Fox Nation’s Wishful Thinking: Obama Rejected

Once again the Fox Nationalists are demonstrating their preference for fantasy (i.e. lies) over reality. Their top featured post-electoral story is a pathetic attempt to spin the results of yesterday’s voting. Fox Nation headlines their story: Obama Rejected, Coattails Disappear, Americans Empowered.

You really have to admire the chutzpah of Fox News. Here’s a quick recap of the election results: Joe Sestak, an Obama supporter, wins in Pennsylvania. Bill Halter, an Obama supporter, wins in Arkansas. Trey Grayson, the Republican establishment’s candidate in Kentucky loses to Tea Bagger Rand Paul. Republican Tim Burns loses in the race to replace John Murtha, a race that Republicans bragged would be evidence of their strength in November. And Fox still spins this as a rejection of Obama? That’s a pretty severe case of denial on their part.

I would agree, however, that Americans were empowered. They rejected some of the party-approved candidates and made their own choices as to who would best represent them. In the case of Sestak and Halter, they demonstrated exceedingly good judgment. In the case of Paul, I’m sure that the Tea Baggers in Kentucky are happy now, but they may have hamstrung themselves for November. But it was still their choice. The insiders in Washington and the press had better start to pay attention to the sentiment in the populace if they want to avoid becoming entirely irrelevant.


6 thoughts on “Fox Nation’s Wishful Thinking: Obama Rejected

  1. As pointed out by FAIR (the media group, not the anti-immigration one):

    Fox News is not the only news outlet going with this narrative (though they most blatant about it). Once the press has decided how a story is supposed to go, no amount of facts or logic are likely to dissuade them.

  2. AND Rand (awn rawn) told Rachel tonight that race discrimination ended in Boston in 1840! Got to find out where he gets his bud.

  3. Yeah, I’m real worried about Rand. Not about him being electable (if he reveals his philosophy he will be defeated) but about him. He’s supposedly an educated man, but the stuff that comes out his mouth gets stupider by the hour. At this rate by the time this campaign is over he will be unable to wipe his own behind.

  4. AND Rand has a crazy talk contest going on with the Tea Party Express guy and his untermench rant that could pass for a Julius Striecher rant if you subsitute the word”Jew” for Muslim. Hey buddy, let me start your car for you.

  5. Obama Rejected,
    Coattails Disappear,
    Merikuns Empowered,

    And lest we forget,

    Lakers down 2-0,
    Blackhawks fall behind 3-1,
    Blonde White girl deservedly accepts Miss USA crown,
    Vast majority of Merikuns agree-GWBush “Best President Ever.”

    Ain’t Fox”News” grand!

    • LOL!

      And we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

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