Sean Spicer: It’s ‘Literally Impossible’ to Analyze Trump Care’s Costs, But We’ll Vote on it Anyway

Word on the street is that Congress will vote on Donald Trump’s proposal to repeal ObamaCare on Thursday. The Republicans are claiming that they have enough votes for passage, which they’ve claimed, wrongly, before. But what makes this vote so extraordinary is that no one – not Congress, not Trump, no one – knows precisely what this bill will cost, or even what’s in it.

Fibby Spice Sean Spicer

On Wednesday Press Secretary Sean Spicer took questions from reporters about the bill (video below). His confession that the bill’s costs and contents are unknowable make a mockery of the GOP’s legislative process. When asked whether the funding in the bill would be sufficient to cover people with preexisting conditions, Spicer said that:

“There are so many variables that are unknown that to make an analysis of that level of precision seems almost impossible … For someone to know how many people that is, what number of states are going to receive a waiver, ask for it and receive a waiver, is literally impossible at this point. So to do an analysis of any level of factual basis would be literally not possible.”

In one respect, it’s commendable that Spicer was honest enough to admit that he had no idea what the bill’s financial impact would be. However, the fact that neither he, nor the White House, nor Congress could do an analysis, but they still insisted on voting, is the height of political absurdity. Spicer actually “guaranteed” that everyone with preexisting conditions would “be fine.” But by his own admission he has no way of determining whether or not that’s true.

While the White House may be unable to analyze the financial impact of TrumpCare, other more reputable organizations seem capable of doing so. As reported by Talking Points Memo:

“The AARP’s Public Policy Institute wrote Thursday that ‘We project that if states return to pre-ACA high-risk pools in 2019, as proposed, high-risk pool premiums for people with pre-existing conditions could be as high as $25,700 annually.’

“An amendment to the American Health Care Act would allow states to eliminate Obamacare’s price protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, if the states establish high-risk pools for those individuals in their place. Critics say those pools make insurance unsustainably expensive for sick people.”

So it isn’t really impossible to analyze TrumpCare after all. It’s just inconvenient. That’s because most independent analyses confirm that it would raise premiums to record highs. The result would be that tens of millions of people who are currently insured would lose their coverage. That’s why the GOP-run Congress is rushing to vote before the Congressional Budget Office can issue a report. And they expect their members to comply and vote as instructed. Despite not knowing what the hell they’re voting on. That, America, is your Republican Congress at work.

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5 thoughts on “Sean Spicer: It’s ‘Literally Impossible’ to Analyze Trump Care’s Costs, But We’ll Vote on it Anyway

  1. This is just a rush to give the health insurance industry a huge payoff at the expense of the average American. And considering Citizens United, republicans will also get a huge payoff.

  2. Now, of course, we should remember how the ReThugs falsely claimed that the ACA was rushed through without any review (so that the Dems could get their “death panels” operational), and how the ReThugs tried to rush through the PATRIOT Act supposedly rewritten overnight and given as a fait accompli without any review.

    Proof, yet again, that the ReThugs have effectively demonstrated they can get nothing! accomplished without cheating in some way. Yep, this is your Republican Congress at work.

    Remember this next year, people.

  3. Why do people vote for such morons? Wake up ! The life you save is YOURS! And still the mindless drones in congress persist in murdering their own constituents !

  4. Two things. This bill, as written, will never get past the Senate.
    Tens of millions will not lose their insurance. That is is a big Liberal lie.

    • So why would Trumpians in the house even think of passing such a thing then? Do they have that much free time on their hands? Or are they not interested in actually getting shit done and only in keeping up empty appearances so much so that they don’t even give a shit about what they pass, much less know what it is they are passing?

      For the record, the bill HAS been analyzed by others….and found to be a disaster for America if it ever passes in full. You implicitly acknowledge this, yet your only defense to that is that “it will never pass the senate anyway so all you libs are liers LOL!!!!1111”. So what does this make the Trumpians in the house who have passed it? If the bill is going to be a disaster if it passes fully, then that means by passing it they either WANT a disaster for the American people or they are ignorant of what they are actually passing and don’t really care. That the senate would likely not pass it absolves these ratfuckers how?

      It’s like a guy at a food processing plant saying “I put cyanide in the food mix, but hey, QA inspections will detect it before it actually goes out into the stores so no one is going to die from cyanide poisoning, that absolves me of ALL responsibility and makes those people who are accusing me all “liers” LOLOLOLLL!!!!!1111″.

      If a person, either through gross negligence, or willful malfeasance, enacts an action which, if successful would result in great harm to a great many, yet in the end they are NOT successful and no one is harmed, does this mean that they bear absolutely no culpability or responsibility for what they attempted? Foiled terror attacks belong squarely in this category btw, and so do incidents where a party is found to be guilty of gross negligence that could have resulted in severe consequences but such an outcome never came to pass (such as when someone starts a fire in a building by mistake, said fire is put out before it gets too big and kills anyone, does the guy who started the fire get away without any repercussions?). These Trumpians are, either willingly or through negligence and lack of concern, passing a bill in the house that would harm millions and all you can say is “hey since the senate won’t pass it the bill won’t become a thing so no need to blame these Trumpians for anything”?

      Marcos, you and your fellow Trumpians have gone from insanity to insanity in your attempts to apologize for the abomination that is the Trump regime (Trump has Spicer and Conway doing the same for him on national TV). I’ve heard of shit like how Trump is SUCH a great negotiator and deal maker that he managed to pass the recently passed budget in a hyperpartisan atmosphere, never mind that the budget contained NOTHING that he wanted (such as funding for the wall etc) which was probably the reason why it could pass in the first place. One day he will make a deal with a foreign power where all the benefits lie with that power and none with America and you Trumpians will still cheering that deal as proof of his great negotiation skills too. And now we have this ridiculous apologist shit from you.

      Have you and your fellow Trumpians, ever, even ONCE, considered saving whatever’s left of your pitifully little dignity and actually standing on the side of facts rather than lies?


      Well that’s what makes you loyal Trumpians then! Congratulations.

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