Blue Xmas: A Christmas Carol For Cynics, Skeptics, And Other Swingin’ Realists

Christmas is celebrated all over the world as a season that embodies the hopes for peace and the desires of people to share their compassion and generosity with all of humanity. It’s a beautiful concept that, unfortunately, is not carried out by all of those who purport to believe in it. And some of the most vocal vicars of faith actually do more to obstruct these principles by fomenting wars, both literal and figurative.

For instance, the radical Christianist Republicans who sow hatred and mistrust of anyone who they deem unfit to enjoy America’s gift of freedom (i.e. Syrians, Mexicans, Democrats). And, of course, the apostates at Fox News whose annual “War on Christmas” is a call to arms against the celebration of an inclusive holiday season.

Fox News Scary Christmas

So for all of those who are not huddled around a dead tree today or digging through piles of colorfully wrapped packages looking for the ones addressed to you; for the cynics who won’t accept the notion that the birth of an alleged savior is an excuse to exchange material goods or fruitcakes that nobody likes; for outcasts and rebels and nonbelievers who are puzzled by the greed and commercialism of a season that is sold as one of peace and goodwill — Here is Miles Davis and Bob Dorough performing the heartwarming traditional Christmas ballad Blue Xmas:

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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2 thoughts on “Blue Xmas: A Christmas Carol For Cynics, Skeptics, And Other Swingin’ Realists

  1. Don’t you take time off from spewing your hate and name calling? Merry Christmas.

    • The grops that he notes are pursuing a so-called war on Christmas are indeed doing just that. They are the ones who want to constraint others to “celebrating the occasion their way”.

      So what’s wrong with pointing that out?

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