New Tea Party Survey Affirms Overt Partisanship

In a story promoted by Fox Nation, they reference a “survey” that reveals conclusions that are diametrically opposed to what the Fox Nationalists assert.

On the Fox Nation web site the story is headlined: New Tea Party Survey Destroys Media Myths. The story links to an article in the Washington “Moonie” Times that in turn links to a report (pdf) by the Sam Adams Alliance. The report actually arrives at conclusions that not only do not destroy any media myths, but affirm the popular representations of the Tea Party in the press. Even the Moonies went with a more accurate headline than Fox: ‘Tea party’ leaders use survey to strike back at critics.

The Sam Adams Alliance is, of course, a Tea Party affiliated organization. Their report is not a survey of Tea Party activists at large, but of a select group of 49 individuals identified as leaders. Much of the report is an ego-centric exercise that applauds Tea Crusaders for “standing up for their beliefs,” and having “a positive impact on the country.” As if those aren’t the self-identified goals of every organization from the Girl Scouts to the KKK.

However, the portions of the report that address ideological positions paint a clear picture of the so-called movement. And it is a picture of blatant partisanship. 85.7% of the Tea Crusade’s leaders are opposed to a third political party to challenge the Democrats and Republicans. Perhaps that’s because 62% of them are Republicans already. 27% are Independents and only 10% claim membership in the non-existent Tea Party. Zero percent are Democrats. Additionally, while Sarah Palin has proven to be a total bust in national surveys, she is the top choice (36%) of these 49 Tea Baggers.

So contrary to Fox Nation’s dishonest headline, the phony movement is just what everyone already believes they are: Tea-publicans. And it’s kind of funny that Fox Nation feels it was necessary to layer deceit on more deceit by misrepresenting the results of a survey that itself was conducted by a biased Tea Party affiliate.


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  1. “…the phony movement…”

    The movement is very real.

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