Jon Stewart Breaks It Down: Fox News Is NOT News

Once again it takes a fake news program to reveal where the real fake news is. Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, continues to prove that he is a far better informed and a more insightful media analyst than just about any of the so-called professionals with degrees and awards and jobs on “reputable” news networks.

It is apparent to any objective observer that Fox is a journalistic wasteland. Their entire schedule is populated by partisan hacks whose intent is to disinform their audience with reporting that is so slanted as to be little more than press releases and promos for Republican operatives and issues. They even feature a Psycho-Chicken Little (Glenn Beck) who accuses Obama and his staff of worshiping Mao, even as he himself admits that he idolizes Adolf Hitler. But it took Stewart to artfully, and hilariously, point out that Fox has defined themselves into a corner. Stewart, noting that Fox regards their news day as the hours between 9:00am to 4:00pm, and 6:00pm to 8:00pm, rips to shreds the false Fox fiction that there is a distinction between their news content and their editorials.

When you add it all up, the Fox “news” programming, by their own calculation, is just nine hours. But the Fox morning block, plus the afternoon Cavuto/Beck double bill, plus the primetime fare (which is repeated and then leads into Red Eye), is 13 hours. So the majority of their schedule is what they themselves regard as editorial content. Then consider the fact that what they call “news” is heavily infested with opinions straight out of Beckville and Hannityland, and it’s clear why Fox has zero credibility when it comes to authentic journalism.

All of this is just further confirmation that it is pointless, and even harmful, for any Democrat or progressive to appear on Fox. All it does is provide them the opportunity to edit your appearance in a misleading and disparaging way; to leech off of your credibility; to persist in making the false claim that they are fair and balanced; and to pretend that what they do is associated with real news. Add to that the fact that Fox’s audience is not receptive, and is in fact hostile, to our message and messengers, and it leaves the inescapable conclusion that Fox bookings are a total waste of time.

Please join with MoveOn and sign the petition to Stay off of Fox.


22 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Breaks It Down: Fox News Is NOT News

  1. The problem I have with the MoveOn petition (I did sign it), is that it doesn’t go far enough. It simply states as long as the White House does so. I’d like to see everyone with a fully functioning brain to boycott it permanently.

    Whenever I am in bars, hotels or any other public place and see that hateful drivel being displayed, I turn the channel,or if that is not an option, simply turn the television off.

    • I agree that the MoveOn petition is too limited. If I had a few million followers I’d start my own petition. But for now, MoveOn is the best positioned organization to present any sort of opportunity for people to express themselves about Fox. So I’ll take it.

  2. oh look! you leftists are relying on comedians now! yay!!

    • Yep. They are way better than Fox News reporters.

      By the way, what exactly is your obsession? You’ve posted 30 comments on this site in four days – and most of them say the same thing. Not that I mind. It’s just more traffic for me and helps with the ad revenue.

      For your info, the two most frequent comments you make are about 1) “answering Beck’s questions” – which I have done on numerous occasions, and 2) “freedom of the press” – which no one is denying Fox. We are just reporting the truth about them, which is our exercise of freedom of the press. Do you think that only Fox should have free speech, but not their critics?

      Anyway, I’ll let you get back to work on your next 30 comments. It must take quite a bit of your time. 😉

    • Really jg, we like to rely on facts,, no matter who imparts them. And since most “News” programs rely on entertainment to boost their viewership, I really see no issue’s with an entertainment show relying on factual News.

    • Guess that’s better than teabagger John Voight. Hey, didn’t George Costanza buy his car in a Seinfeld episode?

      • I’ll take Jon Stewart over Jon Voight any day.

        And isn’t it funny that Repubs hate Hollywood elitists unless it’s people like Voight, Mel Gibson, Chuck Norris, or the ultimate Hollywood elitist, Ronald Reagan?

  3. doesnt take it far enough?!? my god! whatever happened to liberty and freedom?!? specifically the freedom of the press?!?

    • You have a god? Is he white?

  4. oh wait..i forgot…you dont care about that right of freedom of the press if they dont favor obama

    • That’s right!! Were antisemitic, too; don’cha know!! You can tell because we promote balanced reporting about elections in Gaza!

  5. Good god JG are you retarded? Where is fox news liberties and freedoms being limited? The comment the person made about the moveon petition not taking it far enough has nothing to do with limiting fox. We’re talking free market principles here. The democrats have every right to boycott fox if they’re “selling” a defective product. Just as the consumer can choose to go to another store democrats can choose to go to another channel for interviews. Where were you JG when the Bush administration cut out the NYtimes wouldn’t give interviews? Where were your complaints when the Bush administration locked out MSNBC at the end of their term? No similar complaints about liberty, and freedom of the press? Thought not.

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