Ben Carson Sacked By Fox News As His Loony Presidential Bid Takes Shape

Dr. Ben Carson has no more chance of being elected president, or even getting the Republican nomination, than Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, or Montgomery Burns. Nevertheless, he is slated to appear in an hour-long infomercial (that he calls a documentary) that celebrates his journey from poverty to world renown as a pediatric brain surgeon.

His quixotic fantasy of being leader of the free world is entertained despite his numerous pronouncements of unadulterated wingnuttery. He is an unabashed conspiracy theorist whose delusions include assertions that President Obama is a tyrant; that the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) is akin to slavery; and that America is very much like Nazi Germany. Not exactly the sort of soaring, patriotic oratory that is employed by most prospective presidential candidates.

Ben Carson

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The aforementioned television infomercial was the impetus for Fox News to terminate Carson’s contract as a network contributor. While Fox has a policy prohibiting active political candidates from being employed as on-air personalities, they have frequently ignored the policy. In the run-up to the 2012 presidential race, Fox permitted Sarah Palin to remain on the payroll despite her coy flirtation with running. And Fox still allows Mike Huckabee to host his own program even as speculation mounts as to his status as a candidate. But at least with regard to Carson, Fox is playing by the book.

The odds of Carson obtaining the GOP nomination are so remote that even Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace openly sneered at the thought. He asked Carson directly…

“Do you really want to spend the next two years begging people for money, shaking hands, eating a lot of bad meals, when I think you would agree at best you are a distinct long shot?”

Apparently the answer is “Sure, why not.” Carson has the benefit of a rabid cult following that has contributed millions of dollars to a Super PAC aimed at drafting him to run. And therein may be a hint as to what his true aspirations may be. He’ll need some excuse to spend all that money. And by launching a presidential campaign Carson can keep himself in the media spotlight where he can promote his books and speaking engagements. He can also raise his profile so that he can negotiate even richer contracts with Fox News or other media following his inevitable failure as a presidential contestant.

There is a constituency for Carson that he can amicably share with the likes of Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones. He has promoted the writing of a Nazi sympathizer. He believes that the suffering of veterans neglected by the V.A. was a “gift from God.” And he even came to the defense of Vladimir Putin as champion of Christian values.

That’s why Carson will continue to be seen on Fox News, although not as an employee. He will still be invited to spew twisted opinions to the dimwitted Fox audience that eats up that sort of hog slop. That’s precisely what happened with former Fox contributor Scott Brown after he left to lose the senate race in New Hampshire. Speaking of which, after everything Fox did to promote his candidacy, Brown still lost.

However, there is another group of Americans that will be even more excited about a Carson candidacy: Liberals, Democrats, comedians, and lefty media bloggers. So bring it on, Benny. Your history of hysterical extremism is just what the doctor ordered. After all the bad news from the midterm election, this has really made my day.

[Extra] Carson now says “I feel fingers” of God driving his aspirations for the White House. Well, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, and Herman Cain, have all said the same thing, and we know how that turned out.


9 thoughts on “Ben Carson Sacked By Fox News As His Loony Presidential Bid Takes Shape

  1. Carson is no worse than Ablow. To nuts from the same shell – FOX. Fox News doesn’t have analysts, they have analists. I can’t believe that Murdoch would associate himself with the likes of these two, let alone his little Megyn, who never gets her facts right. She needs to double check the people writing for her.

  2. link to this article posted on MMFA Dyson thread at 1:09a. Central Standard time.

  3. I think Dr. Carson (and how would you like him to be your primary physician, much less touch your brain?) has a point. The Affordable Care Act is, indeed, somewhat akin to capitalist slavery while single payer healthcare would be akin to freedom.

  4. If far left loons like this site don’t have the facts, just make crap up, take things out of context and bend and distort the facts til they suit your narrative.
    So let’s see if you want to hear the truth….
    1. Ben Carson has finished 1st 2nd or third in EVERY republican primary poll where his name was included beating all the usual suspects.
    2. IF Ben Carson wins the primary (and he has the strongest field organization in the country and specifically in the early primary states) he is sure to win the general election as he will garner better than 17% of the black vote and if he does that, he is unbeatable. (Don’t forget that Herman Cain was polling at 40% of the black vote so 17% is very conservative.
    3. As for the VA, the full context of his statement was that maybe NOW people will wake up to the atrocities in medical care that Vets are getting. He wasn’t wrong!
    4. His analogy of obamacare to slavery was simply that the American people are now locked into medical care 100% controlled by the government…Certainly a form of slavery and one, which by the way isn’t working. As for his HSA proposal, It allows the American people to directly work with the DR with NO outside interference from the government…a huge difference.
    Dr Carson gets NOTHING from the SUPER PAC…Not one dime, so contrary to your wish, he is not getting rich off of his effort to become president.
    You all should thank whatever higher power you believe in that in today’s world there are incredibly intelligent human beings that give a damn about the world who are willing to make the sacrifice to heal our nation.

    • Haha – pathetic. You call the left loons, but you are downright delusional.

      1) Carson comes in near the bottom of almost every poll. You may be thinking of some straw polls at conservative conferences, but those are irrelevant and never predict an actual winner.

      2) Carson has no field organization at all. You are so ignorant it hurts. You cannot have a field org until you declare, and he has not done so. What’s more he would lose in a rout if he ever got the nomination, which he won’t. And it is interesting that you use Herman Cain as an example. He is an epic loser who flunked out of the last GOP primary.

      3) There is no sane context for regarding the pain and suffering of others as a gift from God. Sheesh.

      4) If you think that providing people access to health care is in any analogous to the brutality of slavery, I really feel sorry for you.

      But thanks for you comment. You really help me prove how deranged the right is.

    • Great Points John Phillip Sousa IV

  5. You all sure are upset about Ben Carson aren’t you? Nice job cherry picking his comments with no context provided and bashing him with all you’ve got. If he were as inept as you make him sound, I would think you would ignore him rather than waste your time with your vitriol.
    Don’t have time to address all of your comments but you might find it interesting that the draft Ben Carson for president PAC has one or more chair person in all 99 counties in Iowa. You are correct that since Carson hasn’t announced, none of that infrastructure is his. However, what do you suppose will happen to that infrastructure and the fund raising capacity of that national organization the day after he announces? Most presidential candidates never get all 99 counties in Iowa covered. Carson supporters have it a year out and before he is a candidate.
    Disrespect him as you wish. If he does choose to run, you can bet he will be a formidable candidate and one who will connect with so many voters that it will take your breath away.

  6. The work of a critic is easy. You risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to judgment. People thrive on negative criticism, which is FUN to write and to read! You have done an excellent job offering up nothing positive and demonstrating your sheer jealousy and contempt for a man who has spent his life building, creating, learning history, medicine and spent his time in the service of others. You excellently twist his meanings with such prowess and humor as to make Satan himself jealous. You my friend are a perfect example to anyone reading this garbage that America is in decline and in need of great thought leaders like Ben Carson.

  7. Thank you, John Philip Sousa lV, for your respectful attempt to state the truth, about Dr. Ben Carson.
    If people who write such tripe and hateful vitriol wanted to know the truth, it’s out there for everyone to check. If readers of this pathetic attempt to tear down a good person, care to know the truth, they can find it. Chances are if they were interested in and concerned about the future of our country, they would not be reading this publication more than once, as it has no integrity or interest is real substance and information people can trust.
    The worst fear of the far left, who hate opposition of any kind, is that people may start to think for themselves, & question what they are being fed. Their worst fear is that Americans of all stripes may actually start to listen to each other, respectfully, and talk about our problems and try to solve them. Their worst fear is that you may get to know Dr. Carson and find out this is just what he encourages us to do. GOD FORBID! They must tear him down before this happens. TOO LATE !! Too many people already know this man, have read his books, and like his inspirational message that it is not too late to turn our country around. GOOD TRY! You will just sound more jealous, and ridiculous as time goes by. Get a life.

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