Eric Trump Is Right For Once: ‘The MAGA Movement Is Going Nowhere’

The morning after Democrats succeeded in gaining the majority in the Senate with the election of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Donald Trump showed up at the grossly misnamed “Save America” rally in Washington, D.C. He proceeded to deliver the same tedious speech he has been disgorging for months, with a few more examples of the flagrantly false allegations of election fraud.

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Donald Trump

Fox News, of course, aired the whole speech live and uninterrupted. It was an hour plus of whining, lying, and infantile insulting. And there was no shortage of ranting about paranoid delusions of a “Deep State” cabal aligned against him that now even includes Mike Pence.

Trump’s despondence over the defeat he was dealt by President-Elect Joe Biden was apparent in his seething tirade. He simply can’t acknowledge the reality that America has thoroughly rejected him and his crime family. Speaking of which, Trump’s spawn Eric visited with Sean Hannity on Fox News Tuesday night to expound upon the Trump tribulations. And, surprisingly, Eric actually said something that was not only true, but which could unite Democrats and Republicans going forward:

“I can tell you, Sean, any senator or any congressmen – meaning on this side – that does not fight tomorrow – I’m telling you, their political career is over, because the MAGA movement is going nowhere. My father’s created the greatest political movement in American history and, I’m telling you, they will get primaried the next time around. And they will lose.”

Indeed! “The MAGA movement is going nowhere.” It’s been going nowhere for four years now. And the American people have soundly repudiated the dishonesty, division, hostility, and incompetence, that have been the hallmarks of MAGA madness in the Trump Era. So going forward the bowel “movement” created by Daddy Trump will descend to even deeper depths of irrelevancy. The political careers of those associated with it will fade into well-deserved obscurity. And the new Democratic majority in the Senate, made possible by the victories of two Democrats in the formerly deep red state of Georgia, is the first sign of the tectonic political shift that’s in progress.

What’s more, Eric’s determination to primary any Republican that he and his father deem insufficiently worshipful of Dear Leader is a political promise that Americans of every political stripe can support. The nation is more than ready for the GOP (Greedy One Percent) to be swept from power, and any help that the Trumps want to provide, however inadvertent, is welcome. Although, it’s hard to imagine that they could be more helpful than they have been to date via their repulsive policies and behaviors.

For his part, Donald Trump is fully on board with Eric’s strategy of political suicide. During his address to Wednesday’s MAGA rally, Trump said that “We have to get our people to fight. And if they don’t fight we have to primary the hell out of them.”

Unfortunately, Trump’s incitement to “fight” has been taken literally by his cult disciples, who are now storming the Capitol as members of Congress are gathered to certify the Electoral College vote. Ironically, they are disrupting their own Republican members who are objecting to the certification. And Trump’s seditious lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, joined the rush of traitors to whip up even more hostility in the crowd, saying “Let’s have trial by combat.”

The inflammatory rhetoric of Trump and his cronies, along with the unlawful breach of the Capitol, are further evidence of the treasonous intentions of Trump and his faithless brigades. They are battling with the police officers they have pretended to support. They are harassing the press (including Fox News). And they are employing violence in order to obstruct the business of the people and to advance their traitorous objectives.

This is not going to end well in the short term. But longer term it is going to cement the demise of the violent, unpatriotic, MAGA movement, just as Eric predicted. And Donald Trump must ultimately be held accountable as its leader and primary agitator.

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Giuliani Goes Crazy(er) Over Being Investigated – By the Trump Justice Department

For a month and a half now, Donald Trump has been whining petulantly because he lost the presidential election to someone he considers “the worst candidate in history,” Joe Biden. Trump has been pushing ever more bizarre conspiracy theories about election “rigging” that have no support or evidence to back them up.

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Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump

Trump’s lead attorney in this futile masquerade is the infamous Rudy Giuliani. As a lawyer, Giuliani has failed to advance Trump’s delusional cause. In fact, there have been nearly sixty court cases lost to date because no relevant evidence was presented.

Now Giuliani himself is the subject of an investigation. It appears to be related to his misadventures in Ukraine, where he was trying to extort the president into manufacturing negative stories about Biden. Two of his associates in this matter have already been arrested. NBC News is reporting that…

“Federal prosecutors have discussed making a legal request for Rudy Giuliani’s electronic communications, two sources familiar with the probe tell NBC News, a sign that the investigation into President Donald Trump’s personal attorney remains active and may soon be ramping up.” […]

“in October 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported that prosecutors from the Southern District were reviewing Giuliani’s bank records as part of an investigation into his dealings in Ukraine. Two of his former associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were arrested that month on charges of campaign finance fraud and have since been charged with additional crimes related to wire fraud conspiracy. Parnas and Fruman have pleaded not guilty.”

Naturally, Giuliani is asserting that he is innocent. But he’s going even further to claim that he’s actually proud of the allegations against him:

It will surprise no one that Giuliani’s outrage is utterly incoherent. After all, this is the brilliant legal mind who proclaimed that “truth isn’t truth,” and held a press conference at the Four Seasons – not the fancy hotel, but a local landscaping company.

Giuliani seems to think that Joe Biden is already president. Why else would claim that he’s the victim of the “Biden Vindictive government” when there isn’t any Biden government at all? Giuliani then waters that assertion down by attributing his persecution to “DOJ anti-Trumpers.” However, the investigation of Giuliani is being conducted by Trump appointees in the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York. And they report to Trump’s had-picked Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr. So if anyone is acting as the “GOVERNMENT Secret Police,” it’s Trump and his Justice Department.

Finally, Giuliani complains that there is no reason for this investigation because there has been no wrongdoing. That, of course, is not the opinion of the investigators who have already secured the indictments of Giuliani’s associates. As for attorney/client privilege, there is no evidence that that has been breached, and any warrant for Giuliani’s electronic communications would have to be reviewed by an independent board and approved by A.G. Barr.

Giuliani is typical of the losers who have hitched their carts to Trump, the most criminally compromised president ever. Why do you think so many of Trump’s associates have required pardons? Which, by the way, is something that is also being discussed for Giuliani. If there was no wrongdoing, why would he need a pardon? And you know things are going straight down the tubes when Giuliani is whining because he can’t get booked on Fox News:

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Fox News Trump Toady ‘Judge’ Jeanine Pirro Binges On Bill Barr Beat Down

There is one constant that can be relied upon when trying to predict the maniacally psychotic behavior of Donald Trump. He will always turn against everyone eventually, no matter how devoted and subservient they have been. It doesn’t take much more than a trivial disagreement with Dear Leader to trigger his wild-eyed wrath.

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Jeanine Pirro Fox News

Trump has already run a fleet of busses over his closest advisors, including such high profile former officials such as his chief of staff, defense secretary, attorney general, secretary of state, national security adviser, and FBI director. He’s even abandoned his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) which he now routinely lambastes as “unwatchable,” as he did yet again on Sunday morning:

Despite his newfound animosity toward the “news” network that put him in the White House, Trump continues to hype his favorite bootlickers on Fox News. He posts videos of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, etc., almost daily. High on that list of sycophants is Fox’s “Judge” Jeanine Pirro. And on Saturday night Pirro unleashed a rabid diatribe against the latest Trump flunky to fall out of favor with his master, Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr. This was almost certainly under orders from Trump who is livid that Barr recently stated publicly that “we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.” Truth be told, neither has Trump. He sure hasn’t presented any evidence in any of the dozens of lawsuits he’s filed and lost.

On the latest episode of her weekly screech-a-thon (video below), Pirro began with a ten minute monologue pummeling Barr for what she and Trump perceive as betrayal of the cult and its messiah. Her tirade included a tedious list of hysterical questions to which she demanded immediate answers. The connecting theme in all of these cranky queries is that they are premised on provable lies:

  • On election night, with the President comfortably ahead in many swing states, why was the counting stopped?
  • Why were observers not permitted to reasonably observe ballot counting?
  • Why were observers removed from counting areas?
  • Why did counters cheer when Republican observers were removed?
  • Why were windows boarded up in Detroit so that observers could not observe?
  • Why, when observers were allowed to reenter, was there an unusually large number of ballots with an unusually high percentage of 90 and above for Joe Biden?
  • Why was there a failure to match signatures on mail-in ballots?
  • Why was there a destruction of mail-in ballot envelopes which must contain signatures?
  • Why does the Voter Integrity Project in Georgia estimate over 20,000 people that no longer meet residency requirements?
  • Why are there statistical anomalies in the chain of custody breakdown?
  • Why are there record numbers of dead people voting?
  • How is it that ballots in pristine condition, without creases suggesting they had not been in mail-in envelopes, as required by law?
  • Why is Joe Biden the first candidate to lose Florida and Ohio and still become president?
  • Why were 18 of the 19 bellwether counties historically indicative of a presidential win won by Trump?
  • How is it that Biden underperformed Clinton in New York, Chicago, and L.A., but won in the swing state’s cities?
  • How is it that Joe Biden underperformed with African-American voters everywhere but in those swing states?
  • Why is that ballot watchers in Philadelphia were not allowed to meaningfully observe to the point where they had to get a court order?
  • How is it that the New York Times and Jimmy Carter and James Baker all agree that absentee ballots are the largest source of fraud?

The answer to nearly every single one of these questions could be “WTF are you talking about? That didn’t happen.” Pirro’s inquiries are nothing more than an annoyingly articulated elaboration of Trump’s tweets and the raving madness of fringe Trump cultists trying to invent controversies where none exist. But here’s a more relevant question: If any of the allegations premised in Pirro’s questions were true, then why didn’t Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, present evidence of them in court?

The rank stupidity of Pirro mirrors that of her hero and Crackpot-in-Chief. Like Trump, she is so dense that she will recklessly cast off loyal allies over petty grievances. And in this case, Pirro nicely sums up her disdain for Barr in the last thirty seconds of her segment, scowling that “You, Mr. Barr, are so deep in the swamp you can’t see beyond your fellow reptiles.” Which is a sentiment with which at least 80 million Americans heartily agree.

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The Truest Thing Ever Said By a Loony, Lying, Trump Lawyer

The legal team representing Donald Trump has distinguished itself as a notorious assembly of incompetents. It’s leader, Rudy Giuliani, is not only proud of his win/loss record of 1 in 35, he says that losing is part of his master plan. Was it also part of his plan to feature Sidney Powell, a crackpot conspiracy theory touting attorney, at a press conference to spin a tale of election fraud that included Democrats, Republicans, Hugo Chavez, and the CIA?

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Donald Trump

Another member of this illustrious team is Jenna Ellis. She has been a frequent guest on Fox News spewing all manner of nonsense wrapped in drooling Trump worship. Which is peculiar since in 2016 she said that Trump was an “idiot” who was “boorish and arrogant,” and “an American fascist.” She even disparaged Trump supporters for not caring that he was an “unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag.” But on Wednesday morning the transmogrified Ellis sought to deliver a blow to liberals with this pitifully lame tweet:

On the surface, this is a sorry attempt at trash talking the libs. But it totally misses the mark because it’s the left that has been steadfastly devoted to facts, while Trump and his cult cling to obvious lies even after they have been exposed. Trump himself has been documented to have told more than 25,000 lies during his one-term in the White House.

Scratching the surface just a bit reveals another humiliation for Ellis and the Trump legal team, for whom humiliation has become routine. That’s because there is no record of Teddy Roosevelt ever saying anything resembling the quote she tweeted. And she compounded her shame by tweeting a defense that implied, without evidence as usual, that Roosevelt might have said it anyway. Then she went on to say that her ignorant gaffe didn’t matter because the “ifea” was still true. Proving once again that Republicans have the best ifeas that, presumably, they stir into their covfefe.

However, Ellis may be getting undue criticism for this comment. Her assertion that conservatives will get angry if you lie to them could actually be interpreted as true. In fact, it’s the guiding principle of conservatism, particularly in the Era of Trump. Conservatives are deliberately lied to with the express purpose of triggering their anger. They hunger for lies that will set their blood to boil. And Right-wing politicians and pundits are happy to oblige them. They are relentlessly told flagrant lies about…

  • Democrats being communists
  • Immigrants being criminals
  • Climate change being a Chinese hoax
  • Black Lives Matter being terrorists
  • The economy not being in recession
  • And Trump being a stable genius who knows more than generals, doctors, and economists.

And let’s not forget the deluge of deceit engulfing Trump’s coronavirus disinformation campaign. To date Trump has unloaded a flurry of dangerously irresponsible untruths such as that COVID-19 is…

  • A hoax
  • Just like the flu
  • Going away miraculously
  • Created in Chinese labs
  • Not harmful to children
  • Cured by injecting bleach
  • Caused by testing
  • Actual fatalities only around 6,000
  • Isn’t prevented by wearing masks

What’s more, the second half of Ellis’ misquote – that liberals will get angry if told the truth – could also be correct. That’s because any sane person would get angry if told the truth about how horribly Trump has screwed up everything itemized above. The truth about Trump, and his GOP confederates, is a litany of horrors guaranteed to infuriate the most serene optimist.

So yes, conservatives will get angry if you feed them the lies they crave – by design. And liberals will get angry if you tell them difficult truths – due to common sense and a firm grip on reality. But Trump’s legal team just keeps getting more and more outlandish in their outbursts, distortions, and hostile attacks.

That’s behavior learned from their Dear Leader whose desperation is producing more severe psychoses and paranoia with each passing day. It’s becoming impossible for him to escape the fact that he’s a pathetic loser who will go down in history as a massive failure and whose incompetence resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Trump’s narcissism prevents him from observing an untainted view of reality or absorbing any criticism, no matter how accurate. He is convinced that he is a perfect specimen of humanity and deserving of unflinching loyalty and adoration. Were he able, he might want to heed the advice in this actual Teddy Roosevelt quote:

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CANCEL CULTure: Turning the Trump Driven Outrage at Fox News Up to Eleven

Look out Fox News. The MAGAts are coming for you and they are boiling mad. For much of his presidency Donald Trump has been blowing hot and cold over Fox News. He would whine pitifully whenever they published a poll showing how much America despised him, or if they dared to interview a Democrat. The next moment he would post a half dozens videos of his favorite hosts dutifully praising him or maligning his critics.

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Donald Trump, Fox News

This schizophrenic dysfunction by Trump must have been confusing for his simple-minded but adoring cult followers. Trump was simultaneously directing them to watch Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, while ordering them to switch to Newsmax or OANN because “Fox News Sucks.” The mental toll of this contradictory guidance has resulted in an exodus of viewers from Fox News. For much of the post-election viewing, CNN has risen to the top of the cable news heap and Newsmax has tripled its audience.

Meanwhile, long time Fox News fanatics have been vowing never to watch the network again, with the notable exception of Tucker Carlson, the only one they still trust to articulate their exclusionary (i.e. racist) views. But Carlson’s immunity has been eradicated by a recent segment wherein he dared to ask a Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, for proof of her ludicrous and unfounded accusations of election fraud:

Carlson has been getting some undeserved credit for taking on Powell after her hysterical press conference with Rudy Giuliani. The two of them floated some of the most ridiculous allegations of election “irregularities,” including fringe conspiracy theories about votes being tabulated in Germany and Spain with software made in Venezuela. No doubt they will eventually tie in George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Update: Powell has been thrown under the Trump bus due to her crazy talk, which isn’t really any crazier than anything Giuliani or the rest of these goofballs have said.

But Carlson’s request for proof was half hearted at best. He meekly asked her to come on his show and present evidence of her allegations, which she refused to do. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to push the very same baseless theories for which he faulted her. In fact, on his program the following night he went a step further. Carlson asserted that he and anonymous sources (which apparently Fox News now approves of) in the White House are in agreement about imaginary election fraud:

“Like us, they have concluded that this election was not fair. Like us, they are willing to believe any explanation for what happened. Like us, they have not seen any single piece of evidence showing that software changed votes. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It might have happened. It means they haven’t seen any evidence that it happened. And by ‘they’ we are including other members of Donald Trump’s own legal team.”

The entirety of Carlson’s argument is that the absence of any evidence of fraud doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. By the same logic, the absence of any evidence that Carlson is not the reanimated corpse of Adolf Hitler doesn’t mean that he isn’t. He might be. There just isn’t any evidence of it (well, except for his arrogant demagoguery and noxious white supremacism). What Carlson wants his dimwitted viewers to believe is that anything, no matter how preposterous, can be true if there isn’t explicit evidence to refute it. By extension, he’s arguing that the absence of evidence of fraud is proof of fraud.

Carlson went on to say that he would consider it “great news” if evidence of election fraud emerged. He said that “no one would be more grateful for that than us.” He’s actually rooting for fraud. He’s virtually drooling at the thought of it. That’s because there is no other way for him to keep advocating for the election to be overturned and the votes of nearly 80 million people invalidated. His mission is to support Trump’s coup attempt and retain power at the expense of democracy.

So Carlson had a fleeting moment of rationality in asking for evidence of fraud. But his core state of smug and unprincipled self-interest remains in tact. As does his unflinching loyalty to Trumpism. And yet he is still the victim of glassy-eyed MAGAts who are always poised to betray anyone they think wanders too far from the reach of Dear Leader. Which, in the end, will be a good thing as their zealous adherence to the Trump cult dogma splinters their coalition and hangs former allies like Fox News out to dry.

NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. They just bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Thanks for your support.

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Trump’s Lawyer: He’s an ‘Idiot’ Whose Supporters ‘Don’t Care that He’s a Lying, Criminal Dirtbag’

It’s been two and half weeks since election day and Donald Trump is still pursuing a futile and impotent effort to overturn the results of the election that Joe Biden won decisively. His arguments are riddled with lies that are only serving the purposes of Americas enemies who are thrilled that Trump is diminishing faith in the democratic principles upon which our nation rests.

Donald Trump

Trump is running his anti-democracy campaign from the bowels of his White House bunker where he has holed up for nearly two weeks without making a single public statement. However, on Thursday morning Trump turned to his lead Attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who has been doing a bang up job of losing (or dropping) 24 out of 25 court cases filed so far. But never fear. According to Giuliani, losing is all part of his master plan.

Giuliani held a press conference (carried live only by Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN) that Trump said would reveal “An open and shut case of voter fraud.” Instead, Giuliani’s case was centered on what he called “proof” that Trump won in multiple states, but that he couldn’t present his proof to the press, or even to the court. He made the same claim about some 200 affidavits alleging fraud that he also couldn’t show. And the other central theme of his case was his already debunked crackpot assertion that votes for this election were counted in Germany and Spain by a company that was founded in Venezuela with help from China. Throw in George Soros and Hillary’s emails and you have a conspiracy theory bonanza.

Joining Giuliani at the press conference was Trump’s senior legal adviser and White House counsel, Jenna Ellis. She has become a familiar face on Fox News as she endeavors to spread disinformation on behalf of Trump. Ellis is as devoted a Trump-fluffer as anyone he has ever put forth to spread his bull manure. But she didn’t start out that way. CNN reports that

“Ellis, an attorney and former law professor from Colorado, repeatedly slammed then-candidate Trump as an ‘idiot,’ who was ‘boorish and arrogant,’ and a ‘bully’ whose words could not be trusted as factually accurate. She called comments he made about women ‘disgusting,’ and suggested he was not a ‘real Christian.’ In one March 2016 Facebook post, Ellis said Trump’s values were ‘not American,’ linking to a post that called Trump an ‘American fascist.’

Ellis isn’t the only person that is now embracing Trump after after previously expressing decidedly negative views of him. Kellyanne Conway viciously insulted Trump during the 2016 GOP primary. Ted Cruz called him a “pathological liar.” Lindsey Graham said Trump is a “race baiting, xenophobic religious bigot,” and “kook” who is “unfit for office.” All of them are now shameless bootlicking sycophants.

It’s rather telling how many people who have had close associations with Trump feel the same way. His former chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, said he was an “idiot.” His former secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, said he was a “moron.” His former national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said he has the “intelligence of a kindergartner.” His former top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said he was “dumb as shit.” But Ellis also had some ripe commentary on Trump’s cult followers:

“In March 2016, Ellis attacked Trump supporters in a Facebook post for not caring that the Republican candidate was an ‘unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag.’

It isn’t surprising that Trump is regarded as an imbecile by those who know him best. Most Americans already made the same observation. And it also shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump looks down on the yokels that flock to his Coronavirus Super Spreader Salvation Shows. But what is curious is how eager his devotees are to worship someone who is so transparently dismissive of them. It’s bad enough that they can’t see what a mental basket case he is. Or what a failure he has been at both business and governing. But they are also blind to the disgust he harbors for them and their kind.

The vast majority of his supporters are hicks who would be thrown out of his hotels and golf resorts. But even elitists like Ellis were repulsed by Trump before they got on his payroll. And what they still don’t get is that Trump will throw them overboard just as fast as he drew them in. Just ask all of the people that Trump said were the best when he hired them, but castigated as losers when he fired them, usually just because they dared to tell him the truth about himself. That’s an automatic booting in Trump world.

NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. They just bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Thanks for your support.

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HUH? Giuliani Says Losing Election Fraud Cases is Part of His Plan

Joe Biden’s decisive defeat of Donald Trump has led to an even more humiliating political circus of desperation for the deposed president. Trump is persisting in his ludicrous effort to overturn the election results by filing meritless lawsuits and posting pitiful tweets declaring impotently, in all caps, that “I WON THE ELECTION.”

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump

This pathetic spectacle only serves to cement Trump’s legacy as a sore loser who will resort to bizarre measures in order to avoid facing reality. It’s ironic that while Trump is so feverishly disputing the election results now, in 2016 he said that doing so was a direct threat to our democracy.” What’s more, nearly 40% of his tweets asserting election fraud have been flagged by Twitter as misinformation.

Trump’s cavalcade of litigation has been met by almost unanimous failure. To date Trump’s court score is 1 out of 24. The single case he “won” only set back the date for receipt of mail-in ballots in Philadelphia by three days. But as it turns out, this is all part of the master plan by Trump’s crack legal team led by Rudy Giuliani. On Tuesday morning Giuliani was “interviewed” by Senior Fox News Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo (video below). When asked about the status of his litigation, Giuliani bragged that…

“Frankly, this is a case we would like to see get to the Supreme Court. So, you know, we’re prepared, in some of these cases, to lose and to appeal and to get it to the Supreme Court. You’re not going to win every one of these. I don’t want to say it’s because of a Democrat judge or whatever. Some of them are just as fair as anybody. But in some cases you win, in some cases you lose. The most important thing is this will be our first established vehicle on the way to the Supreme Court.”

Take a moment to let the grandiloquent idiocy of that statement wash over you. Apparently, Giuliani doesn’t know that winning is the preferable outcome of every legal dispute. If you win your case it doesn’t need to go to Supreme Court because … well, because you won, Einstein. It still could get elevated to a higher court if the your opponent appeals, but in the interim you can go on your way as the victor. There is literally zero benefit to losing under any circumstances.

However, if losing is what Giuliani really wants, he’s doing a bang up job. He has a near perfect record of losses. To be fair, some of these weren’t actually losses by a court ruling. Some of them were cases that Trump’s side dropped because even they knew they were bogus, and therefore hopeless. And if that weren’t enough to fill Giuliani and Boss Trump with pride, many of the attorneys who have been representing Trump in these cases have quit. Which leaves the remaining flock of Fox News rejects more glory in which to bask.

Trump can rest assured that his lead attorney will produce many more losses to come. And his PR efforts will will continue to produce gems like the press conference at the the Four Seasons (not the glitzy hotel, the suburban Philly landscaping company). Maybe that’s part of Giuliani’s plan as well. He’ll end up taking his cases to the Supreme Court Tennis Club in Ontario. What better place for a lawyer whose career is synonymous with “racket”?

NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. They just bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Thanks for your support.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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GOP Chair Forced to Admit to Fox News There’s No Evidence of Wrongdoing By Biden

In the closing days of the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump has decided that the big issue dominating the minds of the American people is emails that Trump and Rudy Giuliani and the Republican Party have dubiously attributed to Joe Biden’s son. They aren’t worried about the coronavirus pandemic that is hitting record highs in infections and fatalities, or the unemployment rate, or passing a relief bill.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Baby, Fake News

In their desperation to find a way to dig out of the electoral ditch they dug for themselves, the Trump regime is reprising the phony email scandal that they fabricated about Hillary Clinton four years ago. What they haven’t figured out yet is that 2020 is not 2016. And their efforts are falling flat.

A prime example of that is the interview that aired Sunday morning on Fox News Sunday. Host Chris Wallace questioned the chair of the Republican Party, Ronna McDaniel, about the manufactured controversy surrounding a laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden. There are numerous flaws in this story that was first brought to light by the star of the new Borat movie, (and Trump’s personal attorney) Rudy Giuliani. During the interview there was an exchange wherein McDaniel was forced to admit that she had zero evidence of any wrongdoing by either of the Bidens (video below):

Wallace: I want to ask you one question. Do you have any proof – because he’s denied it – do you have any proof that Joe Biden ever took one penny from either a foreign country or a foreign company?
McDaniel: I think that’s incumbent upon the press to start investigating. I think what’s frightening is we should have a free and fair press that should be looking at a laptop that has not been disputed by the Biden campaign to be authentic. These emails are deeply troubling as it looks like Hunter Biden is negotiating with a Chinese energy company to profit, not just for himself, but for his father. But it warrants an investigation. That’s not my job. That’s the press’ job. That’s the FBI, those who have this laptop to look into it.

Actually, It is not the job of the press to validate wild and unsubstantiated allegations by partisan political hacks. McDaniel shouldn’t be making these charges if she admittedly has no evidence to support them. McDaniel says that it’s the duty of “those who have this laptop to look into it.” Well, Giuliani has the laptop and hasn’t provided any evidence. The FBI has it and they haven’t found anything either. And if McDaniel wants the press to investigate the laptop, why doesn’t she get Giuliani to give it to them so they can do so? Is she afraid that it will come out that there isn’t any evidence of wrongdoing? Wallace also addressed the the FBI’s role:

Wallace: The FBI has had the hard drive since December. Why haven’t they come up with any evidence?”
McDaniel: I don’t know! I’m not in the internal aspects of that investigation. But what’s more disturbing, Chris, is Twitter is censoring these stories. The press is saying this has been debunked without even investigating it. Why are they doing that? Why are they covering for this story?

So first McDaniel insists that the FBI should be the source of any credible allegations. But when reminded that the FBI hasn’t found anything, she pivots to an imaginary and paranoid assertion that Twitter is censoring the story. Of course, Twitter can’t tell any news enterprise what to publish or broadcast. Her complaints just add more noise to the debate without shedding any light on it. She knows the press doesn’t have the laptop and that Giuliani won’t give it to them.

McDaniel is just stirring up dust to cloud the eyes of the ignorant Trump cult disciples who are desperate for something to cling to. That’s probably in her job description. But she isn’t doing it very well. If she can’t even give coherent answers to questions by Fox News, she really should just hang her head and slink away to nurse her shame. Expect more of these embarrassing failures from McDaniel and her confederates for at least the next week prior to election day.

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Trump is Aiding and Abetting Russian Propaganda to Smear the Biden Family

There is a new “scandal” brewing in Trump World as they desperately search for a way dig Donald Trump out of his political abyss. The recent rash of feigned outrage stems from an interview by Senior Fox News Trump-fluffer, Maria Bartiromo. She gifted her platform to the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, a Trump appointee who has no experience in intelligence. And the the result was a made-for-State-TV segment intended to rescue a floundering campaign.

Donald Trump Vladimir Putin

The gist of the so-called scandal concerns a mysterious laptop computer that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden. The New York Post reported that it was left with a computer repair shop in Delaware where the owner claims to have found “incriminating” e-mails that he passed on to Rudy Giuliani and the FBI.

The whole story was rife with contradictions, unverifiable claims, and outright falsehoods. It was so bad that when Giuliani first brought it to Fox News, they declined to air it with sources saying that…

“…the lack of authentication of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop, combined with established concerns about Giuliani as a reliable source and his desire for unvetted publication, led the network’s news division to pass.”

Fox anchor Bret Baier called the story “sketchy,” and Chris Wallace said it was “suspicious.” Nevertheless, the primetime Ministers of Trump Propaganda (Sean Hannity, et al) were more than happy to jump feet first into the bogus hit piece.

During the Bartiromo interview, Ratcliffe sought to rebut the debunking that threatened to defuse the budding scandal. He insisted that there was no evidence that the information about the laptop, and the data supposedly found on it, were the product of Russian disinformation. He blamed the allegation of Russian involvement on Rep. Adam Schiff, but in fact, it came from the FBI that is currently run by Trump appointee Chris Wray:

“Federal authorities are investigating whether a Russian influence operation was behind the disclosure of emails purporting to document the Ukrainian and Chinese business dealings of Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a person briefed on the matter said Friday.

“The FBI’s examination is tied to the New York Post’s reporting this week on the contents of a computer hard drive it obtained from President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.”

What’s more, the associates who Giuliani relied on for his smear campaign have been positively identified as Russian intelligence operatives by Trump’s Treasury Department:

“Treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, declared, ‘[Andriy ] Derkach and other Russian agents employ manipulation and deceit to attempt to influence elections in the United States and elsewhere around the world.’ Previously, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence told Congress that Derkach is ‘spreading claims about corruption’ as part of the Kremlin’s effort to undermine Biden’s campaign. And he worked with Guliani to do so.”

The New York Post’s story has been the talk of the Trump Cult. Trump himself has tweeted about it repeatedly since its publication. He called it the “smoking gun” proof that Biden is “a corrupt politician,” and that it’s “the second biggest political scandal in our history!” But the actual reporters were less convinced by the material they had assembled themselves. They wouldn’t even allow the Post to attach their names to the story:

“On Sunday night, the New York Times reported that the New York Post had a difficult time finding a reporter to put their byline on the story amidst internal concerns about its dubious sourcing. The Times reported that the staff writer who mostly wrote the story, Bruce Golding, refused put his name on the report because he doubted its credibility.” […]

“The story’s bylines eventually went to Emma-Jo Morris, a former associate producer on Fox News show Hannity, who joined the Post as an editor this year and had yet to publish a story with her byline, and Gabrielle Fonrouge, a Post reporter since 2014. According to the Times, Fonrouge only learned her name was on the story after it was published.”

So this story is so untrustworthy that its own authors don’t believe it. It is filled with contradictions and implausible allegations that were sourced to Russian intelligence operatives. And this is what Trump and Fox News and the rest of the Confederacy of Deplorables thinks will bring about the end of Joe Biden. But it isn’t quite working out that way. In fact, they’re about to learn something about how the boomerang effect works.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Trump is Lying About – and Trying to Manipulate – the Presidential Debates

Apparently it hasn’t been enough for Donald Trump to rail maniacally about voting by mail. Or to attack his own medical experts for truthfully warning about the worsening coronavirus pandemic. Or to threaten to ban TikTok, a Twitter app that sometimes hosts messages that are critical of Trump. Or to whine incessantly about Fox News (aka State TV) when they aren’t sufficiently worshipful.

Trump Fear

Nope. It has not been nearly enough to satiate Trump’s massive and fragile ego. Now he is turning his wrath on the Commission on Presidential Debates, the independent, non-partisan organization that has been producing these general election encounters for almost fifty years. True to form, Trump cannot enter into any activity without angrily stomping his bone spurred feet until he gets the undeserved attention demanded by his addled-brain, malignant narcissism. Consequently, Trump took to his Twitter machine to bellow…

In order to give his imperious grumbling some additional oomph, Trump dispatched his equally schizoid personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to fire off an urgent missive to the Commission with a set of utterly irrational, albeit self-serving, requests. However, it’s hard to take seriously a plea that opens and closes with a disparaging remark about Joe Biden finally being, “available to leave his basement for the fall debates.” Stay Classy, Rudy.

Giuliani’s letter sought to change the terms of the already agreed upon debate schedule to add another meeting between Trump and Biden in early September because…

“By the time of the first presidential debate … as many as eight million Americans in 16 states will have already started voting. [Giuliani claimed to want to] avoid having millions of Americans disenfranchised by not being able to see and hear the two major party candidates debate before they have ballots in-hand.”

For Giuliani and Trump, or any Republican, to complain about disenfranchising voters after having gutted the Voting Rights Act, and worked so hard to eliminate early and weekend voting, close polling places, purge registration rolls, and draw preposterously gerrymandered districts, is Olympic-grade hypocrisy.

There is, however, a notable logical fissure in Giuliani’s demands. The vast majority of the states don’t allow for any voting prior to the first debate, which will be held on September 29. And the few that do provide ballots before then, do not require that they be returned until election day. Which means any voter who receives a ballot can simply hold onto it until after any or all of the debates before making their decisions and mailing it in. Although it is best to return ballots as soon as possible to facilitate tabulation, it is not required.

What’s more, voters this year are particularly committed to their presidential preference already. According to a recent poll by CBS News, most voters say that they “strongly support their candidate” (77% of Trump supporters / 74% of Biden supporters). Nine in ten say they would never consider the other candidate. So barring a catastrophic meltdown, the debates may not have much influence over the election outcome. And by all appearances, it’s Trump who would be most susceptible to the meltdown scenario.

In addition to Trump’s ludicrous scheduling alterations, he also weighed in on who he thinks should moderate the debates. Note that the candidates have never selected the moderators for these debates in the past. And the reason for that is perfectly illustrated in Trump’s ultra-partisan list of preferred moderators. Out of 24, nine of them are from Fox News, including notorious Trump-fluffers like Maria Bartiromo. The list also includes some shameless bootlickers from the New York Post, Christian Broadcasting Network, and the Wall Street Journal.

The Commission sent Giuliani their response that can be summarized as a big “NO” on every count. Surely Trump will regard that as a personal slight and throw a Twitter tantrum casting himself as the victim of a “Deep State” plot to destroy him. Because, sadly, that’s what we’ve all come to expect from the Crybaby-in-Chief. But his infantile tactics won’t help him get his way this time. And his well-founded fear of being humiliated is driving him to ever more deranged outbursts, such as…

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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