Michael (Injun) Steele Calls For Harry (Negro) Reid To Resign

The press is going bonkers over the latest pseudo-scandal it is attempting to whip up. The headlines are popping up everywhere and with ever greater sensationalism. The chairman of the Republican Party wants the leader of the Democrats in the Senate to resign for using inappropriate language.

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  • Republicans call on Senator Reid to quit post, Reuters
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  • Michael Steele Shocks the World by Calling for Harry Reid to Step Down, New York Magazine

And on it goes. Personally, I wouldn’t mind in the least if Reid surrendered the Majority Leader post. I’ve been advocating a change in leadership for almost two years. This may not be the way I would have chosen for him to go, but I believe the Democratic Party would be better served by a more aggressive and tactically savvy leader. Reid is responsible for some of the most infuriating capitulations in recent memory. From FISA to Iraq/Afghanistan to health care, he seems determined to begin every negotiation from a disadvantaged position.

That said, it is utterly absurd for Michael Steele to be taking the lead in calling for Reid to step down due to Reid’s use of the word “negro.” While Reid’s comment was certainly inappropriate, the word in itself is not pejorative, it was said in private, and in context it was complimentary to Obama. However, just a few days ago Steele publicly used an unambiguously insulting term for Native Americans: “Injun.” Yet Steele defends his criticism of Reid and dismisses his own intolerance. When asked if he should resign himself, Steele told Chris Wallace

Steele: No, absolutely not. Why should I Chris? I’m pushing the ball. I’m raising the money. I’m winning elections. I have got the base fired up. […] I wasn’t intending to say a racial slur at all. The reality is that’s not the same as what we were talking about before.

Of course it’s not the same if it refers to himself. And since he didn’t intend to say a racial slur we should all just drop the subject – except Reid should still resign. This couldn’t be more hypocritical if Steele had insisted that “That cracker should resign for saying negro.”

Republicans might want to see if they can find another spokesperson on this issue. Steele doesn’t exactly hold the moral high ground. What’s more, his pompous self-glorification regarding his fundraising and electoral prowess is mightily overblown considering that Republicans have lost more races than not during his tenure (especially the NY-23 embarrassment), and he is bankrupting the party while stuffing his own pockets. The only people he is firing up are tea party activists who are after his hide, and deep-pocketed donors whom he has motivated to cease all contributions as long as he is chairman.

The substance of these events are decidedly negative for Steele and his party, yet somehow the media is still spinning it as a problem for Reid and the Democrats. Can someone please remind why we are supposed to believe that the media is liberal?


4 thoughts on “Michael (Injun) Steele Calls For Harry (Negro) Reid To Resign

  1. It’s going to be a sad day (for Democrats) when the GOP strips Mr. Steele of his chairmanship.

    And we all know the first card that will be played…

    • You couldn’t mean racism?????

      If Steele is cut loose, look for him to follow Palin around like lost puppy. Watch for his Facebook and Twitter postings.

  2. I agree with you Mark on hoping Harry does resign the leadership position. He is quite possibly the weakest majority leader of either party i have ever seen.. He leads as if the dems had a tenous hold on the majority, but they have 60 friggin votes.. This whole “Reid is a racist” vibe had the talking heads excited yesterday, but that will be the extent of it..If it does lead to Reid going bye-bye as majority leader the repubs may end up regretting what they are pushing for…

    • That’s very true. Repubs will be sorry if they have to face leader Schumer, or someone like him.

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