Charles Leaf: The New Most Repulsive Fox News Reporter

Fox News has launched the careers of some of the most ignorant, unethical, anti-journalists, ever to fondle a microphone. Some have had great success like Glenn Beck. Others have disappeared into media black holes likes Jesse Watters.

Following in the footsteps of Watters is a reporter for the Fox affiliate in New York (WNYW), Charles Leaf. With an obnoxious bearing and a devotion to dishonesty, Leaf has been falling all over himself to fabricate a story where none exists. It’s no wonder that he has found himself promoted to numerous segments on the Fox News Channel. He has been featured with Fox & Friends and Greta Van Susteren. And Megyn Kelly has virtually adopted him and moved him into her den.

The story Leaf has been investigating is related to the controversial non-mosque that is not at ground zero. His premise is that persons associated with the project are either corrupt or connected to terrorists. However, his reports haven’t even provided enough evidence to start a rumor.

First Leaf conducted an ambush interview on real estate developer, Sharif El-Gamal, that yielded nothing to support his contention that El-Gamal was corrupt. Leaf merely insinuated that something must be wrong because El-Gamal was a waiter eight years prior to investing in the Park51 project. The implication being that anyone who starts a small business, works hard for nearly a decade, and achieves success, is deserving of suspicion.

Then Leaf turned his focus to investor Hisham Elzanaty. Again, Leaf ambushed Elzanaty without acquiring any usable information. The only purpose for Leaf’s ambushes is to suggest something sinister when the target declines to talk to him. To that end Leaf made wild accusations about Elzanaty’s contribution to a Muslim charity. As it turns out, the charity, the Holy Land Foundation, was later investigated for ties to Hamas. But that wasn’t until two years after Elzanaty’s donation, and the feds acknowledged that contributors would not have known about the organization’s relationship with Hamas as it was deliberately concealed.

Both of these reports failed completely to produce evidence of any wrongdoing. They were exercises in insipidness and their only purpose was to insinuate and intimidate. They were utterly unprofessional and potentially libelous. Yet Leaf exalted himself as if he had exposed Watergate. And Fox News (particularly Megyn Kelly) went along by broadcasting Leaf’s empty innuendos and affirming the unsupported conclusions.

The most recent edition of this phony story shows Leaf continuing to ambush unsuspecting figures with highly-charged questions that have no basis in fact. In a new segment broadcast on Fox News by Megyn Kelly, Leaf approached both New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at separate events and asked a loaded question to the effect of: Do you still support the right to build the mosque now that you know it’s developer contributed to a terrorist organization?

What a dishonest piece of tabloid excrement Leaf is. First of all, neither Bloomberg nor Gillibrand “knew” of the allegations prior to Leaf making them. And there was certainly no reason to take his word for it based on his shoddy reputation. Secondly, Leaf outright lied by asserting that Elzanaty contributed to a terrorist organization. The HLF was a credentialed charity at the time of the donation and there is no evidence that he had any knowledge of any untoward activities. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary.

Charles Leaf is on the fast track to Fox News stardom. He is demonstrating the skill set so admired by Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, its executive masters: dishonesty, partisanship, sensationalism, and aggression. He has a gift for innuendo and for advancing false premises. He expertly exploits the ignorance of his audience who are not likely to research the subject matter themselves. And he will barge into any affair and assert his bogus inquisitions without embarrassment.

Yes, Charles Leaf will go far in that environment. And we need to be aware of him as he climbs the Fox ladder of propaganda. We need to watch as this slimeball advances to the mothership and spreads his brand of sophistry and deceit. He is the embodiment of the Fox ethic and the quintessential Fox blowhard. Remember his name.

Update: Megyn Kelly hosted Charles Leaf again today, even though he had nothing new to add. He just repeated his slanderous accusation that Elzanaty had contributed to a terrorist organization. Leaf is an irredeemable liar, and Kelly is his enabler.


22 thoughts on “Charles Leaf: The New Most Repulsive Fox News Reporter

  1. No one reads this shit you cunt

      • Hi: No One here. I’m wondering when Leaf gets his own talk show. Betting the FOX honchos can’t resist naming it “Turning Over a New Leaf” (at least I couldn’t).

  2. A stand out turd at Fox, that’s saying someting. And thanx Mark, I was jonesing for some shit to read.

  3. UPDATE Reporter Charles Leaf Fox News 5 New York Troubled Past Includes a “Willful Physical Attack On Mobile Ala. Councilwoman Frela Wojciechowski ”, Unprofessional Behavior.

    Charles Leaf has some serious problems with roughing up people he interviews, there was at least one lawsuit filed againstt him befroe he shows up in New York City.

    The Fox News Station in Mobile Ala settled (paid) the lawsuit and Charles Leaf “left’ after the Station shelled out big bucks.

  4. Congressman Bob Etheridge assaults a student with a camera, seemingly drunk, and slurs the phrase “who are you?” over and over with a young man in a head lock.

    Thousands of leftists are eager to vote for him.
    So…. yawnnnnnnnnn on your Charles Leaf revelation.

      • Yes. Outraged over behavior in one guy while rewarding it in another is indeed wingnut logic.
        Instead of brusque quips try defending it. Oh, that’s right, you can’t.

  5. From AP:
    Newspaper stories questioning whether the Holy Land Foundation had ties to Hamas began appearing as early as 1993 and Israel banned the Richardson, Texas-based foundation from operating there in 1997.

    Tax records show that Elzanaty gave $6,050 to the foundation in 1999. Well after the foundation was tagged with the “terrorist” label. At the time, it was the largest Islamic charity in the U.S. and was under continued scrutiny. Scrutiny that YOU would have characterized the same way you are characterizing Leaf’s investigation. Ironic, eh? Nothing to see here.
    You brought up Watergate. What did Woodward and Bernstein have at the beginning of the investigation but a feeling and a pitbull’s tenacity? Nothing.
    Would you have been writing a similar article about them in the 70’s? I think not.
    Allen West’s political opponent, Klein, published an $11,000 tax lien document (that West has already resolved) with West’s social security number on it.
    Klein has acted as if he was publishing an indictable smoking gun. The left is silent.
    Elzanaty was indicted for falsifying Medicaid reimbursements. Rauf is being sued as a slumlord.
    But you’ll attack Leaf.
    When can I expect your scathing essay on Ron Klein, you know, with all the adjectives you used against Leaf?

    • Hundreds of donors were mislead by HLF. The feds documented that HLF deliberately sought to deceive donors and they were absolved of any wrongdoing. You apparently want to indict the victims.

      It’s true that Woodward and Bernstein had nothing at the beginning. But they also published nothing at the beginning. They didn’t go to press until they had something that was well documented and double-sourced. Leaf has nothing and is smearing his targets with it.

      And I don’t know why you bring up unrelated matters like the West/Klein incident. It has no bearing on Leaf’s unethical conduct. But for the record, Klein had a right to raise the matter of West’s delinquent taxes (although the Soc. Sec. number getting printed was an accident for which he apologized). When you fail to pay your taxes and it results in a lien on your property, that is a legitimate issue to raise against a candidate who professes to be fiscally responsible.

      • He brings up west/klein to point out the fact that you pick and choose your outrage. And as for the matter of taxes, wasn’t it reported recently that a bunch of oilbama admin turds owe a bunch of back taxes? You sweat drinkers with your faux hatred are really getting old. Dirt, old.

        • Totally irrelevant. You can’t seem to stay on topic.

          And do you think there aren’t just as many (or more) right-wingers who don’t pay their taxes? Thjat’s not what I’m writing about. This about the media. Try to pay attention.

  6. I bring up Klein because it’s a progressive candidate that has NOTHING on West, the issue was resolved, and while attempting a smear he published his SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. I’m wondering how outraged you are.

    I think you gave a little bit of your answer, you said it was justified. Yet Leaf is some sort of monster for reporting that Elzanaty was indicted for Medicaid fraud? Interesting.

    And go back and revisit Woodward and Bernstein. Your recollection is incorrect. They were writing stories about Watergate that were page niners below the fold for months before the smoking gun was finally gotten to.
    Give Leaf that time, will ya? Of course you won’t. Six financiers are yet to be named in Park 51. But you want the investigation not only called off, you want Leaf to be lynched.
    You have serious double standards.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong about Woodward and Bernstein. Their editor refused to publish a single word until it had been verified.

      West/Klein has nothing to do with this. If you have an issue with it, write your own blog. West and Klein are politicians battling it out in a campaign. Leaf is supposed to be a journalist. This site is about the media. Can you just focus for five minutes?

      And I never said Leaf’s investigation should be called off, or that he should be lynched. I criticized him for being a dishonest hack. If he wants to complete his investigation and post a story that he can document and verify, I’d be happy to give him credit. But obviously that’s not what he does.

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    • Come on…you’re lowering the IQ of my comments section.


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