Donald Trump On The Record: We Will Be One People Under One God

On Tuesday, Donald Trump delivered another of his infamous harangues. He was shooting for a theme of unity, but made a statement that is pointedly un-American and discriminatory.

“We will be one people, under one God, saluting one flag.”

Donald Trump

One God? And which God would that be? Trump is demonstrating his innate bigotry with the suggestion that there is a single faith in America that takes precedence over others and unites the whole nation. There may be some Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and a vast array of Christian sects that disagree.

Once again he proves that he doesn’t understand America, its Constitution, or the principles for which it stands. Nor does he understand the religion he pretends to practice.


7 thoughts on “Donald Trump On The Record: We Will Be One People Under One God

  1. Donald Trump doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t benefit Donald Trump. He couldn’t possibly care less about this country or its citizens, only whatever brings him more wealth and fame (or infamy; it’s all the same to him, as long as people pay attention to and talk about him).

    • Well, they certainly are talking about him.

    • Mr. Trump understands and he is absolutely RIGHT. We all better PRAY that he wins. We cannot allow Killary anywhere near the White House

      • I worship Kali Ma you son of a bitch, fuck your jew god

  2. If that one god isn’t Óðinn, I promise that my battle axe will never rest until all embrace the mystic runes!

  3. Meanwhile, earlier today, Newt Gingrich compared Donald Trump to Babe Ruth…

    Well, both were somewhat overweight, both liked playing to the crowd, and both had a tendency to talk out of their a$$es. But, you know something, Newt? A lot more people respect Babe Ruth than will EVER respect your beloved Drumpfenfuhrer. And I’ll bet that Drumpf wouldn’t be able to hit one out of the park even if he had a howitzer at his side to help him.

  4. Which God?

    That’s easy to answer, a God by the name of Trump.

    It’s the only God Trump truly acknowledges.

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