With Mueller Looming, Trump Auditions Alan Dershowitz to Be His Newest Fox News Spawned Lawyer

The legal swamp that Donald Trump finds himself in continues to get deeper and muddier. The news that his personal attorney, Michael Cohen had his home and office raided can only be regarded as a bad omen. And while Trump is flailing in a legal morass, his legal representation is falling apart. Along with Cohen’s troubles, Trump lost his lead attorney, John Dowd, last week. And Dowd’s replacement, Joseph DiGenova, was hired and fired within the space of a couple of days.

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This leaves a legal team that consists of Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow, neither of whom have any expertise in the sort of political intrigue that is engulfing Trump. Consequently, he needs to expand his legal roster with someone who has the appropriate skills and competence. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t know anyone with those qualities. Plus, many of those people have already turned the President’s offer of employment down. The only people Trump knows are the ones he sees on television. That’s why he is now meeting with Alan Dershowitz, O.J. Simpson’s attorney and frequent Fox News guest.

Dershowitz has been spending a lot of time lately on Fox defending Trump and criticizing anyone who has an opinion that doesn’t advance Trump’s interests. Dershowitz insists that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, is running an illegal shop that should never have opened up in the first place. He believes that obstruction of justice cannot be alleged absent an underlying crime. Regarding pardons, he takes the absurd position that “engaging in a constitutionally authorized act cannot be the basis of a criminal charge.” Were that true, a president could solicit a hit man to murder an opponent with the promise that he’ll get pardoned.

Dershowitz has been actively arguing Trump’s case before the court of public opinion. And coincidentally, every opinion he expresses is one that’s pro-Trump. His prominence and obvious biases as aired on Fox News is certainly what brought him to Trump’s attention. So now he’s dining at the White House as the legal clouds surrounding Trump get more Stormy. That’s curious considering that just yesterday he told Sean Hannity that “I don’t give advice to the president except on television. If he wants to listen, he can listen.”

Well, now that may all be changing and Dershowitz will become Trump’s advisor. If not, there are still a bunch of wingnut, Trump-fluffing, Fox News “lawyers” up for grabs. “Judge” Jeanine Pirro, Gregg Jarrett, and Kimberly Guilfoyle are all prospects that Trump might consider. Although none of them would actually serve the purpose of advancing his legal interests, they sure could get booked on Fox News to spread his lies and propaganda.

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  1. If Dershowitz were half as smart as he thinks he is, he might be dangerous.

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