WINNING? TrumpCare Vote Canceled as Support in Congress and the Country Collapses

The scheduled House vote on the bill to replace and repeal ObamaCare has been canceled – again. This is the second time in as many days that the bill was pulled from the schedule. It’s clear from the whip counts that had the vote gone forward it would lose. In fact, the “no” votes were increasing by the hour.

Donald Trump

This is a significant failure for both Donald Trump and the Republican congress. They promised that the first order of business of the Trump administration would be to repeal ObamaCare. Republicans in the House had voted more than fifty times to do so while President Obama was in office. Perhaps they were comfortable voting to kill a popular program as long as they knew Obama was there to veto it.

Now that the vote is off, there is no indication of whether it will be rescheduled or what form the bill might take. Trump has previously said that this is the bill and if it isn’t passed there won’t be another opportunity. Paul Ryan, Sean Spicer, and others in the GOP leadership said much the same thing. However, Robert Costa of the Washington Post is reporting that Trump called him to say that he was responsible for canceling the vote. That would be peculiar, since he was the one making ultimatums about this vote being the only vote.

So for the time being ObamaCare will not be repealed or replaced. The American people will be happy to hear that as the most recent polling shows that only 17 percent favored the GOP effort to kill it. Trump’s bragging about the nation getting sick and tired of winning is less likely to be a concern in the near future.

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This is a breaking story that is continuing to unfold. Updates will be provided as they become available.


4 thoughts on “WINNING? TrumpCare Vote Canceled as Support in Congress and the Country Collapses

  1. Trump is having a major mental problem. He blamed Democrats, “people”, and then said he predicated the bill would fail.
    I think he is getting close to a breakdown.

  2. Well I’m wondering how that narcisstic, egomaniac will try to lie his way out of this. And of course it will all be someone else’s fault. As the great Harry Truman said”the buck stops here”. Of course, trump’s lies will flow like ocean tides. The minions will go on TV and repeat the lies. Ad nauseum.

    • There’s an old Dumya joke that remains relevant here.

      Everyone knows that President Truman had a sign on his desk saying, “The Buck Stops HERE!” But did you know that President Trump also has a sign on his desk? It says, “The Buck Stops WAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaay Over There!”

      Old Dumya jokes will never die….


  3. “No matter the outcome, everything went exactly according to plan and was what I wanted to happen.”

    Trumpian core “principle”.

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