Racist Tea Party Revolutionaries Kill Cops In Las Vegas: Why Won’t The Media Call It Terrorism?

The media has set a precedent for itself in past events that involved tragic political hostilities and murder. Most famously, the conservative press has spent the last two years complaining about whether President Obama called the attacks in Benghazi terrorism. Of course, there is video showing him doing just that the next day in the White House rose garden, but that didn’t put an end to the ludicrous speculation and smears.

Additionally, there were murderous rampages in Frankfort, Germany, Ft. Hood, TX, Boston, MA, and even the Boko Haram kidnappings in Nigeria. All of these cases got right-wingers riled up insisting that they immediately be regarded as terrorism and called such by the nation’s press, politicians, and pundits. A few examples included:

  • Glenn Beck: Why are we still not calling it terrorism?
  • Rush Limbaugh: He just will not say it. He will not say it’s terrorism. Who knows why?
  • Neil Cavuto: Why is it so hard to call them terrorists?
  • Andy Levy: I think they’re that stupid if they’re refusing to call them terrorists anymore.
  • Catherine Herridge: After he shouted ‘God is great’ the administration did not call it terrorism.
  • Sean Hannity (Karl Rove ad): Obama and his administration wouldn’t call it terrorism for 14 days.
  • Chris Wallace: How do you explain, then, the continued refusal to call it terrorism?

Which brings us to Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda. These two nut cases were deeply involved in anti-American activities and openly expressed radical beliefs based on conspiracy theories and Fox News lies. They recently spent time in the desert threatening federal agents with deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy. Their Facebook page is plastered with violent rants advocating the overthrow of the government and imminent bloodshed. A glance at the people and organizations that they “liked” on Facebook is highly instructive. It includes three of the biggest Tea Party groups, all bankrolled by the Koch brothers. Also, there are three organizations that are run by current Fox News guests and contributors.

Jerad Miller

Obviously Fox News can’t call the Millers terrorists because that would mean they are calling a hefty chunk of their most loyal viewers terrorists. And for many others in the Fox audience it would be offensive to apply a term that they reserve for brown-skinned people from foreign lands, to a white, married, Christian couple from Nevada via Indiana.

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But you still have to wonder why the rest of the media is suddenly so averse to using the word terrorism. If there were ever an appropriate time to employ the label, it is now. The Millers made their intentions crystal clear. They reportedly shouted that “This is the start of the revolution,” as they commenced their crime spree. They draped their victims in the Gadsden flag, a banner of the Tea Party movement. Their motives were purely to incite terror in furtherance of their seditionist agenda. Similar behavior by Nidal Hasan and the Tsarnaev brothers was referred to as terrorism from the outset. So I’ll ask again – Why won’t the media call it terrorism?

[Update:] And Fox News ceased covering these Tea Party cop killers after just one day.


15 thoughts on “Racist Tea Party Revolutionaries Kill Cops In Las Vegas: Why Won’t The Media Call It Terrorism?

  1. This site is busted again. These two idiots were kicked out of the Bundy ranch protest. You left out that little factoid.

    I will offer up this illustration yet again. Let’s say some yahoo spouting a bunch of environmentalist stuff shows up at, say, live broadcasts of Randi “Kill Bush” Rhodes. We later find out that this environmentalist dude has torched a bunch of SUV’s and has aligned himself with the Earth Liberation Front. As tempted as I am to do the following, I can’t proclaim that Randi “Kill Bush” Rhodes is in league with enviro-terrorists just because this idiot shows up at her events.

    The same concept applies here. The Tea Party has nothing to do with this worthless couple.

    • Of course they got kicked out of the Bundy ranch, though there’s no record of any of those patriotic Americans reporting them to the proper authorities. It’s as if someone has a rabid dog, it goes out and bites someone, and they say “I let it out of the yard! It isn’t my responsibility!”

      Bravo for them being too crazy to be part of that ranch protest. But what do they want, a cookie? They sent dangerous lunatics out into the world in fear of what they’d do to their cause, not out of a responsibility to anyone but their selfish, freeloading asses. Great job!

    • Really? Some Burnt SUVs are really equal to 2 DEAD Policemen and a poor DEAD Walmart Shopper. Really? Really? Look into Your Heart! Really? Tell that to your Pastor, or Your Jesus. Ya think He will buy it? I Dont!

    • yeah cause a guy like Cliven Bundy who has been breaking the law for 20 years doesn’t want lawbreakers on his land ha ha ha

      • That reason always seemed suspect to me. Did the Bundy’s run a criminal background check on Miller? Doubtful. Wouldn’t they have to have done it for everyone there? And what are the odds that none of those other fringe militia freaks had police records?

    • So they where kicked off the Bundy Ranch. Who cares? They were still right-wing Tea Party terrorists.

    • Hahahahaha, clown – do you think that makes the whackjob freeloaders at the bundy ranch good people?

    • Do you have proof of that? We have proof he was present, video proof and by his own comments. We don’t have real proof he was kicked out.. He sure didn’t mention being kicked out on his facebook page and continued supporting their cause after he left.

  2. You dipshit…The point is not even an affiliation…It is more that these groups lie and promote so much bullshit and propaganda that it brainwashes people! Some are getting so obsessed with this radical right wing bullshit that dangerous shit is going to happen. I feel that when FOX news continuously reports lie after lie, and Alex Jones puts out bullshit conspiracy theory’s and when people commit acts of terrorism like this, maybe they should be held accountable…I swear at times they are actually encouraging people to act out!

  3. Never any doubt as to them being terrorists, no different than the McVeigh’s, The Order group that killed radio talkshow host Alan Berg, the Olympic Park bomber, the people who killed the doctors Slepien and Tiller, the Overland Park shooter (damn this list of murderous right wing teabagging loons just goes on) and new this pair of white trash.

    • Tsar, What’s with the anti-working class racially motivated slurs, “White Trash”? Part of the draw to the “Tea Party” has been the wholesale abandonment of the American blue collar worker by the big “D” Democratic Party leadership and the worship of wealthy business owners and financial community by the same.

      The American working class has been under direct establishment attack since the rise to power of the limousine liberal set. In fact, the working class has not had a President who advocated on their behalf since LBJ.

      To the American working class there is little difference between either party. The Republicans tell us that they are going to give us the shaft while the Democrats try to convince us that they aren’t giving us the shaft as they sign trade deals that send our jobs overseas and stand by as Republicans introduce legislation to destroy our worker organizations without doing a thing meaningful. At the same time the Democrats show their contempt for the working class and focus on issues that make the upper middle class and wealthy feel safe and protected.

      So you can call us “white trash” or whatever but it was us, the American working class, that built the actual progressive small d democratic party while the sons and daughters of the upper classes gave us sell outs like Carter who froze our wages and deregulated many industries to weaken our unions, like Clinton who sold the American blue collar worker down the river with NAFTA and other legislation that sent our jobs overseas while ignoring promises which he made to the American worker such as labor law reform, or Obama who as soon as he gained power he forgot what he told us on the campaign trail. We know what the Republicans agenda is but the Democrats due the same just at a slower pace.

      • I think you make valid points, Donny, but they off topic. Still it isn’t really the Parties, it’s the money and what it costs to get elected. Altruism and sincere concern for the country go out the window when they have to have unlimited funds just to fight off negative tv ads and robocalls. There is little hope for us as long as this remains a fact of political life. Acting with courage gets you out of a job.

  4. The only difference is that these two were WHITE Right-wingnut Americans. God forbid the media use the term “terrorists” in reference to these folks.

  5. I want to call attention to the fact that “a good guy with a gun didn’t stop the bad guy with a gun”…what does the teaparty have to say about the Wal-Mart shopper who tried to stop these lunatics with his gun?….the whole situation is sad and three more innocent people died because some assholes got their hands on some guns…

  6. Fox noise IS a terrorist organization.

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