Stupid Trump Tweets: Bringing America to Heel?

Well, Donald Trump has just accidentally (?) revealed what he really wants to do to America. His authoritarian tendencies have been known to many for a long time. But he rarely expresses them in explicit terms. In a couple of tweets on Saturday he did just that.

Donald Trump Twitter Birds

After two pathetic attempts, Trump finally got out a message that was a peculiar praise of protesting. Seeing as how he has been condemning protesters all week (and really for a couple of years), it made little sense. It appears to be a desperate attempt to salvage his floundering presidency with an insincere advocacy of free speech. This is what he said:

What’s important about this is that it took him three tries to get there. The first tweets that went out were deleted. Presumably for misspellings. But he repeated the same mistakes in both of the deleted tweets. The last one he deleted said:

“Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heel, & we will heel, & be stronger than ever before!”

“In order to HEEL?” Of course. Trump wants to bring his critics to heel. He wants to force minorities and Muslims and women to heel. This is the sort of Freudian slip that exposes one’s true intentions. And the fact that he left it up for thirteen minutes speaks to his lack of concern for correcting the record. And following that series of blunders, Trump also tweeted this:

Seriously? All of sudden he expects us to believe that he appreciates people who are protesting bigotry and hate. A couple of days ago they were no better than the Nazis that marched in Charlottesville and killed Heather Heyer. But something that Trump is missing here is that these protests are not just against hate, they are against him. In effect he is applauding the thousands of people marching in opposition to his presidency.

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This is the caliber of president who we have to rely on to bring America together? He can’t get the simplest communications right. And his bastardization of language just makes things much worse. Yet this is who we have to depend on to negotiate treaties with hostile foreign nations. He is supposed to be proposing international trade deals. And how on Earth can this imbecile help to draft legislation reforming healthcare and taxes. Never mind all of the decidedly evil parts of his agenda such as voter suppression and climate change. In other words, we are in big fucking trouble.


One thought on “Stupid Trump Tweets: Bringing America to Heel?

  1. The man, used loosely, is a moron. And we’re stuck with him for at least another month or two. Get rid of the ass before he does any further damage to this once proud nation. Yes, he’s made America Grate Again, on our souls, on our allies, on Constitution. And I no longer want to grate. We were already great, as Hillary said. But he wanted the America First ideology, a fascist one. And it is destroying him and his presidency. Why have Ivanka and Jared been so mum? They know they’re defeated by this psychotic relative.

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