Fox News FINALLY Refudiates Violent Rhetoric

Almost since its inception, Fox News has been a hotbed of irresponsible discourse that encouraged intolerance and hostility. They have harbored hosts, contributors and guests whose language was sometimes thinly veiled advocacy of violence, and sometimes there was no veil at all.

  • Bill O’Reilly threatened to “hunt down” and “strangle” members of the media.
  • Liz Trotta joked that “somebody knock off Osama … uh … Obama … well, both if we could.”
  • Rush Limbaugh told his listeners to start riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, “with burning cars, protests, fires, literal riots, and all of that. That’s the objective here.”
  • Sarah Palin has taken to giving her followers this advice: “Don’t retreat…Reload!”
  • Glenn Beck agreed with his guest Michael Scheuer that the only hope for America “is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States.”

Beck is one of the worst perpetrators of hostile rhetoric. He used to have a regular radio bit wherein he speculated about who he would like to beat to death with a shovel. He fantasized about choking Michael Moore to death with his bare hands. And more recently he frequently condemns progressives as a cancer that has to be “cut out.” So perhaps it was Beck to whom this Fox News story was referring when they said that provocative remarks “could easily incite a rabid fan to commit violent acts.” And that fans “could be influenced because of their devotion.” The article quoted Cooper Lawrence, the author of “Cult of Celebrity” saying that:

“The fear isn’t that a celebrity will influence someone to do something violent or out of character due to the sheer devotion to the celebrity, the fear is that someone who is already vulnerable, mentally disturbed, already considering something dangerous, may be encouraged to do so if it is advocated by their favorite star.”

Image consultant Michael Sands concurred saying that he “is taking his fame too seriously. He is having delusions and his anger” could “get him arrested!”

These criticisms ought to be taken seriously by anyone, left or right, who ventures into such disturbing scenarios and has the ability to influence others who may not be of particularly sound mind. Certainly that would apply to someone with the public posture of Glenn Beck. Just one little thing…The article was not referring to Beck or any of the other viscerally divisive characters above. It was referring to actor John Cusack who Tweeted


Much of the reaction at Fox News, and elsewhere in the rightist blogosphere, is that Cusack was articulating some kind of threat. That just illustrates how deficient their comprehension skills are. Anyone with a functioning cerebrum can see that Cusack was responding to the bigoted and illogical arguments against the Islamic community center being planned near ground zero in Lower Manhattan. Cusack was satirically turning the controversy on its head by proposing a church of Satan near Fox’s offices. But the dimwits at Fox, and their ideological peers, just don’t get it.

It’s too bad that when Fox News finally gets around to making a principled statement against violent hate-speech that they direct it toward someone who wasn’t engaging in it and ignore their own complicity. It would be nice if those getting so worked up about this phony misinterpretation of Cusack’s comments would be similarly outraged by the very real violent rhetoric that is a regular part of Fox’s programming, as noted above. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that expression of fairness and balance to occur.


9 thoughts on “Fox News FINALLY Refudiates Violent Rhetoric

  1. Don’t worry, Beck. I shoot sharpshooter and ALWAYS go for the head. I KNOW how to kill a zombie!

  2. I thought they were Satanic Death Cult Centers already.

    • LOL! I don’t think they run the centers. They are just notable practitioners (as evidenced by the comment above yours).

  3. Cusack should just shut his mouth. He’s a movie star and has no business talking about politics. Why isn’t he defending Dr. Laura who had her first amendment rights shut down? I am so sick of these liberal Hollywood actors spouting off about politics. I remember this one time I was watching FOX and Victoria Jackson…or was it Jon Voight?…Anyway, they were making good points about celebrities getting involved in politics and how wrong it is.

    • Yeah…Actors should stay the hell out of politics. Particularly those Hollywood liberals like Ronald Reagan.

    • Is your comment about Victoria Jackson or Jon Voight “making good points about celebrities getting involved in politics and how wrong it is” meant to be ironic, or was it just unintentionally so?

    • Documenting somebody’s ridiculously racist rant on national radio and telling her sponsors to boycott her is not having your 1st amendment rights being taken away. She was never silenced… she chose to end her radio show by herself. Nobody told her what she can and can’t do. Nice try.

  4. Michelle Malkin on Fox and Friends this morning saying that the nut job who had the bomb at the Discover Channel was NOT influenced by Al Gore, and so the Repugs had “Moral high ground” because Dems were blaming Repugs for violence -re: recent Islamic hate…

    like theres a real comparison ?

    LOL, how many hours will go by
    before FOX comes out and makes that link ?

  5. John Cusack is not organizing rallies in the mall, speaking at Tea Party meetings or spewing nonsense over the air 4 hours each day.

    Perhaps if he were, he should be taken seriously.

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