On Fox News: A White Sexual Abuser Was “Curious” But A Black Victim Of Police Abuse “Was No Saint”

A couple of recent news reports involving children who become entangled with law enforcement matters reveals a striking difference in how they are portrayed by Fox News.

Fox News Megyn Kelly

Fourteen Year Old White Child Molester Was “Curious”

After it was discovered that Josh Duggar of the reality TV show “19 Kids And Counting” had sexually abused several young girls, including his sisters, when he was fourteen, Fox News went out of their way to avoid covering the story. There was hardly a mention of it on the network until Megyn Kelly succeeded in booking members of the Duggar family (not including Josh) for exclusive interviews. The pre-taped conversations were split up to air on two separate nights, multiplying the ratings possibilities for Kelly and Fox.

During the interviews Kelly, a lawyer prior to her work at Fox, acted more like the Duggar’s defense attorney than a journalist. She repeatedly fed Josh’s parents and sisters leading questions that contained the answers she was looking for. The Duggar family played along and joined Kelly in characterizing the controversy as a fabrication of the liberal, secular media that sought to defame their “strong Christian” family. The result was a narrative that cast Josh as “a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls.”

So, nothing to see here. Never mind that a budding pedophile never faced criminal consequences for his unlawful acts, nor that he never received professional counseling for a severe psychological problem that is notoriously difficult to treat and is often repeated. And never mind that the parents failed to report Josh’s behavior for a year, or that they agreed to launch a television show that delved into their personal lives knowing the awful secret they were concealing. If anyone was exploiting the media it was the Duggars on the cable show that was making them rich, and later on Fox News as they tried to salvage their slimy career.

Fourteen Year Old Black Girl Brutalized By Rogue Cop “Was No Saint”

After attending a pool party in McKinney, Texas, Dajerria Becton was caught up in one-man police rampage that resulted in her being savagely mistreated. The party dissolved as adults in attendance argued and may have fought over alleged racial slurs directed at African-American kids who were invited guests. When the police arrived witnesses reported that they targeted the black kids, ordered them to the ground, and placed them in handcuffs. Note that these were non-violent, unarmed kids who had broken no laws.

One officer in particular, Eric Casebolt, was noticeably out of control. He was chasing down kids who had done nothing wrong, and even drew his gun on a couple of boys who were clearly not threatening him or anyone else. Among his victims was Becton, a young girl in a swimsuit, who Casebolt grabbed by her hair and threw violently into the pavement. As she called out for someone to call her mother, Casebolt continued to brutalize her, forcing her face into the grass and kneeling with his full weight on her back. You have to wonder what ominous danger he thought she was capable of.

The coverage of this incident by Fox News predictably slanted toward the side of the police. And once again, it was Megyn Kelly who summarized the network’s general take by baselessly slandering Becton saying that “the girl was no saint either.” What did Kelly regard as her sinfulness that justified the beating she took? The only thing Kelly mentioned was that Becton was told to leave the area and she didn’t immediately do so. Apparently Fox News considers that a sufficient crime to warrant throwing a child onto concrete by her hair and pinning to the ground.

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Moral Equivalency?

Juxtaposing these two incidents, both involving fourteen year old kids, puts the repulsive biases of Fox News on display. It is inconceivable that a rational person would defend the young Josh Duggar as a curious, but essentially good kid who simply made some mistakes, while condemning young Dajerria Becton, who did nothing wrong, as a sinful delinquent who deserved what she got. Yet somehow, Fox News still regards itself as the spokes-network for conservative values including personal responsibility. I suppose they just mean personal responsibility for African-Americans, not white, right-wing Christians.


62 thoughts on “On Fox News: A White Sexual Abuser Was “Curious” But A Black Victim Of Police Abuse “Was No Saint”

  1. I’m sure that she doesn’t think she said anything wrong. That is just her attitude about everything and it is perfectly in line with the “never apologize, never explain” approach that her employer takes every day. She’s a shitty reporter and she should get down on her shaved knees and pray that Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch live for another seventy-five years.

    • I suspect Ms. Barbie has already been down on her knees many times to thank Roger and Rupert.

      She’s rapidly overtaken Andy Coulter, Larry Ingraham, Andy Tantaros, and yes, even Michael Malkin as the most vile and disgusting “woman” on TC.

      • Your comment is vile and disgusting.

        • Scott — just “man” up and deal with it.

        • Oh please. The Fox Nationalists would say worse things if there was an equivalent to Megyn Kelly on the left wing broadcasts.

          Fortunately, I can’t really think of one that stupid and that …. um, noticeable … on the left. Go figure…

          And Fox would just let it slide — unless someone called Rupert a slut. Then they would consider it “vile and disgusting.” Compared to what one sees on the Fox Nation, Chris’s comment seems rather mild.

  2. This item has been posted to the MMFA link you provided at 7:49p. CDT with your headline as the tease.

  3. Wish I could think of something snarky and sarcastic to say about this, but it is just so… sick. How is it even legal to smear an innocent young girl who did nothing wrong… and do it on TV no less! Megyn Kelly and her employers should be sued into oblivion.

    • Mark’s website should be sued into oblivion.

      • Shut up. Do not respond to the Green Devil unless you have something worth saying. Trolling in defense of racist elitists is not a worthwhile use of anyone’s time… not even yours.

        • No, I will not shut up. I will speak out as often as I want against Mark’s lies and idiotic strategy to call everybody to the right of Che Gueverra racists. Foolish speech like his will be exposed.

          • Speak out all you want but don’t reply to my comments if you’re defending racist authoritarians. Insulting innocent black kids on TV is sickening and you are sick to defend it. It’s the 21st century, Scott, there’s a black guy in the White House and there’s no going back. White Privilege ain’t what it used to be, bubba.

            • I will reply to your worthless comments all I want, and I am not defending racists. And President Obama being elected president has nothing to do with Mark’s lying little screed.

  4. Megyn Kelly may be beautiful on the outside but the devil is a beauty queen on the inside compared to her. She is the most ugly racist, misogynist, hateful, homophobic person I know of on Faux news.

  5. The bitch has it coming.

    • Mark, if you don’t remove this comment, then the sheer evil of your blog will be set in stone.

  6. All on air Fox personalities and right wing pundits are actors who play fictional characters who have the same name as they do. These fictional characters are crafted to appeal to a demographic of the dimwitted, the bigoted, the paranoid and the senile. They hold on to said demographic by, in the guise of their fictional characters, repeating back to them their own prejudices and opinions in a much slicker way they could ever muster. This makes them feel validated, and so, they keep tuning in. The agenda is to rake in the dough, and bamboozle them (the demographic) into voting against their own best interest. These people will never drop their fictional personas while in public. So, we will never know how they really feel about anything. The over all goal here is to assist people like the Koch bros., Sheldon Adelson, the uber wealthy and the big corporations (who are the owners of the Republican Party) in dismantling the federal government and establishing a feudalistic state where 98% of the people labor in sickness, poverty, hunger and ignorance while the upper 2% enjoy the results of their efforts. If, in fact, the owners of the Republican Party as listed above (who also own or influence all Fox personalities and right wing pundits) succeed in this plan, the Republicans and the right wing media who helped them achieve this will be extremely surprised when they get thrown under the bus with the rest of us because they are no longer needed. Addendum: As well, if this happens, that is when the big gun grab the NRA is always whining about will occur. The gun grab will be implemented by the privatized/militarized police forces across the country who will be working for the above mentioned owners of the Republican Party.

  7. To conservatives all blacks are criminals ergo anything done to them by the police is righteous, on the flip side any legal action taken against a right-wing hero (e.g.) josh duggar is evil government overreach and a violation.

    • Yeah, that’s it! So insightful. I guess i’m not the only one that generalizes – even the “enlightened” leftists of this site.

        • Wrong. His sarcasm destroyed your worthless little screed.

          • Scott, you are a worthless moocher conservative, why don’t you sign up for the military and go fight ISIS or are you too chickenhawk cowardly?

            • Another lie from the radical hatemongering left.

        • And there we go – not sure how you come to that conclusion, but let me explain it to you. Try to read slowly so you understand. Within the past month, on this very site, I made a generalization defending christians and got called out for it by name by Mark and some other commentor. I accept it – they were right in that case. Note you did the exact same thing – except your criticism is of conservatives – and I call you out but as I expected – hypocrisy here is rooted too deep. The rules are different for the true believers – any other generalized criticism of a group would get the Ben Affleck treatment from the liberal crowd. I’m just glad to point it out here – Mark and his ilk are hypocrites as I have noted many times – but I’m accused of making baseless accusations – so here we are with proof and you make an equally stupid response that makes no sense.

          • Steve you are full of rightwous bullpucky. Faux News has never found any of the instances of Police brutality against blacks, Occupy or anti-war protestors troubling because conservatives whole-heartedly believe Police Forces shoudl be used to quell leftist domestic dissent.

            This is also why Faux News and ALL Conservatives believe in 2nd Amendment Solutions against Federal LEOs when A Democratic Administration is in power.

            So, stick you pandring bullshit back into your brain-housing group.

            • Steve told the truth. The bovine excrement is being shoveled from your corner.

            • Gene – since no one else will say it – I will. Fox News does not represent all conservatives or conservatism in general – so per my previous posts, your generalizations are bullshit and typicial for blind leftists frequenting this site. I don’t dispute – and normally don’t in any post – accusations like yours toward fox news – so invoking their name doesn’t support your generalized accusation any more then second time around. Mark and others are trying to connect Fox News with conservatism generally and you fall for it as you’re not bright enough to see through it. Pushing hatred of others isn’t helpful if informing people is the goal. I’m no better sometimes, but I’m aware that I can be wrong unlike everyone else here and am willing to concede my mistakes. You just double down on stupid and that’s fine, just admit it.

            • I need to add to my previous post to Gene – your entire stated opinion centers around the stupid idea that Fox News IS conservatism – must come from the collectivist mindset of the progressive. The average conservative – who doesn’t watch or follow fox news or today’s GOP has his/her own mind and it doesn’t necessarily follow anything portrayed by Fox news or Mark. We are individuals all with our own ideas and beliefs. You have been duped like so many of the sheep here – we are all human beings and we generally want the same things in life and see the same injustices you do – we just look elsewhere for the solutions. So save your generalities regarding conservatives, they are wrong and moronic.

            • Steve in york,

              I could post link astray link showing conservatives demanding police shoot black people bur what’s the point you won’t believe evidence because you are a right winger and evidence and facts which don’t comport with your beliefs are ignored. Have a terrible life.

  8. You all know that Megyn did not perpetuate this, rather the younger sister that was a victim was the person that said he was curious. But of course you’re not going to say that because it doesn’t fit what you want to hear. Furthermore, I believe the Saint representation of the 14-year-old girl should be much stronger. True, she was no saint. She learned a valuable lesson and I suspect she will now think twice before arguing with the police. Lessons learned the hard way are the best way.

  9. How can 2 groups if people see the same video (watch the whole video, not just what the race baiting liberal media wants you to see), and come away with such opposite views. Cpl casebolt’s actions escalated in a response to multiple teenagers refusing to comply with his instructions. He was called by homeowners to disperse a mob if unruly teenagers. He was doing his job. The 18yo grown man with a cigarette hanging from his lips interfered with the lawful arrest of a girl that had been told to leave multiple times (watch the video). When cpl casebolt looked up at the man interfering with his arrest he didn’t know if it was going to become a fight for his life or not. His reaction was appropriate. He is trained to defend himself with his gun. This is just another in a long line of incidents that are causing a generation of young black people to think its acceptable to resist and fight with policemen. I say give him a commendation and a promotion, not force him to retire just because a segment if the community disagrees with his actions.
    As far as Fox news reporting and Megan Kelly I am a super fan and I believe their reporting is closer to the truth than any other news channel. We need to strive for truth. Let the evidence take us where it will. Stop jumping to conclusions that the police are always wrong or right. Wake up America. Watch Fix news.

    • If you think this teaches black kids to resist and fight with police,what about the white Ohio teen criminals that attacked a police officer during their multi state crime spree?

    • Go get your daughter, let an asshole cop yank her hair, impose his 200 pound body on her back with his knees, then shove her face in the dirt. Since your such an ignorant supporter of child abuse, this should be fine for you to show America what a great supporter you are to this police officer’s actions . Use your girls to demonstrate your support! It’s ok because he’s a cop right! If you or I did this in the street to our 15 year old daughter’s we would be in handcuffs and the Department of social services would be trying to throw you in jail for child abuse! You are a sick sick person!

      • First off, I would not have dropped my daughter/son off at a function where I didn’t know if supervision would be there, and I didn’t know the people throwing the party in the park. My daughter would NOT have been acting like this. She has more respect than to mouth off to a policeman. This girl mouthed off and walked off and came back again and mouthed more. No, the officer wasn’t right in taking her down but she wasn’t right when she wouldn’t comply. and then after he took her to the ground she started resisting. No, he shouldn’t have kneeled on her either. Neither side was in the right and neither side was completely wrong. I strongly believe that the officer was right in getting out his gun when the teenage boys were running up on him and one had his hand at the back of his waistband. The officer didn’t know what was going to happen. You don’t run up on an officer, whether your black, white, purple, or pink with green polka dots. The boys then ran off and the gun was holstered.

        • The gun should have never came out unless there was a serious threat. That is how unwanted accidents happen. and when you compare the actions of an adult with authority or a child who is still learning about life the ADULT is responsible every time. He should have never lost control to the point that he did. I so sick of people trying to justify for this situation….. It’s a sad situation no matter which way you slice it. Cop’s are people yes, they chose to SERVE and PROTECT. It is very unfortunate that the relations between civilians and officers have come to this. everybody need to check them self!

        • YOU need to watch the video again as the gun was not holstered until he was on top of the girl again! Like the 15 year old child that was recording said, he never once asked any of the white guest to sit on the ground or lay in the dirt and he should know, he’s white and he was recording and walking along with the whole scene. He was a bully officer and took it out on black children because he would never do it to grown white men.

    • This is s very sad situation, somehow I saw many police officers on the scene in the video, but only one that was definitely out of control…..I wonder why? Why was the white kid filming the video allowed to walk around filming right under the out of control police nose without being thrown on the ground even when the officer ordered him to stop filming and to sit down, did he disobey the officer? Was he thrown to the pavement by his hair? Ask yourself why, why he got to walk around like he was invisible….because of the color of his skin, yes it was about race, how stupid can you be , a lesson learned, no, she’s now traumatized of all police officers, whether you’re good or bad, you dam idiot, but you wouldn’t or will probably never know or understand, the officer resigned, wow! Now he can apply for another job in another town no questions asked

    • You sound so stupid, you’re just a fan caught up in your feelings, you obviously have never been profiled or harassed just because of your color so you wouldn’t understand and to argue with a person like you is redundant, you need to wake up and recognize the real world, not the fantasy world u live in.

  10. Sorry about all the transposing of the I’s and O’s. fat finger problem.

    • Hah – I thought that was an appropriate Freudian slip.

  11. I personally don’t subscribe to either party, but the trashing that goes back and forth btw Liberals and Conservatives about every thing that comes up and is falsely reported in the media is disgusting. Commenters on here trashing Fox News, when the other news agencies are certainly no better. The whole story about what happened in McKinney has been falsely reported. It was not about race, but surely enough, Liberals scream it is. And pass judgement on something they know so little about. That officer and other people in McKinney are receiving death threats and are scared. Liberals must be so proud of the way they behave, wallowing in hypocrisy on so many issues that arise. Complain bitterly about violence, but have no problem threatening others or ignoring the violence that doesn’t suit their cause or opinion.

    • That, Jeannette, is an opinion, and a pretty obvious example of false equivalency. Let’s look at some recent numbers, shall we?

      Politifact, a non-partisan fact-checker has noted that Fox News distorts, misrepresents and flat out lies about sixty percent of the time: Their accuracy rate is a dismal twenty-seven percent.

      Other networks , though certainly not perfect or always unbiased, have recent accuracy percentages which are far less pathetic. NBC and MSNBC have issues, but not on the scale of the blatant untruths Fox is peddling. And the much-reviled CNN actually has an accuracy percentage approaching the rate of Fox’s INaccuracy.

      Don’t you think a network which claims to give the public news should strive for accuracy in most instances? Fox clearly has a different agenda.

      The Murdoch-owned network consistently carries water for the most vile, sexist, racist, homophobic and classist segments of American society, and clearly, they don’t care who they have to defame to do it, as long as that person is (or is perceived by them to be) non-white, non-Christian, poor and/or liberal. Their mission should be to provide NEWS, not lie to promote a conservative agenda that oppresses the majority of American citizens.

      You’d pretty much have to have your head in the sand not to see this.

      • Cut-and-paste links. Those links are garbage.

  12. Its really disappointing to see stuff like this play out and on national tv to see the privilege that other races get that we, black people, do not have the luxury to have nor understand.

    This all reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s ‘For what it’s worth’ where he said we, as a country, need to figure out just how old is 15 really. The segment was rather humorous but true nonetheless.

  13. This is of no surprise. Not long ago,a report came out on how white criminals actually get better press coverage than black victims of crime.

  14. No, the white racist woman who is suspended from her job pending investigation for termination. Will likely be the one learning the lesson here.

    • I think you are right. Being involved, not so bad. Being photographed or recorded, horrible and the corporation or school system you work for wants no part of it… right or wrong.

      • We are constantly on camera at our schools. Every room, every hallway and completely around the school there are cameras. If there are physical outbursts of students. Cameras are brought to the scene. No, cameras are not frowned upon at my school district at all. They are a tool.

  15. (“Fox News Pimps Megyn Kelly To GQ”) Anyway, yeah, spoken like a true dimwit. So was she saying that the little girls that Duggar molested were, “no saints” either?

  16. As Megyn Kelly pointed out on her show Wednesday, she did not defend the police officer and blame the teenage girl. There were a variety of opinions on the show, and even Mark Fuhrman said that one cop was out of control. Mark has been caught lying again.

    • Just to clarify — you mean Mark Fuhrermann don’t you ?

  17. Megyn Kelly is getting pimped by fox because she definitely looks like a prostitue yet she’s the one who gets to weigh in on all these heavy conversations are you kidding me Lmaooooo!!!???

  18. Some of y’all are horrible people and I would never want to meet most of y’all in real life. From a human stand point josh should go to jail for rape cause that’s just nasty that is his sister and if you say it isn’t you yourself might be a pedo. And the cop that shoved the little girl face in the ground should have been fired. Here is why she broke no law and she’s a little girl and he is a grown ass man just that simple common sense could tell you she was not a threat. And all these cops pulling guns on unarmed people isn’t that what a tazer is used for nonlethal deterrent for unarmed people and please don’t comment if your just trolling and don’t comment if your not intelligent enough for a conversation I’m not going to argue over the internet cause that just stupid

  19. Fox News should always be written as Fox “News” including the quotation marks.

  20. Another white conservative domestic terrorist tried to kill a bunch of cops. Rightwing violence is coddled and encouraged in this country.

      • Nope its the attack in dallas texas by a rightwing gun nut. And another conservative gun totting hero murdered a woman who declined his creepy advances. Conservative white males are a danger to society.

        • Still a lie. The shootings in question had no political ramifications at all. You guys tried to pull this garbage with the Gabby Giffords shooting, and you were all exposed as liars.

  21. “Have a horrible life…”
    Steve in York will do no such thing. He will continue to show lots of truth and integrity. Those are things you know nothing about.

  22. Let’s be careful America!!! Looks like a lot of foreigners are infiltrating our message boards and Forums, only to stir up animosity amongst the different races here in America (namely black and white). IJS.

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