have some money are slurping up the cheap real estate, buying gold and yes, even STOCKs as a hedge against the coming GREAT INFLATION.

    Read history: This is only a repeat of what happened in the 30’s & 40’s. My grandparents bought their first car for $12! Rising prices of stocks or anything else do not necessarily mean that things are really improving. It’s just the effect of inflating the currency &/or peoples anticipation that the wave is coming.

    Ironically, it is the typical Obama voter that will be hurt the most. Anyone trying to live retirement savings,social security, govt. assistance, etc will see their purchasing power simply evaporate. Doctors & hospitals that have a significant portion of their income from fixed Medicare/Medicade reimbursements will similarly be shortchanged.

    You watch. Rather than accept the blame that they deserve, Policians & the Fed will do their best to pit us against each other rather than accept the blame that they deserve. Don’t be’s not about MSNBC vs. FOX. It’s about keeping us arguing with each other so we don’t realize who’s really screwing things up!

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