Juan Williams Postscript: Fox News Keeps Fear Alive

A number of interesting developments have transpired since Juan Williams blurted out his repugnant feelings on the O’Reilly Factor.

First, Williams was rewarded for his bigotry by Fox News who signed him to a new $2 million contract. That is, in effect, an affirmation of intolerance and a continuation of Fox’s familiar brand of bigotry. Keep hate alive, Fox.

Second, the conversation has completely switched to NPR’s decision to fire Williams, from the more relevant discussion of his prejudice and anxiety at the sight of peaceful Muslims in an airport. The conduct of NPR’s Human Resources department is far less important than the open hostility expressed by Williams. Of course, Fox would rather talk about a fake controversy than actual hate speech.

And third, Mara Liasson continues to appear on Fox News, even as they bash her primary employer (NPR) and seek to destroy it by advocating its defunding. How can Liasson appear on Fox News while they are actively trying to harm NPR? It’s kind of like Pau Gasol switching jerseys and playing for the Celtics when the Lakers have him on the bench. How can NPR permit Liasson to appear on a network that has initiated a campaign to smear them and to take them off the air?

Conversely, do you think that Fox would continue to employ Liasson if she went on NPR and told people that Fox is not a news network (which would be the truth) and that they should not watch Fox or patronize its advertisers? Roger Ailes would fire her before she finished the sentence. If Liasson had any loyalty or integrity she would voluntarily cease to work for Fox until they repudiated the smear campaign against NPR. Either that or quit NPR and stop pretending that she is a neutral, unbiased reporter.

From Media Matters: FOX Keeps Fear Alive. Restore Sanity, Drop FOX.

Each day, Fox News “keeps fear alive” with a steady stream of false and misleading attacks on President Obama, progressive members of Congress, and policy initiatives such as reforming health care, fixing the economy, and fighting global warming. Fox News is not a news organization, it is a right-wing political operation.

And that is why you should join the fight to “restore sanity.” Click the link above to sign the petition to hold Fox News accountable.


15 thoughts on “Juan Williams Postscript: Fox News Keeps Fear Alive

  1. The fact that Mara Liasson refuses to listen to you and the other Media Matters zombies is a testimony to her high-quality work at both networks. The political analysis she gives at Fox News I always find worthwhile because she is old school; you can’t really detect liberal or conservative tilt from her most of the time. While I usually agree with Brit most of the time and I always repect Juan’s analysis even when I disgaree with him, I find Mara’s old-school approach kind of refreshing.

  2. I’m glad he scored a big contract with Fox after this stupid turn of events. Who is anyone here to determine someones feelings are “repugnant”? Clearly the thought police are out in force and God forbid any of us feel something you think is “bad”….Is this how progressives think we should be governed – more repression of thought is ok? I’ll keep my freedom thank you very much and think whatever I want whenever I want as well as watch whatever I want when i want – no matter how politically incorrect it is. Keep Fox alive!

    • “Who is anyone here to determine someones feelings are ‘repugnant?'”

      I am. Everyone is. We all have a right, and sometimes a responsibility, to make such judgments. To me, if someone feels that all Muslims are terrorists, that’s repugnant. If you feel that all blacks are inferior, all Mexicans are drug traffickers, all Jews are shysters, all Italians are Mafia, all Irish are drunks, all of that is bigoted, ignorant, and repugnant.

      And you make the common mistake of suggesting that any criticism of someone is suppression of free thought. What utter and shallow nonsense. Why do right-wingers think that free speech is only for them? You have the right to think and say any stupid-ass shit you want, anytime you want. And I have the right to call it stupid-ass shit. I have the right to refrain from listening to you and even to try to persuade others not to listen to you. That’s America! The right simply doesn’t understand this.

      • Most Muslims aren’t terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim!

        • And most people who say that are racists (and ignorant of the facts).

    • Go ahead and scare yourself till you load your pants Steve. The “boogie man is gonna get ya!!! Now let mommy Fox News tuck you in bed. The rest of us are having an adult conversation.

  3. Whether Williams’ comment warranted being fired is up for debate (I found the decision by NPR to be a knee-jerk reaction), however the bigger issue I have with Williams is his Jekyll-Hyde personality. While on Fox he’s totally afraid to be his normal more liberal self. He feels the need to neo-con it up. Why? Because Fox wouldn’t tolerate a truly opposing point of view. And maybe because Williams is gutless.

    • I think it’s the other way around. Williams is likely more conservative and pretended to lean left on NPR. The evidence of this is which employer he decided to side with. He sided with Fox.

      His “firing” was really his choice since he was counseled numerous times before NPR dropped him. Obviously he didn’t care to comply with their standards and decided to ignore them. That was his choice and he knew the consequences.

      Also, he could have gone to any number of other news organizations after being dropped by NPR. He chose Fox without hesitation. That says something about his true leanings.

      And I agree that his firing is a valid topic of debate, it’s just that I think racism in media is a more important topic. The question of whether he was appropriately terminated should not have squeezed the question of racism out of the discussion.

  4. Fox News loves to make wild accusations. Did you read the article on foxnews.com claiming that Cyclone Tech. created a bio-fuel robot that feeds on the flesh of the dead? Check it out for yourself. [Admin: broken link]

  5. …Obviously he didn’t care to comply with their standards…”

    Nina Totenberg, Cokie Roberts and the late Daniel Schorr have all been doing the exact same thing – giving their opinions not just at NPR, but other outlets as well. And they have never been disciplined. Utter hypocrisy on the part of NPR.

    “…Juan could have gone to any other news organizations. He chose Fox without hesitation…”

    He was already there, dude.

    “…Williams is likely more conservative and pretended to lean left…”

    Total crap. If you bothered to watch him spar with Brit Hume, you would know that Juan is a traditional liberal. He’s just not a whacked-out hate-spewing lefty like Joy Behar.

    • 1) I’ve heard those stories about Totenberg and Roberts, and they were all one-time incidents. And you have NO idea whether or not they were disciplined (you just made that up), but obviously they stopped violating the rules. The problem with Williams is that he was in violation of NPR’s standards repeatedly and had been been warned, yet continued to do it.

      2) Juan could have gone to any number of other news organization to replace his employment at NPR. He did not have to sign an extension to his agreement at Fox. He could have split his time as he did with NPR. He chose to sell out full-time to Fox.

      3) I’ve listened to Williams many times on Fox and he often agrees with Hume and O’Reilly and Kelly, etc.

  6. Nina Totenberg was just on with Charles Krauhammer last weekend on TV spouting opinions, so this is NOT a one-time incident. So when you say they stopped violating the rules, you are once again wrong.

    “…Juan often agrees with Hume…”

    Another lie. His verbal jousts with Hume on “Fox News Sunday” are legendary.

    Juan did not sell out. And you’re the one who is making things up.

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