Fox News Reporter Charles Leaf’s History of Abuse, Violence

Yesterday I profiled Charles Leaf, a reporter for the New York Fox affiliate WNYW, whose investigation of figures related to the non-mosque that is not at ground zero (Cordoba House) was the subject of controversy.

As I noted in the profile, Leaf’s reporting was saturated with innuendo and unsupported allegations. He engaged in almost comical ambush escapades that produced nothing newsworthy, yet he still surmised that the reluctance of his targets to talk to him was evidence of some fantasy wrongdoing. His behavior demonstrated that he has a complete absence of journalistic ethics.

Today Leaf was featured again on Fox News’ America Live with Megyn Kelly. Kelly is no stranger to sleazy, dishonest practices herself. But now a News Corpse commenter has provided information about Leaf’s past that sheds light on his despicable and unprofessional tactics. Here is what Denver’s Westword reported about Leaf back in 2005:

“During a stint at a station in Mobile, Alabama, he was the focus of a 1999 lawsuit that impugned him for a ‘willful physical attack’ against a local councilwoman; the case was eventually settled. Two years later, while working in Detroit, a man told police that Leaf spewed homophobic obscenities and tried to attack him after the reporter was pelted with eggs while covering a story. And Bobbi Barrow, spokeswoman for Denver Health Medical Center, believes Leaf misrepresented himself to get an interview with her boss, Dr. Patricia Gabow, at an event last November. ‘What he did was unprofessional,’ Barrow says.”

The behavior described above seems consistent with the obnoxious bullying Leaf resorted to in his confrontation with the Cordoba House developers. While Leaf aggressively slanders the targets of his investigations without any substantive basis for doing so, it turns out that he is the one who ought to be under investigation. Most reputable news organizations would never have anything to do with someone that had Leaf’s history of malfeasance. That’s why he works for Fox.


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  1. “figures related to the non-mosque that is not at ground zero (Cordoba House) was the subject of controversy.”

    Does anyone here actually listen to those opposed to this project???? If you did instead of calling those who don’t agree with you bigots, maybe you would understand more. From the online dictionary – “Bigot- a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race.” Sounds like A LOT OF PEOPLE ON THIS SITE AND THe Daily KOS.

    • Yes, I have. The conservative arguments against the center are an often contradictory shotgunning of talking points meant to inflame passions. It all adds up to an emotional reaction blurring the lines between Muslim terrorists, a minute fraction of the Muslim world, with all the rest. Unfortunately, there also is sometimes an element of this is a Christian nation, my religion is better than yours bigotry tossed in.

      • If you’re using fox news as your guage, sure maybe, given some of the personalities. I doubt you’ve ever really listened to “average” conservative types (ie non-tv personalities – “normal people”) which you may not see on any TV or radio show….most people understand the center iteself is’nt a mosque, but contains a mosque. Maybe you should separate yourself from TV and Fox news for a time and you’ll get it.

      • Whoa, just realized you’re so lost in what Fox news says that your sense of reality is gone. Fox news doesn’t represent all conservatism or all those who agree with a more conservative ideology. Wake up from whatever trance you’re in. Talk to real people for awhile, maybe you’ll learn something.

        • You know, half of your comments assert that those who disagree with you just don’t know enough; they don’t read enough; they don’t engage people as much as you do.

          That’s condescending and dickish. And worse, it’s completely untrue. It’s the sort of argument made by people who have no substantive argument to make. If you can’t make your case on substance, that’s your problem, but I’d appreciate it if you would stop insulting me and others because of your shortcomings.

          Also, try to stay on topic. None of this has anything to do with this article. I like debate, but not just for the sake of it.

          • As with many of your articles, you include comments about other issues or some underlying issue – in this case the “non-mosque not at ground zero” – your words not mine. If I chose to jump on that comment and not the issue about some nobody from a fox news affiliate – sorry for the offense. How can you mentioned something like that in the way you did and not expect a comment. How does it feel to have someone act condescending and “dickish” to you? – not too good I assume. A very left wing trait if I ever heard one. I’m certainly not trying to claim the high ground. I take it the Bigot definition and accusation that many on this website fit the definition pretty close set you off. I admit that was in reference to one of your other articles. Sorry if the truth hurts. It appears you have just as many mindless zealots followign you as you accuse Fox News of having, why should they get a pass? Feel free to speak about all this however you want – it’s still a free country – hopefully it remains that way. I should try writing one of those diaries on the Daily KOS next to make myself feel better.

            • Fine. You’ve decided to ignore my request to refrain from ad hominem insults and to remain on topic. Well this may be a free country but this is not a free web site. I PAY for it. And I will not permit it to be cluttered with irrelevancies and deliberately distracting taunts.

              You have made some worthwhile comments here in the past and I welcome your participation. But if you now intend to SPAM my site with garbage that destroys the flow of discourse I will treat that as I do all SPAM.

              My intention for this site is to be an open forum for civil debate. If you want to participate on those terms, feel free. I do not, however, want these comments to devolve into a brain-dead bash-fest that alienates people and discourages participation. There are plenty of other places on the Internet for that.

          • I love my shortcomings!!! their great. being ‘dickish” is definietely one of them.

            • 😉 That’s better. That’s the kind of substantive comment I like.

          • Actually, one of my closest friends is very conservative. He asked me what all the hoo-haw is about the center.

            So make argument.

          • Mark, you’re right, my comments were getting ignorant and insulting. Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone too much.

  2. Isn’t it great to live in a country with freedom of religion. And a free enterprise system which allows me to buy anything from a pack of gum to a big skyscaper as long as I can put my money on the counter. Some misguided, paranoid types seem to be having a problem with this.

  3. Charles Leaf:
    Talks down to Women–Check
    Loose with the Facts–Check

    Can’t be far from getting his own show on the Big Network!

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