Who Hates America? Here Are Three Haters Who Happily Admit It

Rudy Giuliani’s recent comment that he doesn’t believe that President Obama loves America is just another example of the “othering” of the nation’s first African-American president by the pseudo-patriots of the right. As previously noted here on News Corpse, Giuliani has begun channeling Glenn Beck with increasingly ludicrous right-wing blathering.

However, if you really want to know who hates America, just look to conservative politicians and pundits who actually come right out and admit to it. In fact, it’s getting to be a regular thing with them.

Beginning with the latest diss on America by the noted war-mongering senator, John McCain, who said that he is “Ashamed of my country.”

John McCain Ashamed

But before that there was Sean Hannity, the Fox News patriopath, who wanted us to know that he is “Humiliated for my country.”

Sean Hannity Dumbass

And who can forget Rush Limbaugh informing us all that he too is “Ashamed of my country.”

Rush Limbaugh

Do you notice a pattern? And all of this explicitly articulated despising of America is coming from the same people who constantly complain that liberals and Democrats are insufficiently worshipful of this nation’s alleged exceptionalism (which is just a made up word for supremacy). This language would be regarded as treasonous were it to come from anyone on the left. First Lady Michelle Obama was virtually tarred and feathered for merely expressing her pride in how far America had come after the election of her husband.

So now it’s open season on America for conservatives. And they aren’t going to let any opportunity to disparage the country get by. But just let a liberal try to offer even mild criticism and all hell will break loose. We are definitely living in Bizarro World.

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2 thoughts on “Who Hates America? Here Are Three Haters Who Happily Admit It

  1. But let the lefties comment on the righties’ hatred, suddenly, the FoxPods are shocked — just shocked! — that evil lefties could be so unfaithful to our beloved country…

  2. This post is an easily avoided mess. The quotes above are not expressions of happiness, nor of hating America per se.
    Of course, Hannity and Limbaugh have long records of hateful rhetoric whilst McCain regularly exhibits anger issues and usually deems that every foreign policy issue should be resolved with aggression, so he’s not exactly a loving person in the public sphere.
    Where these three do appear to “hate America” is in their constant rejection of the American ideals of equality, diversity, education, social responsibility, moral responsibility and sympathy . They even treat their own constituents or audiences with contempt by virtue of their self appointed claims of expertise and superiority, and it could be said that contempt is a handmaiden to hate.

    Limbaugh and Hannity certainly seem to actually hate Obama, or at least what he represents—-intellectually, physically, politically,

    No, these three don’t “happily admit to hating America”, but they are unabashed in expressing their hate whilst pretending they care about America sooooo much that they if they can’t have America just the way they want it, they just might have to ‘kill’ it to save it from itself and its foolish notions of equality et. al .

    In short, this article doesn’t do what it is intended to do —-cogently expose the venal hypocrisy of these representatives of that larger right-wing conservative element in American society,

    This post was rushed, and I know you can do better.

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