Fox Nation’s Backup Plan: Election Fraud Lies

With less than a week to go before the midterm elections, Fox Nation is split between wanting to crow about the glory of their anticipated victories and needing to have ready excuses should that victory fail to materialize.

So here is how the Fox Nationalists decided to address this dilemma. They start with an unambiguous headline that boasts of the upcoming “Midterm Blowout: Dems Headed for Massive Losses.” Then they temper that prediction with the following headlines:

  • Voting Shenanigans Rampant
  • Angle Camp: ‘Reid Intends to Steal This Election’
  • SEIU in Charge of Voting Machines

That should cover it. First announce that Democrats will be on the receiving end of a blowout that will devastate their party. The purpose of this is to excite the Republican base and promote turnout. At the same time it portrays the Democrats as weak and bound for failure. This a theme the GOP wants to focus on because of the general reluctance of voters to get behind a loser. And Fox is all too happy to peddle the GOP’s theme.

But just in case there is an unexpected upset and Democrats retain control of congress, the Fox Nationalists are lining up excuses they can raise to account for their electoral disappointment. And all of those excuses center around trumped up charges of election fraud. Even without ACORN to kick around, the right-wing media is already fabricating a scenario wherein Democrats steal the election via manipulation and illegality.

The only problem with their accusations is that there is no evidence of any of it. They are transparently attempting to plant these allegations in the public mind in case they need to assert them after November 2. If the Democrats hold their position, look for the the right and their media proxy, Fox News, to blast these fallacies day and night for as long as anyone will listen. If the Republicans assume congressional control, don’t expect to ever hear of these allegations again (or until the next election).

Fox is engaging in a sort of preemptive strike in order to hit the ground running should they be disappointed with the will of the voters next week. It’s a strategy for which they have lambasted Democrats when voting results went the other way. They called Democrats sore losers and ridiculed them for making similar charges (recall Sore/Loserman?).

Now Fox and the GOP are all too happy to embrace the strategy and, in an unprecedented display of preparation, they are implementing it in advance of any need. They may have just earned a new Boy Scout patch.


5 thoughts on “Fox Nation’s Backup Plan: Election Fraud Lies

  1. Here’s what’s really FUnny, this post has been picked up and xposted to the DUmmyunderground, the headquarters of phony voter fraud excuses when the democrat party loses. The DUmp of all places, where Skinner allowed 1000’s of dollars to be contributed to Bev Harris to “prove” that AlGore actually won in 2000.

    Talk about your irony.

    • Wow! Such insight. Put down the beer can you have had enough.

      • Ouch! How much did you send Harris and Brad? A little bitter are we?

        There are websites and individuals who are making a comfortable living to this day on “progressive” loonies and their vote fraud conspiracy theories. Heck, Brad Friedman has even parleyed his nuttiness into guest hosting for chief loon Mike Malloy.

        Bev and Brad are a mere $10 away from proving John F’ing Heinz won in ’04.

  2. Fox is following in the time-honored tradition of Charles Foster Kane, who had two front pages made up for his election. When he lost, the paper ran with “Fraud at Polls.” Fox is just planning the same thing.

  3. Fox News will claim that on every seat they don’t win.
    Stay tuned for Nov. 2nd.

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