Dishonoring 9/11: Fox Nation’s Calendar For Obama, Palin And Beck

Over at the Fox Nation, where every news item is a right-wing attack piece, they have been alerted to the fact that President Obama will be spending September 11 at the Pentagon, one of the sites targeted by the terrorists ten years ago. But rather than publishing a story with the headline, “Obama to Mark September 11 at the Pentagon,” the Fox Nationalists posted this:

Pres. Obama Not Attending 9/11 Ceremony at Ground Zero

As might be expected, Fox clearly went out of their way to come up with that negative slant on the story They could easily have used the more neutral headline I proposed above, which happens to be the actual headline of the article to which Fox Nation linked.

What Fox News did not report is that Obama is not the only prominent public person who isn’t going to ground zero on 9/11. In fact, the two most prominent employees of Fox News, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, aren’t going to ground zero either. They also won’t be at the Pentagon. And they aren’t going to be at the Pennsylvania crash site with Michelle Obama and Laura Bush either. (For the record, Vice-President Joe Biden will be at ground zero).

Palin and Beck care so much about this memorial that they have scheduled an appearance together more than 3,000 miles away from any of these sites, in Anchorage, Alaska, at an event that will cost the public between $73.00 and $130.00 each to attend. Oh yeah, there is also a $225.00 ticket that includes a meet-and-greet with Beck. What a wonderful way to honor the memory of the citizens and responders whose lives were lost on 9/11.

Perhaps Beck decided to visit Palin in Alaska on this anniversary so that the two of them could keep an eye on Russia. More likely, Beck is repaying Palin for her appearance at his Washington BeckFest last week. And it is quite a rich repayment that could bring in half a million dollars. That oughta restore some honor.

So while Obama is honoring the fallen, the Fox all-stars, Palin and Beck, will be hustling their followers. And the only news that Fox sees in all of this is that Obama won’t be at ground zero. Fair and balanced.

Update, 9/10/10: It only took three days for Glenn Beck to buckle under pressure and claim that he “had always intended to donate the speaking fee from the event on Saturday.” Even so, his statement just raises further questions. Since the event stands to raise about half a million dollars, and Palin reportedly is not getting any fee at all, then how much is Beck’s fee? And if it isn’t half a million dollars, where is the rest of the money going? Beck and Palin have received in the area of a hundred thousand dollars for such events. After expenses this would still leave more than a quarter of a million dollars that is unaccounted for. It’s hard to believe that that money isn’t going to end up in the pockets of Beck and/or Palin.


4 thoughts on “Dishonoring 9/11: Fox Nation’s Calendar For Obama, Palin And Beck

  1. Obama marking anniversary of 9/11 by attending Pentagon ceremony. Unlike Bush not attending second anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero, nor in Pennsylvania nor at Pentagon but at a church in Washington D.C. this failure of Obama to attend ceremony in New York is a horrible horrible socialist marxist Kenyan Islamic slight. Thank the Koran burning Gods that FOX Nation is the bastion of journalism it is.

    • Good point about Bush. And taking it a little further, where is he this year? Laura will be at the PA crash site, but I haven’t heard that he will be anywhere.

      9/11 happened on his watch (more correctly, he wasn’t actually watching per the Rice memo). He still ought to show some compassion and respect.

  2. We’re talking the Evil Empire here. There is no honor among thieves.
    Or revisionists. Or grizzly mamas. They just maim and move on to their next quarry.

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