The Tea Baggers Ball: Prom Night With Palin

Icantstandit-Icantstandit-Icantstandit. Sarah’s almost here. OMG!

Tonight’s the night that the Queen Tea Bagger, Sarah Palin, addresses the hive. News reports have indicated a high level of anticipation with some Baggers saying that they only came to see Palin and didn’t care about Tea. I’m a little skeptical because the convention’s web site still says there are tickets available. Maybe they just don’t know how to update their site.

Perhaps the anticipation is really for the potential Queen fight. The Queen of the Birthers, Orly Taitz, showed up in Nashville today and word has it that the media fled in mortal fear of being smothered by her. Those brave enough to stick around are hoping to get a front row seat as the rival Queens battle for camera angles.

This morning featured a stem-winding oratory by Drudge-spawn, Andrew Breitbart. His rabid rant, complete with frothing and spittle, was a non-stop harangue directed at the press – who were dutifully covering the whole thing from the back of the room. Breitbart delivered one contrived applause line after another, and the audience did their part like the good Pavlovians they are.

Outside the convention hall there were demonstrators who alleged that the convention organizers had hijacked the Tea Party movement for their own greedy purposes. It’s not likely they will be well received by the “establishment” Baggers. Especially after saying this:

“We don’t need Sarah Palin to be the face of our movement.”

Uh oh. Sacrilege never goes down easy. Even conservative icon David Frum is less than enamored with the Baggers. he penned a column today titled “Tea Party’s Fifteen Minutes Are Up, based on his visit to the ball.

Andrew Breitbart is introducing Palin. So far he has lauded her for being the first to talk about “death panels” and for referring to community organizers as thugs. Really? This is what she should be hailed for? Lies and insults?

Sarah opened with the courageous twofer that she is “proud to be an American” and a birthday wish for Ronald Reagan. Then she segued to a joke about Obama’s TelePrompter [insert rimshot here] that she read from her notecards.

Don’t wear yourselves out people. Chris Wallace has Sarah for the full hour tomorrow on Fox News Sunday.


4 thoughts on “The Tea Baggers Ball: Prom Night With Palin

  1. A full hour. OMG. sigh. Seriously though I do think she presents an opportunity for journalists to redeem themselves. The profession of journalism is really a joke right now. If journalists report the truth about this grifter perhaps they can redeem themselves and return to the tenets of their profession: investigate and report.

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath. I especially wouldn’t expect Chris Wallace to do anything but a fluff piece.

  2. It’s a sad commentary that she is taken seriously at all. I wonder just how many gaffes, factual errors, and outright lies she will be permitted before she is permanently laughed off the political scene. She deserves nothing better, and the people making excuses for her really have to figuratively twist themselves into pretzels in order to rationalize the idea that she should be in a national position of power.

    • If they take Joe the Plumber seriously, or Glenn Beck, or Michelle Bachman, I suppose it’s only fair they take Palin seriously. The whole thing is a joke.

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