Right-Wingers Display Their Perverse Family Values By Attacking Jimmy Kimmel

On Monday night Jimmy Kimmel devoted a portion of his monologue to explaining why he was not on the air last week. Shortly after the birth of his son it was discovered that the child had a serious heart defect that required emergency surgery. A clearly emotional Kimmel told the story (video below) of how the problem was discovered and fixed. Thankfully, the child is expected to make a full recovery.

Jimmy Kimmel

Sadly, it seems that nothing will fix the heart defects in conservatives who wasted no time in attacking Kimmel. Their outrage was incited by Kimmel’s audacity to advocate for all Americans to have access to the life-saving healthcare that his family had. What follows are some examples of what Republicans consider family values:

In addition to these sick wingnuts, Media Matters found several other repulsive characters who believe that only kids whose parents have money should be allowed to live. It’s an ideology that is right in line with a party that opposes food and shelter for underprivileged children as well. It’s aligned with the policies of GOP representatives like Robert Pittenger (R-NC). He thinks that families with sick kids can just move to states with more compassionate healthcare. That, of course would mean selling their home, leaving family and friends, and hoping they could find a new job. His colleague Mo Brooks of Alabama is no better. He offered a ludicrous defense of TrumpCare by saying that…

“It will allow insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all these costs, thereby reducing the cost to those people who lead good lives.”

Huh? So in Brooks’ view, Kimmel’s infant son was not living a good life. That evil urchin. Serves him right. And what does Kimmel’s sad story have to with healthcare anyway? That, at least, is the position of Fox News who managed to do a segment on the monologue without ever mentioning ObamaCare or Kimmel’s plea to support it. Maybe Fox should ask President Obama about that:

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16 thoughts on “Right-Wingers Display Their Perverse Family Values By Attacking Jimmy Kimmel

  1. Interesting how the loser left will jump on anything to make ALL conservatives look evil just because a few nutcase’s say something stupid. It’s that unrelenting twisting of events that make them lose elections.

    • It is not just a few nutcases.

    • The problem is the chief nutcase happens to be in the White House. And anything he says is repeated verbatim by Fox Spews and their ilk. Or, more likely, vice versa…..

    • The people making those compassionate conservative statements are displaying their A+ degree that they received in El Rushbo’s “skrewal” of edumacation.
      BTW: “skrewal” is El Rushbo’s own word, not mine.

    • You mean nutcases like yourself? The ones who voted for Trump who, btw, would have REMOVED the healthcare coverage that Kimmel needed in order to ensure his son lived? He made no secret about that either, “repeal Obamacare” was one of the more prominent points of his campaign. Right up there with his border wall.

      And you Trumpians knew, you Trumpians heard, you Trumpians VOTED for him based on this. VOTED to basically allow a situation Kimmel’s son, and others in the same boat, to die because healthcare is “too expensive”.

      You called the various people who attacked Kimmel above “nutcases”, but these people are only preaching what Trump promised. That means that all the Trumpians who voted for Trump are practically supporters of these people. By extension that means al Trump voters are “nutcases” by your own standards.

      The left certainly lost the Presidential election in 2016. However they did not lose their humanity unlike the Trumpians.

    • How do you people say these things without a hint of irony? You ALL lump together the other side and look “Look how evil they are!”. And even more annoyingly, you ALL make up convenient excuses whenever anyone calls out how identical you wingnuts are. If Kimmel had been advocating abortions for all, all you guys whining about your money paying for someone else’s healthcare would demand we waste taxpayer money on government interferring with people’s private lives and all you guys defending the so-called “Affordable Health Care Act” would suddenly be demanding government not be so big.

      And where in the world do you people get the idea that the Affordable Health Care Act is tax-funded healthcare for everyone? Because nothing could be further from the truth! What it actually does is for you- BY LAW- to buy health insurance! You don’t have the option to get insurance paid for by the government (that’s what Medicare and Medicaid are, and they’ve been around since the 1960s). If you don’t quality for the two “socialized medicine” programs that already exist, you are legally required to buy a product being sold by a private business. That’s what that the secret Socialist Muslim Kenyan boogeyman signed into law. Half of you ignored that because the truth didn’t fit your silly fantasies and the other half ignored it because corruption is okay when it comes from your side.

      By the way, you know what else is an inconvenient truth both sides like to ignore? That Trump was a Democrat and wanted Bush impeached.

      • By the way, you know what else is an inconvenient truth both sides like to ignore? That Trump was a Democrat and wanted Bush impeached.

        Only demonstrates that Der Fooey can never keep a principle longer than it takes to shake hands with his tiny fingers. He’ll SAY he wanted Bush impeached — or anything else — say the exact opposite twenty minutes later, then deny he ever said the first, even proclaiming that that wasn’t even his voice!! The man is a pathological liar who CANNOT be trusted! Haven’t you TrumpBots figured that out by now?

        And neither you, your Fuhrer, nor any of your beloved TrumpBots, can ever be bothered to understand what the ACA provided and what your AHCA DOESN’T provide. ACA will prove — and in many ways already has proved — its benefit to the American people. By contrast, AHCA already demonstrated it was dead on arrival, so much so that not even the TrumpBots could be convinced to swallow it whole. You have NOTHING! Not even a means to destroy the ACA since all the ReThugs did was open a door to its eventual destruction. Hasn’t happened yet (considering the 5000 attempts to do so while Obama was still in office), and the ReThugs still aren’t likely to do so, any more than you will destroy Medicare. Your own side of the aisle will prevent THAT from ever happening.

  2. Conservatism is a disease.

    • Called Dipstickius Trumpano Coulteri. Most FoxPods and TrumpBots tend to suffer from this terrible condition….

  3. Remember these are the same people who said: Let them die at a Republican Debate in 2012

    • Two years ago I thought the right wing was full of ignorant, greedy white males.
      Now I think of ANYONE who supports Trump as an evil idiot.

      • Yeah they are idiots for falling for the con of the Century.

  4. Who pay us for ObamaCare? Doesn’t the money come from the taxpayer. So I am paying for someone else to have coverage.

    • You don’t see the people in Western Europe, Northern Europe, and Canada complaining about their tax money paying for healthcare to cover each other.

    • Like other types of insurance the consumer pays for insurance under the ACA. Some people receive a subsidy.
      Yes, your tax money may be being used to help someone less fortunate. However, that person’s tax money is paying for roads you drive on, the military protecting you, etc.
      If you are so arrogantly ignorant about real life then I feel sorry for you.

    • Yeah, and we are providing subsidies and tax breaks for wealthy people and corporations. In addition, when corporations commit malfeasance, we are subsiding their losses while they keep the profits.

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