Fox News Shill Holds Pity Party for Trump Accomplices Who ‘Just Did What the Boss Said’

Having become the first American president to be criminally indicted is apparently not a fulfilling enough historical achievement for Donald Trump. He now seems bent on also securing the record for the most felony counts. And with more than seventy so far, he’s taken what may be an insurmountable lead in that pursuit.

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Fox News, Donald Trump Baby

Everyday appears to bring new and more damning evidence of the corruption and obsessive criminality of Trump. And as he recognizes the depth of his legal peril, his tantrums become ever more rancid and removed from reality. Trump is fixated on his perception of himself as victim. And despite the abundance of evidence against him, he keeps returning to his tedious whining about “witch hunts,” and “election interference.”

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On Thursday, special counsel Jack Smith announced a series of new charges against Trump as well as a couple of his close associates. The new charges are mainly related to Trump conspiring to cover up his prior crimes by destroying evidence, lying to law enforcement, and otherwise obstructing justice. Surprisingly, Fox News reported on these superseding indictments, and even provided an informative graphic detailing the allegations.

However, not everyone at Fox News was particularly happy about Trump’s latest legal liabilities. The “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends expressed a rare measure of empathy for the poor guys who were swept up in Trump’s treasonous plot. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt was especially concerned. In an interview with former federal prosecutor, Francey Hakes, Earhardt let her feelings be known…

“Why do you think they’re going after these people? First let’s start with Mar-a-Lago. One is the valet that turned into the property manager, worked for him for twenty years. Why are they going after these guys where their boss might have said ‘We’re not gonna hand over the video,’ or whatever, and they just did what the boss said?” […]

“I mean these guys just worked for him. You feel sorry for them. One started out as a valet and then he’s running the property twenty years later, and probably providing for his family. And now they’re trying to charge these guys so that they’ll flip on Donald Trump. And then you’ve got President Biden on the other side caught with the same thing, and where is that special counsel?”

Yeah! Why should these poor schnooks suffer just because they willingly participated in a conspiracy to obstruct justice and destroy evidence on behalf of the mob boss they’ve worked for for many years? After all, they started at the bottom of the crime syndicate and worked their way up to become trusted lieutenants to the ringleader. They were just following orders. They were just trying to provide for their families by helping to undermine democracy. Who can blame them?

Earhardt sympathetically sobs that you have to “feel sorry for them,” but she is less troubled by the fact that they broke the law, lied to authorities, and tampered with evidence. That’s the sort of behavior that is rewarded in Trump World if it’s done in furtherance of Trump’s treachery.

For his part, Trump is continuing to toss out tirades on his floundering Truth Social that he thinks will lead to his liberation. Following the new charges, Trump raged that Jack Smith and Merrick Garland (for whom he has a new nickname) should be imprisoned, saying that…

“They ought to throw Deranged Jack Smith and his Thug Prosecutors in jail, with Meritless Garland and Trump Hating Lisa Monaco. They have totally Weaponized the Department of Injustice. Whatever happened to the Crooked Joe Biden Boxes Case? […] Why has no other President ever been charged?”

Trump doesn’t bother to identify what laws any of them have violated. He just wants all of his political foes locked up because they dare to have respect for the law. As for why no other President ever been similarly charged, it’s simply because no other President has ever committed similar – and so many – crimes. And that’s a record that Trump can rest assured will prevail long into the future.


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The Trump Cult Knows He’s Guilty, So They’re All on Fox News Yammering About Planted Evidence

In the wake of the FBI searching Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker, his worshipful cult followers have been mired in panic mode. Their reaction is perhaps the the most telling proof that Trump is guilty of serious crimes, and they know it.

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Donald Trump, Fox News

What’s astonishing about the post-FBI search is that none of Trump’s Deplorables are attempting to argue that he’s innocent. They are in lockstep formation attacking the the FBI and the Justice Department as corrupt, dishonest practitioners of radical leftist, banana republic tactics. Never mind that they haven’t produced a shred of evidence to support their hair-on-fire harangues. And pay no attention to the fact that FBI Director Chris Wray was appointed by Trump, who said he was “an impeccably qualified individual, and I know that he will again serve his country as a fierce guardian of the law and model of integrity.” Oops.

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More specifically, the Trumpists are falling in line behind the utterly baseless charge that the FBI planted evidence against Trump during the Mar-a-Lago visit. It’s a shameful and reckless allegation for which the only basis is their perverse imaginations. But it has rapidly become the mantra at Fox “News” because, despite it’s pitiful idiocy, it’s the least idiotic defense they can fabricate on such short notice.

What Trump and his Fox friends are doing is laying the groundwork to deny the validity of the evidence that they know the FBI has confiscated from Trump’s Palm Beach compound. In other words, they know that Trump is guilty. And since the hard documents that Trump stole from the White House – many of which are classified – will be unimpeachably incriminating, the only thing Trump’s minions can do is try to characterize them as fake or planted by a cabal of dozens of law enforcement professionals working in tandem with Justice Department officials and the White House.

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It’s a conspiracy theory that puts the “lizard people” proponents to shame. But it’s what is on the script for Team Trump today. As evidence of the coordination in place for this preposterous fan fiction, what follows are some of the wild commentaries on Fox News from just the past 24 hours…

Jesse Watters: What the FBI is probably doing is planting evidence, which is what they did during the Russia hoax. We also have a hunch that they doctored evidence to get the warrant.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba: Quite honestly, I’m concerned that they may have planted something. At this point who knows? I don’t trust the government.

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt: What Was in Those Backpacks?
Sen. Rand Paul: Do I know that the boxes of material they took from Mar-a-Lago, that they won’t put things in those boxes to entrap him? How do we know? […]
Ainsley Earhardt: His lawyer said they brought in backpacks, what was in those backpacks? Did they bring those in to fill them up or did they have something in there?

Trump attorney (and former OAN shill) Christina Bobb: At this point I don’t “necessarily” think that they would even go to the extent of trying to plant information. I think they just make stuff up.

And of course, Wannabe messiah Trump

“The FBI and others from the Federal Government would not let anyone, including my lawyers, be anywhere near the areas that were rummaged and otherwise looked at during the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting.’ Why did they STRONGLY insist on having nobody watching them, everybody out? Obama and Clinton were never ‘raided,’ despite big disputes!”

Who wants to to tell Trump that neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton committed crimes that warranted being raided? Although the FBI did examine Clinton’s emails just eleven days prior to the presidential election of 2016, she never presented any risk of tampering with, or destroying evidence. Unlike Trump. Also, it is routine for search warrants to be executed without others around contaminating the potential crime scene. Particularly others with interests in altering the outcome of the search.

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Trump is known to have shredded, flushed, and even eaten documents that were required by law to be preserved. He took dozens of boxes from the White House and, when challenged, only returned some them, lying that it was all he had. And now that the FBI has recovered more of the materials that Trump stole, he and his goon squad are maligning law enforcement and manufacturing an argument that any evidence of a crime was planted. Which is a pretty good indication that they know there is evidence of a crime – or crimes – in what the FBI recovered.

Finally, if Trump is really so upset that the search warrant was improper, why doesn’t he release his copy of it as proof? The FBI cannot do so if it is under seal, but there is nothing stopping Trump – except his consciousness of guilt. Trump’s glassy-eyed disciples should ask themselves this question: Why would he hesitate to release information that would exonerate him? The answer: For the same reason he refuses to testify under oath and obstructs his supporters from doing so. He’s guilty and he knows it.

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Fox News Says They Will ‘Build Back Better’ After Their Christmas Tree Fire – No, REALLY!

Tuesday night America, and everything that it stands for, was viciously attacked in an unspeakably despicable act of violence. At least that’s what Fox News wants you to believe. And it’s far more than random vandalism. This time “It’s personal to you. It’s personal to us.”

Fox News, Christmas Tree Fire

The latest “Crime of the Century” according to the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends was the torching of the Christmas tree installed in front of their Manhattan office building. ABC News reports that…

“A large Christmas tree outside Fox’s Midtown headquarters was set ablaze early Wednesday by an arsonist who was quickly taken into custody. […] Police say the 49-year-old suspect climbed up ‘the metal superstructure’ — the tree is an artificial sculpture that is shaped to look like a tree — lit papers he brought with him on fire, and shoved the papers into the tree structure.”

Let’s just set aside the metaphorical relevancy of the Fox News Christmas tree being a “fake.” This act of arson has much greater symbolic meaning to the Fox News crew. This burning Xmas bush has stirred more fury among these martinets of virtue than Donald Trump’s attempted coup, the January 6th insurrection, or the COVID death toll. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt expressed her outrage saying that…

“This is an American icon. This is our Christmas tree. Someone setting fire to it. What is happening to our country? It is so terrifying as a mother and someone who loves this country and loves the red, white, and blue. What is happening.”

That’s right. The artificial “metal superstructure” adorning the plaza in front of Fox’s headquarters is the embodiment of everything that is American. And it’s reduction to ashes is roasting her chestnuts. Because…

“It’s a tree that unites us. It brings us together. It’s about the Christmas spirit. It is about the holiday season. It’s about Jesus. It’s about Hanukkah. It is about everything that we stand for as a country: Freedom and being able to worship the way that you want to worship. It makes me so mad. […] I hope we build it back bigger and better.”

Wait up. Now Earhardt is signing on to President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, but only with regard to a corporate promotional tree? And since when is a Christmas tree “about Hanukkah”? That one is going to need some explaining. But Earhardt is yearning for explanations as she ponders “What is happening to our country?” Apparently this criminal mischief is representative of more alarming adversities in America than just fiery religious symbols. Like maybe gay Legos, or the alleged Santa shortage.

During the segment, co-host Steve Doocy asked “Who set the Christmas tree on fire?” Never mind that the NYPD had already arrested a suspect who appears to be a mentally challenged homeless man. If Doocy is still looking for a guilty party, he need look no further than Fox’s messiah, Donald Trump, who is reported to have said that he intends to “wreck Fox News.” Trump has been bashing Fox for months because they haven’t been sufficiently behind his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential the election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. And another suspect could be the MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell, who recently staged a rather pathetic protest in front of Fox’s office. (UPDATE: Fox News still can’t quit their fixation on this tree arson catastrophe)

Nowhere is the animosity toward Fox News more fierce than among the Trump Cult, who still believe that Fox called the Arizona election results for Biden prematurely. So any of Trump’s dimwitted disciples could be considered suspects. And rest assured that Newsmax or OAN will get Rudy Giuliani on the case any day now. In the meantime, enjoy this amusing holiday carol that really hits the right note:

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CANCEL CULTure: Fox News Attacks Olympic Athlete for Exercising Free Speech

The emergence of a new buzzword in Fox News is always a treasure trove of asininity. And as their embrace of their new and thoroughly contrived concept of “cancel culture” has spread across their airwaves, Fox News has proven that they are the foremost abusers of it.

Fox News, Censorship

Fox News has courageously stood up in opposition to the injustices suffered by esteemed, albeit imaginary, Americans like Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. Because of Fox, they now represent the class of victims who have been “canceled” by systemic intolerance of cartoon characters and plastic toys.

However, no one is more guilty than Fox News of “canceling” real people who dare to go against the grain of whatever narrative Fox News happens to be espousing. Just ask all of the Republicans censured and cast aside for their perceived disloyalty to Donald Trump. Or check with the American companies that Trump has targeted for boycotts.

Now we can add to those casualties Olympic hopeful Gwen Barry. Upon winning a bronze medal in the recent Olympic trials, Berry took the opportunity to express her commitment to social injustice. That act of free speech earned her a mention at the White House daily press briefing. The Fox News White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, chose to use his privileged position to focus on an issue that he believes far outweighs the other petty concerns of the President of the United States, such as the resurgent COVID pandemic, or the Florida condo catastrophe, or how the pending infrastructure bill will impact the economy and jobs. Nope, Doocy wanted to know about this:

Doocy: This weekend Gwen Berry, who represents the United States as an Olympian on the hammer-throwing events, won a bronze medal at the trials, and then she turned her back on the flag while the anthem played. Does President Biden think that is appropriate behavior for someone who hopes to represent Team USA?”
Psaki: I haven’t spoken to the President specifically about this. But I know he’s incredibly proud to be an American, and has great respect for the anthem, and all that it represents, especially for our men and women serving in uniform all around the world. He would also say, of course, that part of that pride in our country means recognizing there are moments where we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals. And it means respecting the right of people, granted to them in the Constitution, to peacefully protest.

Was it really necessary for Doocy to ask that particular question? Did it advance the public’s knowledge of matters that actually affect them? Didn’t he know that the obvious answer would be a defense of the Constitution? Is he really that stupid? (Don’t answer that).

And if that weren’t enough, Fox News had already addressed this critical subject on their early morning program, Fox and Friends. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt put the question to Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw:

Earhardt: [Berry] turned her back on the flag during the anthem, and she also put a black t-shirt over her face that said “activist athlete.”
Crenshaw: We don’t need anymore activist athletes. She should be removed from the team. The entire point of the Olympic team is to represent the United States of America. That’s the entire point. It’s one thing when these NBA players do it. We’ll just stop watching. But now the Olympic team? And it’s multiple cases of this. They should be removed. That should be the bare minimum requirement, is that you believe in the country representing.

So Crenshaw doesn’t believe we need “anymore activist athletes.” That implies that we have some already and that the quota has met. Which leaves one to wonder exactly how many activist athletes we need? And if we’ve exceeded that need, are the rest just canceled/removed?

Crenshaw makes the bizarre assertion that “The entire point of the Olympic team is to represent the United States of America.” Most people probably thought it has something to do with athletic competitions. And he makes a distinction between the Olympics and the NBA because you don’t have to watch basketball. Does he think that watching the Olympics is legally mandated? Plus, he’s being profoundly disingenuous because he wouldn’t support the free speech of professional athletes either. Just ask Colin Kaepernick. And Fox News can tell you something about their demands on NBA players to Shut Up and Dribble.”

Finally, Crenshaw is asserting that a peaceful gesture of protest amounts to not believing in your country. That’s the opposite of the truth. Wanting to improve your country is an act of patriotism. If Berry didn’t care about America, she wouldn’t have felt compelled to make any statement at all. It’s the protestors who love America. It’s the “love it or leave it” types who refuse to acknowledge the nation’s flaws who really don’t care.

And that’s precisely what’s wrong with the attitude of Crenshaw, Fox News, and their audience. The same people who are offended by a woman of color peacefully protesting by turning her back to the flag, have actually defended violent protestors who used the flag as a weapon against police officers at Trump’s January 6th insurrection.

The Crenshaws and Foxists of the world wear blinders that keep them satisfied with America as it is. Don’t bother to resolve problems or help those who are not enjoying the full spectrum of the nation’s benefits. And to hell with anyone who thinks we can do better. Contrary to what Fox News and Crenshaw believe, that is not the true spirit of America.

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Disgusting Fox News Hacks Compare Waiting in Line for Hours to Vote to … What?

Desperate Republicans in Georgia, having recently lost two Senate seats and the presidency to Democrats, just passed a blatantly discriminatory law whose unambiguous purpose is to suppress votes. The law will impact predominantly people of color, the poor, workers, and students.

Fox News Friends

This is a backdoor admission that the GOP can’t appeal to the concerns of voters with their policies, so they resort to obstructing citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to vote. And naturally, Fox News is supporting this abhorrent electoral tactic. On Thursday morning the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends addressed the subject, focusing on a bizarre provision in the law that prohibits anyone from offering food or water to voters waiting in line to cast their ballots.

For the record, it is Republicans who created the mess that has resulted in voters having wait for many hours to vote. The GOP made it more difficult to vote by mail. They closed precincts, but only in districts that tended to vote Democratic. The precincts that remained open were provided fewer staffers and voting machines. The results were predictable delays intended to discourage people from voting at all. This new legislation is intended to make matters even worse.

In light of that, Fox News saw fit to mock the problem that obviously isn’t affecting any of them or their privileged class. It’s an exercise in brazen callousness and elitism:

Ainsley Earhardt: The water argument is what cracks me up. Because what line have you stood in – If you go to Yankee Stadium and stand in line to get a ticket, do they serve you water? Do you care?
Brian Kilmeade: Just hot towels. That all you get.
Steve Doocy: I have been voting for over forty years and I have never thought to myself, “Okay, I have to go vote today. Will they have snacks?”

Whereupon everybody shares a hearty laugh at the hardships of people that they can’t possibly relate to. The comparison to waiting in line for Yankees tickets is painfully ludicrous. Let’s set aside the fact that you buy those tickets on line. More to the point, attending a baseball game isn’t a constitutionally protected activity, the results of which will impact the lives of you, your family and your community for decades.

Doocy’s observation that he has never had to think about “snacks” when going to vote only reinforces how out of touch he is with the problems of people not in his upper crust socioeconomic class. Obviously he hasn’t had to worry about that. In his neighborhood they have plenty of polling places, and he can take whatever time he needs to go cast his vote.

The fact that these three hacks find this dilemma so hysterical is downright nauseating. They should be forced to vote in precincts that have the disadvantages that low income citizens have to deal with. They aren’t pampered TV personalities complaining about not having snacks for an hour or two. They are often elderly voters stuck in an outdoor line in November for six, eight, ten hours, or more.

Finally, returning to the comparison to getting Yankees tickets, these cretins forget that waiting for sporting events is actually a cultural activity that famously includes elaborate snacks and refreshments provided in tailgate parties. That’s still legal. But giving food or water to oppressed citizens who only want to participate in their democracy is now against the law in Georgia.

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SRSLY? Fox News Host Praises Trump’s Work Ethic Because ‘He Watches Every Show’

On the last full day of Donald Trump’s disastrous misadventures as the “president” of the States he tried so mightily to disunite, his “Friends” at Fox News went the extra mile to suck up to him in the most nauseating manner.

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Trump in Bed, Eating, Sad

It’s one thing to defend his innumerable failures, or to attack his righteous critics, but what Ainsley Earhardt said on Tuesday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends sunk to a new low, which is a pretty remarkable feat for the “Curvy Couch” potatoes. In a segment wherein Earhardt sought to pay tribute to Trump’s alleged work ethic, she said that…

“They’ll criticize President Trump but no one can argue, he is a worker. He doesn’t drink alcohol, he stays up late at night, he watches every show, he’s working — he got to work immediately. And now Joe Biden is saying he’s gonna get to work on immigration on the first day in office. Some are criticizing him, like Sen. Cotton, for focusing on this issue instead of the pandemic.”

Where to begin with this lunatic rhapsody? How about the fact that Trump is the most notoriously lazy White House occupant in modern times. He has accomplished almost nothing in four years. He didn’t build a wall that Mexico paid for. He never delivered the healthcare plan he promised every two weeks. He forgot that every week was infrastructure week. The only significant legislation that he had a hand in passing was to give the wealthy undeserved tax cuts, and shifting the burden to average Americans. And worst of all, he did nothing about the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has taken the lives of 400,000 Americans.

Earhardt may be impressed that Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. But she didn’t bother to mention his dependency on pharmaceuticals like Adderall. She also thinks his insomnia is something to be praised. Who cares if he’s up all night if all he is doing is tweeting out insults, lies, and other assorted nonsense?

Worst of all is Earhardt’s asinine appreciation for the fact that Trump “watches every show.” REALLY? What exactly does she think is praiseworthy about that? Trump is reported to watch as much as eight hours of television every day. And most of that is Fox News or some other Trump-fluffing outlet that satisfies his elephantine ego. Someone needs to break it to Ainsley that that is not working.

Notice that Earhardt doesn’t cite a single issue with which Trump’s supposedly hard work produced any success. There’s a good reason for that. However, she does mention criticism from wingnut Republican Sen. Tom Cotton. But even that is flagrantly false. While Biden does plan to send Congress a comprehensive immigration bill – an important goal that has stumped three previous administrations – it is not an issue that Biden has focused on to the exclusion of everything else.

In particular, Biden has stated several times that the COVID-19 pandemic is his top priority. He has already developed a plan for combatting the virus, for accelerating the vaccine distribution, and for providing economic stimulus and relief to the long-suffering American people who Trump ignored and fatally misled for so many months.

In short, Earhardt’s commentary was pitifully wrong in every respect. Which is surely why she remains a regular on the network that has no use for facts, logic, compassion, or fairness or balance either. She is right at home with confederates like Tucker Carlson, who is striving to incite more violence. And she is comfortable on a network that would promote other shameless propagandists like herself. It’s what Fox News was founded to do.

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Trump is Hiding in His Bunker Watching Fox News Whine About His ‘Confused’ Voters

On Thursday morning Donald Trump was released from Twitter prison [although News Corpse still has not been – see note below] so he posted a video that was his weak-kneed version of a concession speech. He led off by criticizing the Capitol terrorists that he incited and professed to “loving” the day before. He defended his treasonous crusade to overturn the election and the will of the American people. And he pretended to support a “smooth, orderly, and seamless transfer of power.”

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Trump in Bed, Eating, Sad

Notice that Trump never used the words “peaceful” or “concede.” Nor did he acknowledge Joe Biden as President-Elect. But he did restate his delusional conspiracy theory that the election was fraudulent and his pitiful and failed pursuit of imaginary evidence was in the interest of democracy.

On Friday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine again to pay tribute to himself and his legions of dimwitted cult followers. He tweeted that…

Once again, Trump is focused on his warped rendering of reality by recognizing only the losers that voted for him, while ignoring the fact that 81 million people voted for Biden. He apparently doesn’t regard them as “great American Patriots.” But he is concerned that his sheep will be herded off into well-deserved historical obscurity.

However, this wasn’t some spontaneous burst of consolation for these lost souls. Shortly before Trump’s tweet, Fox News was discussing his defeat and the fate of his despondent voters. Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt was awash in empathy, and Trump’s tweet appears to be a direct response to that:

That’s funny, because neither Earhardt, nor Trump, nor Fox News, ever expressed such concerns for the majority of people who voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016. They never acknowledged the far more credible fears of those voters for “the future of this country” that turned out to be prescient in a tragic way. And that applies not only to the assault on democracy orchestrated and incited by Trump and his Fox News Ministry of Propaganda (which is still disseminating dangerous lies). It also applies to the catastrophic and deadly neglect and incompetence of Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earhardt did get one thing right, though. Her characterization of Trump’s cult as “confused” is a fitting description of his glassy-eyed hordes, albeit somewhat understated. It would be more accurate to describe them as deranged due having been fed a diet of flagrant lies and blatant bullpucky for the past four years. She should have pointed out that their so-called confusion was entirely due to Trump’s dishonesty and egomaniacal aspirations for unchallenged, authoritarian power. As well as the disinformation produced by Fox News on Trump’s behalf.

Finally, Trump’s assertion that he supports a smooth transfer of power is contradicted by another tweet on Friday morning:

Clearly Trump’s ego won’t permit him to stand behind the new president, like every other retiring president has done. He simply cannot tolerate not being the sole center of attention. He’s afraid of being revealed for – and remembered as – the loser that he is and always has been. And he refuses to grant recognition to anyone other than himself.

Trump doesn’t say where he will be on Biden’s inauguration day. Golfing? Conferring with his attorneys to avoid prison? Fleeing the U.S. to a country without an extradition treaty? Or just swaddled under the covers in his Mar-a-Lago bedroom watching Fox News, or Newsmax, or OANN, or listening to Rush Limbaugh, and fantasizing that he really did win reelection as he chows down some KFC, diet cokes, and Adderall?

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Deflated and Defeated: Trump’s Final Pre-Election Interview on Fox News

During a year burdened with the deadly coronavirus pandemic, a historic recession, civil unrest, and the most divisive political environment in generations, election day may have seemed like it would never arrive. But, lo and behold, here we are. And now it’s just a matter of time before the nation learns whether it will go forward in a positive direction with the sane and decent leadership of Joe Biden, or if Donald Trump will somehow stumble back into the White House for another four years of turmoil, ignorance, and hostility.

Donald Trump, Mask, Fox News

In advance of the day’s voting, Trump spent some time with his bootlicking mood boosters at Fox News for a phone-in “interview.” And the “Curvy Couch” potatoes at Fox and Friends performed their Trump-fluffing duties just as they have for the past four (plus) years. The only real difference between this appearance and those Trump has done previously was Trump himself.

The normally hyped up “president” was uncharacteristically reserved this morning. In fact, he sounded exhausted and depressed. It’s almost as if he knew that his prospects for winning were as remote as my prospects for dunking on Lebron James.

Trump’s speech patterns were slow and halting. He appeared to have trouble forming coherent thoughts. The pauses between words signaled an inability express himself without sinking into pessimism and depression. For example, early in the segment Trump was asked by co-host Steve Doocy a simple, softball question regarding speculation that he would try to declare victory long before the results were in:

Doocy: At what point will you declare victory?
Trump: When there’s victory, if there’s victory. I think we’ll have victory. You know, the polls are suppression polls. I think we’ll have victory. But only when there’s victory. There’s no reason to play games. And I think we’ll have victory. I look at it as being a very solid chance of winning. I don’t know what the chances are. I don’t know how they rate the chances. But I think we have a very solid chance of winning.

In that brief exchange Trump repeated himself incessantly, especially the word “victory” (six times) as if he was trying to convince himself. And he says that his chances are good, even while saying that he doesn’t know what the chances are or how they are arrived at. For the record, FiveThirtyEight puts his chances at ten percent, and the Economist puts them at only three percent.

Following that, Trump was asked another gimme by co-host Ainsley Earhardt:

Earhardt: What has it been like? Have you loved the job? Has it been worth it? Because you’ve been under so much attack.
Trump: Well, it’s been mean. You’ve dealt with horrible people like “shifty” Schiff and “crazy” Nancy, and “cryin” Chuck Schumer. You deal with some horrible people.

So Trump’s response to whether he considered it “worth it” to be president was to complain about the “horrible” people he had to deal with. Of course, those people are the elected representatives of the people who Trump was so disrespectful to with his infantile nicknames. But more to the point, he couldn’t articulate any reason why he might have “loved” serving the people of the United States as their president. It’s been obvious for the past four years that he has indeed hated the job. He’s done nothing but whine about having to deal with the media, our allies, and members of Congress. In fact, he elaborated in his answer to complain that dealing with the U.S. is more difficult than dealing with China, Russia, or North Korea. That’s what he calls patriotism?

Finally, Trump couldn’t resist taking a shot at Fox News right in the faces of his hosts:

Trump is whining that Fox News hasn’t been sufficiently adoring of him. But to him anything less than 110% unflinching worship is inadequate. His examples of Fox’s betrayal are mainly that the network has aired a few speeches by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Trump says that “there are other networks for that,” affirming his view that Fox News is his personal Ministry of Propaganda.

To hear Trump in this interview one can’t come away without the feeling that he’s given up. He’s recognized that he will not be reelected and that now he has to turn his attention to the legal jeopardy that will face him as a civilian. His demeanor is dripping with despair for the bleak future that awaits him. And for the majority of the American people, it can’t come fast enough.

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Trump Parrots Illegal Advice By Fox News to Change Your Vote

There is now only one week left until election day. Not that election day has the significance it once had considering all of the opportunities to vote early or by mail. But it does still represent the end of the 2020 campaign season. And given the dreadful position that Donald Trump finds himself in, he is grasping desperately for ways to keep from suffering a historic landslide defeat.

Donald Trump, Mask, Fox News

As usual, Trump is relying on his shadow cabinet of Fox News sycophants for advice. Never mind that Trump is simultaneously bashing Fox for not being 110% adoring at all times, he still knows that he has nowhere else to go for the drooling devotion that Fox regularly provides. And on Tuesday morning he got a healthy dose of it from the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends (video below):

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt: According to Google Trends data, some people are thinking of changing their vote and they’re asking if they are able to do that. This is what’s trending right now: “Can I change my vote,” and “Hunter Biden.” Do you think that after we’ve learned the news of Hunter Biden, the alleged reports about him, people now want to change their Biden vote to Donald Trump vote?
Co-host Steve Doocy: Well, here’s the thing Ainsley. Every state has different rules. Minnesota, Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin, all have specific laws where you can change your mind after you vote. If you vote, apparently, in person at an early voting place, you don’t get a do-over. But if you submit an absentee ballot, or one of those mail-in ballots, apparently you can go ahead and change it.
Earhardt: Or you can also go to the poll and vote in person and that’s the one that would count.

This is only partly true. If you voted in person already, you cannot change your vote. If you voted by mail, there are certain circumstance where you can request another ballot or vote in person. However, voting in person after casting a mail-in vote is only permitted in five states. One of them is New York. In the other 45 states you will be potentially committing felony voter fraud if you attempt to vote twice (which Trump has previously encouraged people to do).

So if voters in New York wish to take the advice of Fox News, they can do so. But what’s the point? First of all, how many Biden voters in New York are going to switch their votes to Trump because of a phony scandal about Hunter Biden that even the GOP chairwoman couldn’t defend in an appearance on Fox? And it wouldn’t have any impact whatsoever on the outcome of the election in the solid blue state of New York.

Nevertheless, Fox’s number one viewer was watching and couldn’t resist commenting on the possibility that Biden supporters are suddenly clamoring to switch their votes to Trump:

Trump’s assumption that a trending topic on Twitter regarding changing votes refers to switching to him is ludicrous. That’s particularly true with regard to his assertion that the switch is coming after a debate that most people say Biden won. And the Hunter Biden story has utterly failed to get any traction. Consequently, by urging people to change their votes now, Trump is probably only persuading Trump voters to switch, producing more votes for Joe Biden.

What’s more, Trump didn’t make any distinction about states where this is legal and those where it isn’t. He didn’t even link to the Fox News clip that did alert people to the differences in different state laws. That could result in people putting themselves in legal jeopardy. Not that Trump cares. If the nation’s coronavirus SuperSpreader-in-Chief doesn’t care about putting people’s lives in jeopardy, he surely doesn’t care about this.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Trump Can’t Stop Whining About Imaginary Bias By Debate Moderator

Perhaps the most prominent of the myriad character flaws of Donald Trump isn’t his pathological lying, his infantile name-calling, his glaring ignorance, or his raging hostility. Perhaps it’s the relentless whining and victimhood that gushes from him whenever he is faced with even a mild challenge. It’s a pitiful display of the cowardice that permeates his personality, or lack thereof. No wonder Trump has bragged about being the most fabulous whiner.”

Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Debate Stage

This “feature” of Trump’s emotional frailty has been evident recently in his reaction to the upcoming and final presidential debate with Joe Biden. Note that the first of the scheduled debates resulted in Trump harassing both Biden and the the moderator, Chris Wallace, with repeated interruptions. That led to the Commission on Presidential Debates implementing a new rule wherein the mic of the opposing candidate will be muted during designated two minute periods at the beginning of each topical segment. The second debate was canceled altogether because Trump was afraid to participate remotely.

In advance of the final debate before the election, Trump is ramping up his griping about how unfair everyone and everything is to him. He has been complaining for several days that the debate, like the election itself, is “rigged” against him. And on Tuesday morning he took that complaint to Fox News so he could get some sympathy from the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends.

During the discussion, co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Trump about the new rule for muting the mic. Trump replied by calling the Commission “ridiculous” and then segued to accusing them of purposely muting his mic in the 2016 debates with Hillary Clinton (which never happened). He said they are “not good people” and that “a lot of funny things go on with them.” Then he shifted to maligning the moderator of Thursday’s debate, Kristen Welker of NBC News, in a rambling word salad with an overflowing jug of whine:

“I just went through Savannah Guthrie. I knew what I was getting into and it worked out fine. But she was out of line. She was totally out of line. And so was Chris Wallace. I know you’ll defend him, but so was Chris Wallace. He was terrible. It was like two on one, and that was just fine with me. But at least they should admit that it was two on one.” […]

“Kristen Welker is terrible, I mean she is totally partisan. Her father and mother are big supporters of Joe Biden for a long time. They’re supporters of the Democrat Party. And she deleted her entire account. […] “Kristen Welker is far worse than [CSPAN’S Steve] Scully, but I do it anyway, I do it anyway, But this is the way it is. It’s so set up.”

For the so-called “Leader of the Free World,” Trump sure behaves like a petulant toddler who doesn’t get his way. And needless to say, he is lying about Welker. She is a straight-down-the-middle journalist who doesn’t exhibit any political bias in her reporting. The party affiliations of her parents, even if true, are irrelevant. And she did not delete her Twitter account.

Trump made no effort whatsoever to support his contention that Welker “can’t be neutral at all.” What’s more, He falsely asserted that the Commission changed plans to make foreign policy the sole topic of the debate. That notion was birthed entirely in his warped imagination. The Commission’s only reference to debate topics came in their announcement on October 16, of the topics that were chosen by the moderator.

For the record, the topics are fighting COVID-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security, and leadership. If those topics bother Trump it’s only because he knows he can’t discuss them with anything approaching coherence. Nevertheless, he sought to disparage Biden’s debating skills by telling his Fox friends that…

“There is a chain of thought, that there are a lot of people that say let him talk, because he loses his train, he loses his train, he loses his mind, frankly.”

If Trump actually manages to muster up the discipline to let Biden talk without interrupting (doubtful), he will be sorely disappointed as Biden demonstrates far a superior grasp of the issues and a relatable empathy for the American people. In fact, Trump’s strategy would work much better for Biden. Just let Trump talk. The more people hear him, the more they despise him. Every time Trump opens his mouth Biden’s lead in the polls gets bigger. So please proceed, Donnie.

UPDATE: Trump is proceeding with his manic media maligning. He reportedly stomped out of an interview for 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl, and is now berating her as biased.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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