The Handy-Dandy Fox News Terrorist Color Chart

For Americans concerned about how to identify the terrorists in your neighborhood, Fox News has created a convenient tool to be certain that nefarious characters are not overlooked and permitted to wreak havoc.

The Fox News Terrorist Color Chart

Fox News Terrorist Color Chart

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Inspired by the comments of Fox News anchor Shannon Bream during an episode of Outnumbered, this chart is an essential part of every patriot’s anti-terror toolkit. Bream was responding (video below) to co-host Kennedy’s observation that ordinary profiling may not be an effective prevention policy because “sometimes bad guys don’t look like bad guys.” Whereupon Bream offered this bit of wisdom:

“That’s my question about these guys. If we know they were speaking unaccented French and they had ski masks on, do we even know what color they were, what the tone of their skin was? I mean, what if they didn’t look like typical bad guys as we define them when we think about terror groups.”

Yeah, what about that? Obviously the only way we can be sure to keep America safe from bad guys is to have a reliable means of categorizing them so that they can be segregated from the rest of the population and punished appropriately. And thankfully the folks at Fox News are on the case and looking out for us good (i.e. white) guys.

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Bream comments begin at 3:10 in this video:

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5 thoughts on “The Handy-Dandy Fox News Terrorist Color Chart

  1. Excellent! I have printed out the chart and will be holding it up to the faces of my fellow travellers each morning. Granted most of them are pasty white with red noses but I’m sure it’ll be an invaluable aid to keeping the 0743 from Blundellsands a terrorist-free service.

  2. Yeah, nothin’ says objectivity and equality like racial profilin’s.
    (Please not, this was a sarcastic remark and not to be taken literally – this goes double for you Fox News and your associated a-hole brethren.)

  3. Wow! She had to really work hard to appear even dumber than Anna Kooiman.

  4. I guess we should just keep profiling little old ladies and little kids (of all colors) since they are usually the ones committing terrorist acts such as 911, London bonbings, Paris attack etc. God forbid we actually stop the radical Islamists who even proudly take the credit for these attacks.

  5. The problem is…Ben Carson is even further up the scale than “Terrorist”.

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