Hypocrisy or Dementia? Donald Trump’s ‘Ridiculous Standard’ of the First 100 Days

Not that we need further evidence of Donald Trump’s mental unfitness to serve as president, but his latest Twitter tantrum gives us more anyway.

Trump Tweet 100 Days

So Trump is now dismissing the standard that he previously embraced and used to advance his agenda. And just to be certain, here he is saying it on video:

In addition to the obvious hypocrisy on display, Trump’s Contract with the American Voter (pdf) is a document of his utter failure. It consists of mainly things that he hasn’t achieved. What’s more, most voters don’t want him to achieve any of these things to begin with.

No wonder the most conspicuous achievement of his short tenure is having the lowest approval rating of any president ever.

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2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy or Dementia? Donald Trump’s ‘Ridiculous Standard’ of the First 100 Days

  1. Traitor trump suffers from extreme dementia. He is for all intents and purposes insane and completely unfit for any office. He must be removed by use of the 25th amendment or impeachment or resignation. And soon before he destroys any more of the environment or starts a thermonuclear war that will turn out only home into a hellish ball of fire. He is too incompetent as are all of his advisors to realize that good science and a healthy environment produce far more in the long run than pollution. Greed is a short term gain, long term huge loss. Wonder if traitor trump and his cronies can eat dollars and drink oil?

  2. Well, he did also bring Jones and O’Reilly to the same low.

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