Ted Cruz Super PAC Brags That He ‘Makes Things Happen,’ Like 1,000 Mass Murders Since Sandy Hook

Texas Senator Ted Cruz sure loves him some guns. His affection for assault weapons is so fierce that he brags about using them to cook bacon. He portrays himself as a defender of the Constitution whose Second Amendment he distorts by ignoring the “well regulated militia” clause.

Ted Cruz Sandy Hook

Now a Super PAC working on his behalf has produced an ad (video below) aimed at taking down fellow Republican Marco Rubio. In the course of the attack on Rubio it veers to the right to direct some fire at President Obama. Unfortunately, it misses the target and results in severe harm to some truly innocent bystanders. The ad says that…

“Ted Cruz makes things happen. After Sandy Hook, Ted Cruz stopped Obama’s push for new gun control laws.”

Indeed, Cruz was one of the leading opponents of measures to protect children and others from the horrific tragedy that befell the residents of Newtown, Connecticut. The fact that twenty children can be slaughtered by gunfire from a military-style assault weapon in their elementary school classroom, and nothing is done about it, is due in part to the determination and indifference of Ted Cruz to “make things happen,” or more precisely, to make things NOT happen, because that’s the only skill he’s demonstrated in his single senate term.

So thank you, Sen. Cruz, for ensuring that future citizens will be just as vulnerable as those kids. Thank you for standing up for the gun manufacturing lobbyists at the NRA instead of the victims and their families. You’ll be glad to know that your efforts have already resulted in nearly 1,000 more mass shootings in the United States just since the December 2012 massacre in Newtown. The shooters in those incidents killed at least 1,251 people and wounded 3,602 more. You must be so proud. Your senate colleague, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, responded to the ad with an impassioned righteousness.

“Showing off how callous he was in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting may win him some right-wing votes that get swept up from Donald Trump or Ben Carson, but it disqualifies him in a general election.” [… Cruz is…] “the one senator who took on the parents of Sandy Hook in the wake of the most horrific mass shooting in our lifetime.”

“Ted Cruz makes things happen,” should become the new slogan of his campaign. And so long as voters know that the things that he makes happen are threats to the welfare of all Americans, the nation will renounce his dangerous agenda. What’s more, his policies that include the repeal of ObamaCare, the destruction of Social Security, tax cuts for the wealthy, the crippling of the middle-class, never-ending war, and demolishing the wall between church and state, will hurt every other American. And that agenda is shared by all of his Republican pals running for the presidency. Yes, Republicans make things happen. Very, very bad things.

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7 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Super PAC Brags That He ‘Makes Things Happen,’ Like 1,000 Mass Murders Since Sandy Hook

  1. I’m surprised that nobody has brought up the simple matter that Cruz is not eligible to run for president for the same reason RWNJs have been screaming about President Obama since early 2008: that Cruz was not born in the US or any of it’s territories but WAS born in a foreign country, Canada.

    • But you are forgetting the Ancient Chinese Secret of the Rethuglican Party: IOKIYAR – It’s OK If You’re A Rethuglican.

      Which is why they have absolutely no problem with Ted Cruz not being born in the US but it’s a serious crime that Obama was “born in Kenya.” And, of course, why they are perfectly okay with Ben Carson potentially serving as “President While Black,” while condemning Obama for the exact same “offense.” Plus, It’s perfectly jim dandy for Rethuglicans to have absolutely no experience in government (and the tact of a Tasmanian Devil) but Obama is unfit for the office for the same reason.

      Wait until Carly Fiorina takes over as the Rethuglicans’ New Great White Hope so they can condemn Hillary [again] for everything they will praise Carly for. Based on previous experience in the Benny Hill Show that is the convention season, that should happen before Thanksgiving – so it’s something someone can be thankful for. Mostly commentators who should recognize the tactic because here we go again, folks…

      And don’t condemn me for the black/white schism, people. That is exactly what’s happening, and everyone who is not a FoxPod/TeaGOP is perfectly aware of it.

    • Maybe people think Canada is part of the US. You know how bad public education is today.

      Weird though – his bio on Google clearly notes his birthplace as Calgary, Canada.

      • You know how bad public education is today.

        Yeah, they have this strange idea that this is a democracy when in fact it’s a plutocracy…

        • Now that was funny, tragic, but funny. You get a cookie.

  2. I’m curious as to what exactly Ted has ‘made happen,’ other than mass murders. Seriously, the man is never in the Senate unless he’s trying to shut it down. He wants his version of the Bible to replace the Constitution. He hates government, but loves his ACA (he had to go on it after his wife took a leave from her investment banking gig at Goldman-Sachs..it’s a miracle poor Ted can buy his $100 ties. Teddy may have been a whiz at school (just how did he get into Princeton..affirmative action maybe?) but he sure is a bust at human relations and common sense. Carry on, Ted. Your gig today with the guy who wants to kill all gay people should make a nice commercial next time you campaign for something.

  3. Ted Cruz shows just how sick the constituency he represents has become since Obama was elected twice by overwhelming majorities. If a person like Cruz or any of the Republicans running for POTUS were to be elected it will be followed up by bad policies being implemented that will hurt 90% of Americans. This guy is such an odd-ball he can have no appeal to the general electorate. He is just a trial-run to see if there is any appeal for fascism in this country on a national stage. Fortunately for us, I don’t think there is unless they can make voting illegal for enough non-Republicans that they can win that way.

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