Vile Fox News Audience Reacts To Shooting At Colorado Planned Parenthood

Once again, the people who watch Fox News are demonstrating their appalling lack of decency and, ironically in this case, respect for human life. News reports about an active shooter situation at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs are still somewhat vague as to the shooter’s motives and the status of victims. There are confirmed reports of police officers wounded by gunfire, and citizens are virtually trapped in nearby shops as they await a conclusion.

[UPDATE: The gunman was captured alive and taken into custody. The investigation is ongoing. But none of that alters the atrocious nature of the comments by the Fox News audience.]

In the heat of this live crisis the Fox News website is hosting some of the most nauseating responses imaginable. They run the gamut of hateful rhetoric from anti-choice extremism (“Too bad the abortion doctor and the nursing staff weren’t all killed.”) to overt racism (“I know this isn’t PC….but n***gers are just plain bad news.”). Never mind that there is little information about the shooter or his motives (he has been identified in one report as a white male), the Fox News audience is focused entirely on their inbred hostilities toward minorities, women, and President Obama, whom some are accusing of setting this up.

For these cretins to be celebrating this domestic terrorism and the potential loss of life being caused by another madman with a gun is particularly loathsome considering they regard themselves as pro-life. But it isn’t surprising as they have a long record of similarly disgusting responses to news events [See The Collected Hate Speech Of The Fox News Community] If you have the stomach for it, here are some of the responses captured from Fox’s website.

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Fox News Comments

[ADDENDUM:] This might be a good time to remind people that most national security experts regard domestic terrorism as a bigger threat than Islamic extremists.


23 thoughts on “Vile Fox News Audience Reacts To Shooting At Colorado Planned Parenthood

  1. Germany 1933. If there were a god, the only way “he” could help America would be millions of pillars of right wing salt.

  2. Fox disabled the comments section, I guess they were too radical even for Fox News.

    • I’m still seeing new comments (in the Fox article I linked above). For instance:
      – Obama plants another shooter.
      – Amazing ! The Killer wasn’t black !
      – This man is a hero
      Although I am also seeing some comments being deleted almost as fast as they appear. Fox can’t keep up with their disgusting audience.

      • Something’s up with their comments. Everything is deleted as soon as they’re posted. It seems that the moderators have given control to users to “poof” (their cute language) non-abiding posts.

        What other ideology stiffens opposing voices? Something that begins with a fasc….

    • The commentary is not “too radical” for Fox, it’s just bad public relations. The Ideology of Hate has to hide under a veil at times, just in case decent people are paying attention.

  3. If this was an attack against Planned Parenthood, will we hear this guy called a Christian extremist? Just asking.

  4. For the amosexuals, the place was surrounded with, “good guys with guns. Unfortunately on of them were killed. Maybe foxpods can justify the officer’s death.

  5. “This shooter is a hero. All life is precious and must be protected, cradle to grave.”

    Well, all except for those he shot.

    • Cradle to grave says it all. Fetuses aren’t in the cradle yet.

  6. And the creatures will never recognize the dichotomy of “saving lives” with the act of taking them. Which of course solves nothing.

    (Of course, we also question whether the creatures are likely to understand the term “dichotomy.”)

    • I love the parenthetical. I had the same question.

  7. American conservatives don’t understand irony.

  8. This leaves no doubt that there is no god. If there was this shooter, the FAUX KNEWS staff and their viewers would all be struck by lightning for their false claims of being Christians!

  9. Explain to me again what all these pseudo Christians mean when they say they are “PRO LIFE”, because I don’t get it!

  10. Domestic christians 3. ISIS 0. What happened at the PP was sad. The comments were the appalling part. America i weep for you.

  11. All of these people need to kill themselves immediately.

    • Mark, delete this disgusting comment. Now.

      • Shut the fuck up, you stupid little man. Shark is expressing a valid opinion and you are defending terrorists. Put the binky back in your mouth and get back in your crib, adults are talking now.

  12. The Republiclans are nothing more than agents of the domestic terrorist group the NRA. Another killing and the Republiclans have the same lame excuse mental health. Yet what are they doing about mental health? Nothing! Their God Ronald Reagan opened up all the asylums 30 or so years ago creating the Tea Party today. Republiclan’s are nothing more than dogs chasing their tails and once again have blood on their hands in the planned parenthood shooting~ WJU #PlannedParenthood

    • That rant was complete nonsense. Keep blaming an object for all the ills of society. A gun has NO will. It can’t think – all the “thinking” is done by the user. There is something certainly wrong in society – it would be much more helpful to search for the real causes of violence as we’ve seen. The NRA is just another special interest – they have nothing to do with the levels of violence in our society and they have NO blood on their hands. Your wasting a lot of emotion on the tools and not the true causes.

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