How Far Has Fox News Crawled Up Trump’s A$$? They’re Praising Trump’s Deal With Democrats

For anyone who’s still wondering whether or not Fox News is a brazen propaganda outfit devoted to propping up Donald Trump, you can put your doubts to rest. On Thursday morning they demonstrated that they will go to any lengths to praise Dear Leader. Even when he’s violated their most precious principles.

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The subject of Trump’s agreement on legislation to raise the debt limit and fund relief for Hurricane Harvey came up on Fox and Friends. Republicans were anticipating a bill that would put off further debt limit matters until after next year’s congressional election. Democrats sought a much shorter, three month period. Surprisingly, Trump sided with the Democrats. Some pundits surmised that this was evidence of Trump embracing bipartisanship. But it’s more likely that he was just punishing Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for their recent failures to advance his agenda.

However, it’s the reaction by the hosts of his favorite TV show that is truly a revelation. There was a time when Fox News could be depended on to push whatever Republican scheme was being peddled. The network’s loyalty was to party over personality. That appears to be a thing of the past. With the election of Donald Trump the Fox News mission seems to have shifted somewhat. They are now committed to the cult of the alleged personality of Trump. The blathering of the Fox and Friends crew made that abundantly clear (video below):

Steve Doocy: The president, not wanting a fight, apparently said, “That’s the deal I’m going to take right now because we’ve got tax reform and other stuff we have got to do right now.”

Ainsley Earhardt: Good for him. He’s doing this for the folks that are affected by [Hurricane] Harvey.

Two things to note here. First, they suddenly think it’s laudatory that Trump is backing down from a fight. Prior to this cave in, they specifically admired his pugilistic tendencies and called everyone else snowflakes. Secondly, the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts were going to be getting these funds regardless. That was not in contention. And then they continued:

Pete Hegseth: Well some conservatives are upset … Big time. But you know what? This is a clear shot at Mitch McConnell and [Paul Ryan: “Hey guys, if you can’t get things done, then, listen, I’ll go work with the Democrats” […]

Hegseth: I think it’s very strategic from this president. Clear out the underbrush of the stuff that could be contentious, that Washington likes to fight about, so you can clear the deck to fight for the stuff that really matters. […]

Earhardt: Isn’t it refreshing to see them work together though? … isn’t that the art of the deal? Isn’t that what they do?

Doocy: It’s the art of the Dems.

“The stuff that really matters?” Apparently they don’t think that hurricane victims, or the full faith and credit of the United States, really matter. Because they just want to get that out of the way. But they are conceding that working with Democrats is the right thing to do. Previously they would have gone into hysterics at the thought of it. They would have branded anyone Republican who did so a RINO (“Republican in Name Only”), and called for his defeat. And don’t even ask what they mean by “art of the Dems.” They probably just thought it sounded cute.

So is this a pivot toward bipartisan cooperation in Congress? Or is it unvarnished idolatry of their presidential messiah? Considering that they still oppose everything that Democrats stand for, it’s hard to see peace breaking out on Capital Hill. Trump, Republicans, and Fox News, still want to kill ObamaCare. They still want to cut taxes for the wealthy. Their commitment to building a border wall is still rock solid (even if the wall/fence isn’t). They remain convinced that climate change is a hoax. They’re almost giddy about deporting DREAMers.

Consequently, the only conclusion is that Fox News is taking this position because it’s the one that Trump has taken. And they don’t want to to seen as disagreeing with Hair Drumpf. Which means that Fox News is determined to be steadfastly faithful to their Chief Oval Officer. And regardless of what diversions he takes from doctrinaire conservatism, they will blindly follow. That’s a recipe for totalitarian disaster.

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6 thoughts on “How Far Has Fox News Crawled Up Trump’s A$$? They’re Praising Trump’s Deal With Democrats

  1. You really need to get a new act. All this nonsense your putting out there is more about your visceral hatred of all things Trump than anything else. Try changing your medications.

    • Well one thing I’ve got going for me is that you keep coming back to my site and increasing my page views and revenue. Thanks.

      Plus, you never respond to anything I’ve written, so I don’t have to bother defending views. Thanks again.

    • another scumbagger bully keyboard warrior. it you who is the problem, and anyone supporting trump is a traitor.

    • You keep stating that it’s all due to hate that these article are up. Ever thought about the motivation behind YOUR posts?

      For instance, considering you never show how hate really is all there is to Mark’s articles, let me show you how this article in particular displays YOUR motivations for your posts as hate.

      This article highlight’s Fox ass kissing Trump by PRAISING the deal he did with Democrats, a deal by the way, which ripped the Republican party and indeed, was a victory for the Democrats.

      In short, that’s Fox PRAISING the Democrats for what they did (and it disadvantaged the Republican party), something that you only see happening if and when Hell freezes over, which doesn’t happen all that often. The reason why this happened is clearly not because Fox suddenly admires the Dems or agree with what they do, but it is all because of Trump. He is for it, therefore they must be, even if it actually means praising their traditional enemies and ripping into their traditional allies (which this particular segment actually did).

      Highlighting this is far from an act of hate, considering Fox’s track record. Yet I don’t think you even read the article before putting up your hate-screed above now did you? Do you agree with Fox praising what the Dems did (which pretty much puts Trump on the back foot, yet he went with it anyway)?

      It’s unlikely that you feel that way, considering YOUR track record. The only conclusion is that your post is another mandatory hate filled screed at a perceived enemy. That’s all there is to it.

  2. if obama and the dems came up with this deal, the foxtards, and all the gop slugs would be crapping piles all over the floor.

  3. Fake Fox News makes me retch. Traitor trump must have his little cheering section, though. Fake Fox News hasn’t reported news in years. They are a tabloid. Rupert Merdock lost his U.K. audience. The US viewers are down. Let’s hope he also loses here.

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