Fox News Rejects Ad From Veterans Group (Again)

For the second time, Fox News has rejected an advertisement from VoteVets, a veterans advocacy organization. The ad featured retired Brigadier Gen. Steven Anderson explaining the importance of moving the country to cleaner energy from domestic sources.

“Our enemies know that we’re hooked on their oil…That’s why breaking our addiction must not only be a military priority, but America’s mission, and why the Senate needs to pass a clean energy climate plan. It will put Americans to work developing new energy technologies that will save lives overseas, make us less dependent and more secure.

The previous time that Fox News refused an ad from VoteVets they claimed that it would be “too confusing” for their audience. Well, they oughta know. At that time I wrote…

The confusion that Fox is worried about is that their carefully trained viewers might wind up agreeing with these vets that our security is threatened by enriching our enemies in Iran and other unfriendly oil oligarchs. This ad could undo so much of Fox’s painstakingly hypnotic propagandizing.

So Fox’s solution is to censor the ad and protect their gullible audience from hearing any argument that might conflict with the Fox News world view. Fox undoubtedly regards this as their obligation to shield their viewers from the anxiety of having to think for themselves. Heaven knows that’s often confusing and so does Fox’s standards and practices department.

What Fox didn’t say is that Saudi oil tycoon, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, owns 7 percent of News Corp. He is the largest shareholder outside the Murdoch family. That wouldn’t have anything to do with Fox’s reluctance to air an ad proposing to reduce expenditures on Middle-East oil, would it? Or is this just confusing the matter?

I concur with me.


6 thoughts on “Fox News Rejects Ad From Veterans Group (Again)

  1. You would think Evil Rupert might need the dough to support his various losers. Sure don’t want to break the spell of infallibity or piss off his Saudi royalty.

  2. Fox News viewers are capable. Of sorting out the issues. However we are not to receptive of cap & tax or, wasting gov $ on non economically feasable green projects.

    • Fox News viewers are capable?

      Obviously Fox News disagrees with you and feels it is necessary to prevent you from seeing opposing views. They think you’re stupid. And if you buy the right wing’s arguments against common sense measures like cap and trade to reduce harmful emissions, then maybe Fox is right about you being stupid.

  3. You see many more opposing views on Fox News than on MSNBC. Keith Olbermann has never had a opposing view on his garbage show. His new website is pretty cool though!!!!

    • You only see opposing views that Fox sanctions. Most progressives don’t think that Doug Schoen or Pat Caddell represent their views. That’s why we call them Fox News Democrats.

      And I am so tired of people talking about Keith Olbermann’s booking policy. He has stated 1,000 times that he never wanted to have just another shouting match cable news program. He prefers to delve deeper into issues rather than hosting pointless arguments about them. There are plenty of other shows that do that. Glenn Beck never brings on opposing guests, yet right-wingers don’t criticize him for it. At Keith has been honest about his booking.

  4. So Fox News is treating its viewers like the window-licking tards they are?

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