Tax-Dodger Donald: Trump’s Own Documents Prove He Lied About The Value Of His Properties

Is Donald Trump a billionaire or a world-class grifter?

It has been difficult to pin down Trump’s net worth because he refuses to release his taxes until an alleged audit is complete. That excuse has been ridiculed by experts and even the IRS says there is nothing preventing him from making his own tax information public. Nevertheless, he is continuing to hide behind his lawyers and now says that his returns might not be released until after the election.

Donald Trump

Tax returns have been a staple disclosure in politics for nearly half a century. Hillary Clinton has made more than thirty years of returns available to the public. But Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos this weekend that his tax rate is “none of your business.” However, there is data available through other tax filings that is shedding some light on Trump’s mysterious empire.

ABC News is reporting (video below) that the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York, was valued on Trump’s candidate disclosure statement at “more than $50 million.” The high valuation serves Trump’s political purposes to portray himself as a successful businessman. But when he declared the assessment of the resort for tax purposes he claimed that it was worth only $1.75 million. The difference between his tax declaration and his candidate disclosure amounts to a savings of 90% on his tax bill.

When asked by ABC’s Brian Ross to comment on the discrepancy, he was told that the matter was “decades old and not worthy of a response.” He said much the same thing to reporters asking about the recent discovery of an audio tape of him posing as his own fictional press agent when talking to the media. This is a statute of limitations that only applies to Trump, whose obsession with the Clintons’ marital difficulties from the 1990s he still considers fair game.

The ABC story cited several other instances when Trump was less than honest about paying his taxes. One particularly egregious incident was when he purchased the yacht that became his beloved “Trump Princess.” At the time he pretended to have a patriotic incentive for buying the luxury liner. He said:

“I like to see the great jewels of the country being owned by the people of this country. And it had a big play as to why I bought this boat.”

However, as Ross reported, Trump “used off-shore and out-of-state corporations to buy the yacht and saved him a tax bill of some $1.75 million.” What a patriot. Something that Ross left out is that later, when Trump was undergoing a severe financial crisis, he sold the yacht to Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. So much for “the great jewels of the country.”

The Trump National property was purchased in foreclosure for $8 million, and he spent another $45 million developing the golf course and the club house. So either this property suffered a massive decline in value and Trump isn’t worth what he says he is, or he is deliberately undervaluing it to avoid his legal tax bill. Either way, one of his public declarations is a flagrant lie. And with this report by ABC News will the media pick up the story and begin to tell the truth about Trump’s dishonesty?

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The Twitter Feed Of Donald Trump Reeks Of Racism And Misogyny

Tonight Donald Trump is holding a cynical counter-event to the Fox News Republican primary debate where he is insulting America’s veterans by using them as political props. He even admitted that he doesn’t really care about veterans when he walked out onto the stage and the first thing he said was “I didn’t want to be here.” Gee, thanks, Donnie. [And for the record, of the alleged six million dollars raised, four million came from one million dollar donations from four of Trump’s wealthy pals. That’s two-thirds of the total that Trump raised with four phone calls that he could have made at any time, but never bothered. So he didn’t need to stage this phony event at all]

That’s typical of his ego-soaked personality that is only concerned with what advances his interests. And it is expressed frequently in his Twitter feed. Just today there were a couple of tweets that deserve some special recognition due to their grotesque nature. These tweets are emblematic of Trump’s racism and misogyny. And they both attack Fox’s Megyn Kelly, proving that his claim that she had nothing to do with why he skipped the debate was an outright lie.

First there was this tweet that shows Megyn Kelly with Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. It’s purpose is to create a negative association between Kelly and Fox News with Arab royalty, and a Muslim, as if that by itself were some mortal sin. Alwaleed is minority shareholder of 21st Century Fox, the parent corporation of Fox News.

Donald Trump Tweet

There are, however, a couple of problems with that tweet. First of all, it is a fake. Kelly was photoshopped, badly, into the picture. Another problem with it is that @BradCross4, who originally posted the picture, is a raging and unabashed racist whose twitter account is full of repulsive bigotry. Apparently that didn’t bother Trump as he retweeted it. That is something he does frequently. He recently retweeted another racist meme that made ludicrous assertions about African-American crime statistics. Then there was his retweet of an image by someone called @WhiteGenocideTM. It’s hard to pretend he didn’t know what that was about.

Finally, Trump’s complaint about Fox News having a business relationship with Alwaleed is hypocritical in the extreme. Trump has many such relationships with Muslims, which he often brags about. As one example Trump, bought the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan in 1988. After suffering serious financial difficulties he was forced to sell it just seven years later at a loss of nearly 40% to – yep – Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. So in addition to being a huuuge hypocrite, this also reveals another example of his poor business skills.

[Update: Alwaleed replied to Trump’s tweet with one of his own saying “Trump:You base your statements on photoshopped pics?I bailed you out twice;a 3rd time,maybe?” Alwaleed noted the Plaza Hotel deal where he paid off Trump’s debt. He also revealed that he bought Trump’s yacht after it had been turned over to creditors]

The other tweet that Trump promoted today was this one that featured Megyn Kelly from an article in GQ. News Corpse reported on these photos at the time and how inappropriate they were for someone purporting to be a news professional. It not only diminished her as a journalist, but it demonstrated how Fox exploits the women they put on air as sexual objects.

Donald Trump Tweet

The problem with Trump weighing in on this is that it is blatantly hypocritical. The tweet refers to Kelly as a “bimbo” and, therefore, unfit to moderate a debate. However, Trump doesn’t seem to have the same opinion of his wife and daughter, whom he says are both businesswomen deserving of respect. Even though they both have their own photo spreads.

Donald Trump Wife Daughter

These tweets are just further evidence that Donald Trump is a boorish, hypocritical, bigoted cretin whose wealth has never enabled him buy an ounce of integrity or class. The fact that there are people who seriously regard this neanderthal as presidential material is a sad commentary on that small and repugnant sector of America. And don’t forget, Donald Trump wants to bang his daughter, as the video below makes clear.

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Who’s Donald Trump Bashing Now? A Principal Owner Of Fox News

Another day, another juvenile insult hurled by thin-skinned, crybaby Donald Trump. You have to wonder how Trump would respond to foreign leaders who were critical of him were he president. Judging by his past childish behavior he would counter criticisms from Vladimir Putin by calling him a loser; Kim Jong Un by mocking his height; and Angela Merkel would be deemed fat and/or ugly. Then he’d stick out his tongue, blow raspberries, and grin as if he’d accomplished something.

Fox News Donald Trump

That kind of diplomacy is the best of what we can expect from Trump. As evidence, he just engaged in a twitter clash with Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. Alwaleed is a member of the royal Saud family of Saudi Arabia. He is also the largest shareholder of 21st Century Fox (the parent corporation of Fox News) outside of the Murdoch family. In response to Trump’s racist and unconstitutional proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, which include Alwaleed himself, Alwaleed tweeted

“You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the US presidential race as you will never win.”

And Trump, fully displaying the level of his maturity, responded

“Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do it when I get elected.”

OK, the “dopey” part is typical Trumpian douchery. But what followed deserves some analysis. First of all, Trump has no moral ground to attack someone for having inherited wealth. Trump got his start with his daddy’s money and then proceeded to fail repeatedly in his business ventures. In fact, had Trump simply invested his inheritance in a Dow Jones index fund, he would be three or four times richer than he is today.

Secondly, Alwaleed isn’t trying to control U.S. politicians. He is simply expressing his opinion. It is Trump who, by his own admission, tried to control politicians for decades with his donations to their campaigns. And now he using his wealth to try to buy the White House (which he would only deface with his gauche taste and demeanor.

The spectacle that Trump is making of himself is precisely what Alwaleed called it: a disgrace. And Trump’s response just makes things worse. After all, “dopey” Alwaleed is #34 on the Forbes Magazine list of billionaires with $24.8 billion dollars. Trump is #405 with $4.3 billion – about one-sixth of Alwaleed’s fortune. Since Trump constantly tries to use his wealth as proof of how great he is (in his own mind), then Alwaleed is six times greater. Additionally, Alwaleed rescued Trump when he was floundering financially by buying his yacht, the Trump Princess (now rechristened as Kingdom 5KR), and his stake in the Plaza Hotel, for which Trump could not make his payments.

It needs to be said that Alwaleed is not a exactly a paragon of virtue. While he is a businessman/investor and not a politician, his country is one of the worst civil rights violators in the world, that discriminates against women, gays, and people of different faiths. But his remarks on this matter, and many other public issues, are fairly progressive and tolerant of diversity. It would be interesting to see what impact he would have if were elevated to a leadership role in his government. But that only makes his criticism of Trump more powerful because, if someone coming from a country with such a dismal record can righteously shame Trump, then Trump has has really sailed off the edge of the Earth.

Finally, it is significant that Trump is directing his puerile insults at one of the principle owners of Fox News. He has been a major beneficiary of the network’s coverage of his campaign. Media Matters has compiled data that shows Trump has dominated Fox’s airtime. And he achieved that despite having engaged in numerous, well-publicized feuds with the network. He has maligned many of their top people, including anchors, commentators, and all the way up to the executive suites of Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

Nevertheless, Fox News continues to lick Trump’s Ferragamos and treat him like their master. This swipe at Alwaleed is just the latest example of his arrogant disdain that not only goes unpunished by Fox, but gets rewarded with more fawning coverage and fierce defense every time he lets loose another gaffe, lie, or other expression of his overt hatefulness and fascistic tendencies.

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It’s uncanny how Trump’s glassy-eyed supporters cling desperately to him no matter how much he lies to them (see the Trump Bullshitopedia). But equally bizarre is how Fox News clings to him no matter how abusive he is. They are like a battered spouse who come back for more after every beating. And sadly, the rest of the media isn’t much better at turning away from their batterer.

Glenn Beck Attacks His Boss – Again

On his TV program today, Glenn Beck spent the whole hour with former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, Herman Cain.

Cain, who is challenging Joe Biden for the Gaffe King crown, discussed his previous slip-up when he said that he wouldn’t appoint Muslims to his Cabinet if he were elected president. He later had to backpedal that, but today he got himself in more trouble. When Beck asked him about it, Cain said that as president he would require Muslims to take a loyalty oath that Christians, Mormons, and others would not be required to take. He knows less about the Constitution than Palin does about Paul Revere. But he still doesn’t sink as low as his host.

Beck took a few minutes to bash American workers and products by slamming General Motors.

Beck: The newest GM CEO is Dan Akerson. He used to work for the Carlyle Group. That’s a global private equity firm that manages $106 billion. Hey, yeah, some of the players in the Carlyle Group are great. George Soros. Who would’ve seen that one coming?

Beck apparently thinks that GM is some sort of left-wing front group because of the resume of its new chief executive. However, the Carlyle Group is a notoriously conservative enterprise that has been headed by folks like Frank Carlucci, Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor; James Baker, Secretary of State under George H.W. Bush; and Caspar Weinberger, former Reagan Defense Secretary. Beck displays a graphic that lists the scoundrels associated with Carlyle:

Yep, there’s George Soros (right up at the top), Madeline Albright’s daughter (whose name Beck must have forgotten), and Colin Powell (Bush Jr.’s Secretary of State). But the cherry on top is Prince Al-Waleed who happens to be the largest shareholder of News Corp stock outside of Rupert Murdoch and family.

This is not the first time Beck has implied that his boss is somehow involved in nefarious activities. On one occasion he tagged him as a funder of the so-called Mosque at Ground Zero. On another occasion Beck actually accused Al-Waleed of being part of the Al Qaeda gang who attacked Manhattan on 9/11. And now we learn that it’s even worse than that. Al-Waleed is in cahoots with George Soros.

What a tangled web we weave…..

Who Is Funding The NYC Mosque? Fox News!

Last week I reported that News Corp, the parent of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and more, made a donation of $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. It’s bad enough that a major media company is bankrolling GOP campaigns and still pretending to be fair and balanced when they report on those campaigns, but things just got even crazier.

For weeks there has been a raging battle over the proposed construction of an Islamic community and prayer center a couple of blocks away from the site of the former World Trade Center. One of the most frequently repeated criticisms by opponents of the Park51 project is that they wanted to know where the money was coming from. In the absence of that information they alleged, without proof, that the center was being funded by terrorists or groups sympathetic to terrorists.

Mosque at Ground ZeroWell now we know precisely where some that funding came from. It has now been revealed that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, News Corp’s largest shareholder outside of the Murdoch family, has donated over $300,000 to organizations run by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the principal planner of Park51. One of those organizations was the Park51 project itself.

So now that we know that a major shareholder of News Corp is providing funding to Imam Rauf to build the center, will the critics be satisfied and drop their complaints? Will they expand their attacks to include News Corp and Rupert Murdoch? Will they even hear about it on their favorite cable news network, Fox News (who never bothered to report on the million dollar gift to the GOP)?

If this center is such an affront to the victims and survivors of 9/11, then isn’t News Corp and Fox News partly responsible for it? I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was all part of a plot to generate a controversy that would advantage them politically as well as boost their ratings.

Furthermore, if the insult that critics allege is due to the mosque being “near” the site where thousands of Americans were killed, then shouldn’t they also oppose any mosques being built in Iraq? More Americans were killed there than at the WTC on 9/11. Doesn’t that make Iraq “hallowed ground” as well?

I really can’t fathom why a building that is nothing more than an Islamic YMCA is causing such a ruckus. I think it is far more insulting to exploit 9/11, and to use the painful images from that day in crass political advertising. That’s exactly what Republican Roy Blunt has done here, in an ad that takes his opponent, Robin Carnahan, to task for not opposing the center. The ad features a video of the smoking WTC ruin with a voiceover of Carnahan saying…

“I’m not gonna try to tell folks in New York what to do, and I don’t want them trying to tell us in Missouri what to do. So in the end it’s gonna have to be their decision. But, you know, I think this a time when we ought to be trying to get people of all faiths to come together, not divide them.”

If I didn’t know better I would think that’s an ad for Carnahan. What’s wrong with that statement? It’s an affirmation of Missourians interests and a call for peace and brotherhood. Apparently Blunt is against those things.

Another exploitative and disturbing ad was from New York Republican Rick Lazio. In fact he has two of them here and here. Both ads urge his opponent, Andrew Cuomo, to initiate an investigation into the Park51 project. Lazio is one of those who is seeking to ascertain the funding sources. Of course now we know that all he needs to do is ask his hosts the next time he appears on Fox News.

This Just In: Not only is Alwaleed, the News Corp shareholder, a financial backer of Imam Rauf, but Rupert Murdoch’s book division, HarperCollins, is the publisher of Rauf’s book, What’s Right with Islam Is What’s Right With America. When will the right-wingers start to hold Murdoch & Co. accountable?

Fox News: Terrorist Command Center

The increasingly surreal debate over the non-mosque that is not at ground zero took another turn with Jon Stewart’s insightful and hilarious analysis.

After establishing that right-wing mosque opponents have devolved into overt Islamaphobes who regard Islam as a faith of “women-stoning, suicide bombers” (Media Matters has more on this), Stewart documented the absurdity of their position which centered on there being a threat that the Park51 project must not be allowed because it would become a “Terrorist Command Center.” Stewart’s pithy response:

“Just for the record, I’m against establishing a terrorist command post at 9/11 and ground zero…or really anywhere in the city.”

The rightist argument against Park51 seems to be that a terrorist command center near ground zero is unacceptable, but somewhere in Chelsea or the Upper East Side would be fine.

Stewart went on to ridicule conservative pundits on Fox News like Eric Bolling who, through the use of high-tech 4×6 index cards, “proved” that Park51 was directly linked to Hamas and Iran. So Stewart used his own index card and highlighter pen to prove that Fox News is a clandestine terrorist cell with Rupert Murdoch as its leader. Stewart could have gone one step further to note that Murdoch donated $1 million dollars to the Republican Governor’s Association, which means that the GOP is funded by terrorists.

Funny stuff. Watch it here:

Update: Not only is the GOP funded by terrorists, but the terrorists are funded by agents of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. It has now been revealed that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, News Corp’s largest shareholder outside of the Murdoch family, has donated over $300,000 to organizations run by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the principal planner of Park51. Amidst the outcry from the right about the Park51 project, one of the things they most feverishly demanded was to know who was financing it. Now we know it was an owner of Fox News. Where is the outrage?

Fox News Tells 9/11 Families To Fear Fox News

This morning on Fox and Friends there was another ridiculous, fear mongering, discussion of the non-mosque that is not at ground zero. In this farcical parade of ignorant banter the hosts were aghast at the notion that some of the funds for the proposed Islamic community center at 51 Park Place might come from sources in Saudi Arabia.

Brian Kilmeade: He [Imam Rauf] is going to be looking for fundraising to Muslim nations around the world.

Alisyn Camerota: If the 9-11 families are worried now and are concerned and feel hurt about this mosque, imagine if Saudi Arabia were to give some of this $100 million. … Saudi Arabia, where the majority of the hijackers, the terrorists came from. You can only imagine how much the victims’ families would speak out in that case.

Exactly! You can only imagine how much the victims’ families would speak out if Fox News were to get millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, where the majority of the hijackers, the terrorists came from.

Murdoch MoolahOh, wait a minute…..Fox News does get millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. In fact, the biggest shareholder of News Corp stock outside of the Murdoch family is Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of the Saud family.

One has to wonder why it would be such an abomination for what is, in effect, an Islamic YMCA in lower Manhattan to be partially funded by Saudis, but no outrage is in order for an international news organization whose top investors include members of the Saudi royal family.

Rupert Murdoch has already shown that he is susceptible to influence by financial considerations and relationships. He agreed to let the government of communist China censor his news reporting in order to gain access to their markets. He acquiesced to a demand that MySpace China display a link on every page for users to report “inappropriate information” to the authorities (I wonder how many Chinese dissidents disappeared as a result of that little feature). He also altered stories on protests in France at the request of the very same Prince who is his business partner:

Al-Waleed: I picked up the phone and called Murdoch…(and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty. Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.

It seems to me that there is much more to fear from a worldwide media conglomerate caving in to the demands of foreign powers, than from a single interfaith social club in an old Burlington Coat Factory building in New York. And if the morons on Fox and Friends want to spin scary tales about imaginary terrorists, they would find more material in their own building than in the one a few blocks from ground zero.

Fox News Rejects Ad From Veterans Group (Again)

For the second time, Fox News has rejected an advertisement from VoteVets, a veterans advocacy organization. The ad featured retired Brigadier Gen. Steven Anderson explaining the importance of moving the country to cleaner energy from domestic sources.

“Our enemies know that we’re hooked on their oil…That’s why breaking our addiction must not only be a military priority, but America’s mission, and why the Senate needs to pass a clean energy climate plan. It will put Americans to work developing new energy technologies that will save lives overseas, make us less dependent and more secure.

The previous time that Fox News refused an ad from VoteVets they claimed that it would be “too confusing” for their audience. Well, they oughta know. At that time I wrote…

The confusion that Fox is worried about is that their carefully trained viewers might wind up agreeing with these vets that our security is threatened by enriching our enemies in Iran and other unfriendly oil oligarchs. This ad could undo so much of Fox’s painstakingly hypnotic propagandizing.

So Fox’s solution is to censor the ad and protect their gullible audience from hearing any argument that might conflict with the Fox News world view. Fox undoubtedly regards this as their obligation to shield their viewers from the anxiety of having to think for themselves. Heaven knows that’s often confusing and so does Fox’s standards and practices department.

What Fox didn’t say is that Saudi oil tycoon, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, owns 7 percent of News Corp. He is the largest shareholder outside the Murdoch family. That wouldn’t have anything to do with Fox’s reluctance to air an ad proposing to reduce expenditures on Middle-East oil, would it? Or is this just confusing the matter?

I concur with me.