Ted Nugent Found A Black Pastor Who Hates African-Americans As Much As He Does

It must be hard for ultra-right-wing nut cases like Ted Nugent to find credible ways to justify their hate-filled extremism. After they have been exposed as lying, racist, dirtbags so often that the stink just hangs over them like a fog, they must get desperate to grasp unto something – anything – that can rehabilitate their soiled image.

In Nugent’s case he has recently been castigated for calling President Obama a “sub-human mongrel.” In addition he has been on a tear insulting Native Americans, the Japanese, women, and anyone else that doesn’t conform to his narrow definition of an American as a white, Christian, straight, male, gun-toting Teabilly.

Ted Nugent

So when Nugent stumbled across Harlem pastor James David Manning, he must have shot his load – ed pistols into the heavens with delight. Finally, he had found someone with whom he could agree about the inherent inferiority of African-Americans, but without all the nasty charges of racism since, after all, the pastor himself is black. And there could certainly be no allegation that Nugent’s affinity for the opinions of Manning suggested any prejudice on his part, could there? Well, here are a few of the opinions that Manning expressed in the video (below) that Nugent lovingly posted to his Facebook page with the comment (in caps): “TRUER LOVE THERE HAS NEVER BEEN.”

“You can train a black man to be a physician, you can train him to be an astrophysicist, you can train him to be a lawyer, but you can’t train him to understand the world.”

“There’s not two cents worth of difference between a mass murderer, there’s not two cents worth of difference between a petty thief that’s locked away in prison, and a black doctor when it comes to understanding the world.”

“Black people had Africa, that big continent over there. They never built one boat that was seaworthy. Not one.”

“The worst thing that could ever happen to South Africa was when they gave it Nelson Mandela. […] Because black folk don’t know how to run no nation.”

“Black folk don’t understand the world. You can get mad with me all you want. You can say what you want, but you can’t prove me wrong.”

“There’s something wrong with the black man’s mind. There’s something wrong with his mind. He does not understand the world. He doesn’t. I don’t care if he learned medicine. He doesn’t understand the world.”

“You black women, what’s wrong with y’all? Y’all gonna let that white woman …(picture shown of Obama’s mother)… What’s wrong with you black women voting for Barack? Don’t you understand? It should have been a black womb if you’re gonna have a black president. What’s wrong with you. Y’all aint got no sense, you black women.”

“You niggers are crazy…We’re never gonna get anywhere until we look into the mind of a black man. He doesn’t think correctly. I don’t care what he is. He could be a doctor, he could be an astrophysicist. The nigger aint got no sense.”

“You talk to him. You talk to a black man. He doesn’t understand the world. He’s never built anything. The most the black people have ever done, they did it here in America under white people’s help. When they were in Africa they didn’t do nothin.”

I can’t help but wonder what black Republicans and Tea Party members would think of this, or of Nugent’s embrace of it. Will Dr. Ben Carson denounce it? Will Senator Tim Scott spurn Nugent? Where’s Herman Cain, Larry Elder, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Allen West? Will any of the conservatives who railed against Rev. Wright have anything to say about this wholly repulsive jerkwad?

It’s no wonder that Nugent has fallen for this guy. He’s saying everything that Nugent wants to say but feels constrained by the liberal media and political correctness. Now he has a spokesman who can be as racist as Nugent wants to be and all Uncle Ted has to do is post the video for his white fans to watch and learn from. They will all come away from this with the knowledge that black men, no matter how accomplished, can’t understand the world or be entrusted to run a nation. Hallelujah brother.

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8 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Found A Black Pastor Who Hates African-Americans As Much As He Does

  1. It’s too bad that Manning is allowed to spread his ignorance. Instead of talking about what blacks don’t know, he should be studying about the black kingdoms that existed in Africa before Europeans ever thought about living in cities under organized governments. Herodotus, the Greek historian, was very impressed by the governments and cultures which existed in the black kingdoms he visited. Some African kingdoms had hospitals, physicians, teachers, artists, sculptors, extensive libraries, centers for advanced studies, cities laid out in a grid pattern, advisers to their leaders, bureaucratic governments, and federal-style governments in which powers were divided between a central and local governments. Among the more highly developed African kingdoms were Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Mention either of these kingdoms to Manning or Nugent, and their reply would most likely be, “Huh?” I taught this information to Ninth Grade world history students for over 30 years. They know about these highly-developed African kingdoms, but it appears that Manning is clueless about them having existed during the time when Europeans were still living a hunter-gatherer existence. Imo, Manning and Nugent deserve each other because they share two major traits—ignorance and an unwillingness to invest any amount of time into researching a topic before they open their mouths and allow the stupid to erupt.

    • Yeah African kingdoms, not SOUTH AFRICAN kingdoms dumb shit! I’m a South African (White) and the rape, murder, corruption in this country is crazy! White women getting raped by five black men is all good in your eyes. Stop being blind and open your f’ing eyes! Come and live here for 6 months and we’ll talk again! You are ignorant! South Africa will never be as it was before 1994, death penalty stopped in 1993 (which is a shame) so stop talk BS! We didn’t have slavery like you did in America! -Jase-

  2. The “pastor” impugns the character of black people everywhere, denigrating the memory of Nelson Mandela specifically, and yet, this self-loathing Uncle Tom is supposed to the trusted with guiding a parish; presumably inspired by the holy spirit??? WTF is up with that?

  3. Good lord, it’s a real life Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks. He even looks a bit like Uncle Ruckus, leave it to Teddy Nougat to find a real life cartoon character to parrot his inner idiocy.

  4. How does this idiot have anyone in his congregation? I don’t know why anyone would sit around and listen to this verbal-vomit. My guess is he doesn’t have a lot of congregates. I hope I am right.

  5. It must be hard trying to make Louis Farrakhan look good. Heckofajob Pastor, some might say….

  6. The real problem this guy never asserts is that for hundreds, if not thousands of years the people of Western Africa have been exploited and oppressed. First by Arabs enslaving them and basically selling them to Europeans starving for slave labor. The first Europeans to set foot in Africa did nothing but use the continent as a major trading commodity destroying any semblance of a culture that existed. Native Africans were viewed as either obstacles or free labor. I imagine if the gun were never invented things would be quite different.

  7. Actually this man is correct. Slavery has been over for some time now. African Americans have had plenty of opportunities to do great things in this world. Black thugs have destroyed black America. They have given most blacks a horrible reputation. Just look at what’s happening all over America with the Ferguson Missouri case. Only you as African Americans can make the change. Whites and blacks can get along. But it isn’t going to change unless the rioting, looting and killing each other stop. We are all made the same in God’s image. God had no racism when he created us. This isn’t the civil war day’s anymore. It’s time to unite as one America.

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