LOLOL: Poll Shows Majority Of Voters Trust ‘Fake News’ Media More Than ‘Lyin’ Donald Trump

It’s going to take a long time for the American presidency to recover from Donald Trump. In one interminably long month he has already brought both failure and shame to the nation. And the nation has noticed. Trump is suffering the worst approval ratings of any president at this point in over half a century. Quinnipiac University’s survey shows that a majority of 55 percent of voters have a negative opinion of him. Only 38 percent view him positively. And those numbers are down from previous polls. It’s a downward spiral.

Donald Trump

However, there are other numbers in this poll that are likely to bother The Donald even more. His notoriously thin skin will crawl when he learns that he’s held in lower esteem than his worst enemy. The “fake news” media. To be fair, Trump recently tweeted that the media “is not my enemy. It is the enemy of the American People!” Although his administration has characterized the media as the “opposition party.”

The Quinnipiac poll asked “Who do you trust more to tell you the truth about important issues: President Trump or the news media?” Voters chose the media by a margin of 52 percent to 37 percent. Not surprisingly, Republicans had a contrary view. They overwhelmingly chose Trump (78/13). However, both Democrats (86/7) and Independents (50/38) chose the media. Apparently Trump’s smear campaign isn’t working.

Additionally, The poll found that 61 percent of respondents disapprove of the way Trump talks about the media. And when asked “How important is it to you that the news media holds public officials accountable,” 72 percent said “very/somewhat” important. Once again there was a partisan divide. Democrats (90 percent) and Independents (75 percent) favor accountability. While only 44 percent of Republicans do. So Republicans are actually comfortable with letting Trump get away with questionable, and even criminal behavior.

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To be sure, the media has its share of problems. It often can’t tell the difference between “balance” and providing a platform for liars. It’s more interested in ratings and revenue than its core mission of informing the public. The corporations that control most of it wield too much influence and provide too little diversity. That said, there is still something unsettling about Trump’s cultishly devoted followers. Whatever one thinks about the media, it is a safer source of information than an emotionally stunted, billionaire, misogynistic, bigot who’s lived an ivory tower life of entitlement and privilege.


7 thoughts on “LOLOL: Poll Shows Majority Of Voters Trust ‘Fake News’ Media More Than ‘Lyin’ Donald Trump

  1. Emotionally stunted? You are just too nice. Depraved is a better word.

  2. Donald Trump knows more than all of the reporters so we shouldn’t read articles or listen to newscasters who disagree with him.
    I am not going to bother researching it but I am sure many dictators have had the same idea.

  3. Physically Trump is 70 years old. Emotionally he is 7 years old. On top of that he is deluded and thinks he is the greatest thing to ever happen to the world. The world begs to differ.

    • The real problem is not Trump but his supporters. He has made his life surrounding himself with sycophants. It is up to the rest of us to prove them wrong.

      • so they must be all of the DEPLORABLES , that hillary said there was!!

  4. The paper your pet bird, if you have one, dumps and pees on, is MORE reliable than that WORTHLESS p.o.s. dump, will EVER be.

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