Glenn Beck’s Common Cause With Al Qaeda

This week Fox News discovered a videotape that they have been giving quite a bit of airtime. It features Yasir Qadhi, an American born Islamic scholar who once gave religious instruction to the accused underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab. The video shows Qadhi expressing consternation that under democracy the law of man supersedes the law of God.

Qadhi: Can you believe it, a group of people coming together and voting and the majority vote will then be the law of the land? What gives you the right to prohibit something or allow something? Who gave you this right? Are you creators? Are you all-knowledgeable?

That, of course, is an untenable position that is contrary to the most cherished principles of our nation. It is also precisely the position held by the Christian extremists in this country. It is the philosophy of the American Taliban that is so perfectly articulated by Glenn Beck.

Beck: Endowed by their creator. Not endowed by their senator or their regulatory czar or their president. God is the grantor of rights. No one else. […] If God is somehow or other cut out of the rights process, you get all of your rights from government. That is in essence what our founders fought against. Government bestowing rights.

Beck has the same animus for democracy as Qadhi. They both discount the role of citizens to direct their society in favor of a social order mandated by religious doctrine. Contrary to Beck’s assertion, that is what our founders fought against. But as Fox News flaunts this video of a negligible Muslim teacher, it’s too bad they won’t provide the context for their audience to see that our country has people who hold similarly repugnant views; that dwelling on fringe characters like Qadhi is insulting to most Muslims; and that American theocrats with television shows are far more dangerous.


12 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Common Cause With Al Qaeda

  1. Perhaps Qadhi could run for U.S. Senate as a Republican since they don’t support majority rule either, as evidenced by their unprecedented misuse of the filibuster.

  2. this reminds me of “It’s OK if you’re a Republican.” here it’s “It’s OK if you’re a Christian.” then the hypocrisy doesn’t count, in fact it’s justified under the headings Us and Them: different rules for good and bad.

  3. It would seem to me Glenn should know the verse ” give unto cesar what is cesars and unto the lord what is the lords”. or maybe “the seperation of church and state”. or is that just too simple?

    • Beck knows exactly what he’s saying. He is an unrepentant, theocratic, Christian supremacist. He believes that his God takes precedence over democratic, Constitutional law, just like Osama Bin Laden does.

      • also white god vs black god,very present in his screet

  4. He does know what he is saying. And he does it for his-well for his paycheck. “no man can serve two masters”.A good arguement for seperation of church and state though. Guess the founding fathers were ahead of Beck on that one.

  5. Wow you liberals are idiots. What Beck said is true.

    “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,”

    It is right there in the Declaration of Independence! They are our God given rights, not what our political overlords see fit to grant us.

    If Beck supports theocracy by pointing this out than I would rather live in his theocracy than your socialist hellhole. You people don’t know what the word theocracy means if you believe we are one. “In God we Trust” on the dollar does not make theocracy. Putting Christmas decorations in public viewing does not make a theocracy. Being a Christian nation does not mean theocracy!

    Barack has accomplished nothing good and you are still demanding he go even further into the madness of the left. Your political correctness nonsense needs to be left in the trashbin of history.

    • Beck went a lot further than what the Constitution says when he said, “God is the grantor of rights. No one else.” That is NOT what the Framers said. They gave the people the power to govern and explicitly left religion out of it. They did that because they knew that people have too many different views of religion and because they just left a country across the sea due to religious persecution embedded in the government.

      And I did NOT say that we live in a theocracy. I said that that is what Beck (and apparently you) wants. Sorry, this is NOT a Christian nation. It is a nation with religious freedom. If you want to live in a country where the government mandates religion, move to Iran.

  6. Wow… Mark why do you hate Jesus soo much. I have a great church you should come visit. Your welcome anytime.

    • I said nothing bad about Jesus, although I am not a Christian, if that’s OK with you.

      So I have to ask: Why do you hate America? And Democracy? And the Constitution?

  7. Christians give jesus a bad name

    • what is it? I LOVE learning new bad words!

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