Portrait of a Man Consumed By Fear: Trump Panic-Tweets in Anticipation of Comey’s Book

Well, it looks like Donald Trump’s dog-wagging escapade in Syria didn’t have the desired effect of deflecting attention from his legal woes and disastrous presidency. He is still the same lying cretin, determined to undermine the rule of law, as prior to the bombing raid. And the American people still see him as that. Trump’s shills on Fox News even failed in their attempt to blame the whole Syria situation on Obama.

Donald Trump

That might be the shortest media-distracting, manufactured war campaign in history. He got one day out of it. Which makes it just another unqualified PR fail that is so typical of Trump’s whole life. So it’s on to Plan B: Smear former FBI Director James Comey in advance of the release of his tell-all book, A Higher Loyalty. And apparently having no presidenting to do, Trump dived into this strategy with gusto on Sunday morning. He posted a flurry of tweets, most of which were aimed directly at Comey. And all of which were a pathetic illustration of someone so obviously frightened by the unfolding of events that he can’t control himself. Let’s begin at the beginning:

Trump revisits his Slimeball commentary that was such an embarrassment two days ago. For the record, Comey’s remarks about the election were simply to state that the environment in which he was making his decisions was inherently political and, with candid soul-searching honesty, he said he couldn’t be sure that that didn’t have an impact on him. Unfortunately, it did have an impact and is a conspicuous low point in his tenure at the bureau. But not for the reasons so poorly articulated by Trump. As for wanting a job – he already had one. The FBI director is appointed for a ten year term, of which he was only in his fifth year. Is anyone surprised that our “stable genius” president didn’t know that?

Here Trump rattles off a litany of right-wing stalking points that are flaming misrepresentations of reality. It’s too time consuming to debunk them all again. So let’s just focus on Trump’s repeated parenthetical that Comey should be in jail. Having no evidence of a crime would make that difficult. However, by flatly stating that Comey is guilty of these things, Trump may have let him off the hook by prejudicing the jury pool and making a fair trial impossible. A competent president would have known not to do that. p.s. Comey’s “badly reviewed book” is currently #1 on Amazon.

Just because Trump would never waste time talking about his grandkids doesn’t mean that normal humans don’t do that. And some better questions than his old, pre-election gossip would be: Why can’t we find out what happened in Don Jr.’s meeting with Russians? Or on Micheal Cohen’s trip to Prague? Or what Trump is saying privately to Vladimir Putin? Or why he has so many non-disclosure agreements with playmates and porn stars? Or what about those hookers in Moscow?

This is just a flat out lie. Trump’s demand for personal loyalty is a common feature of both his business and political relationships. Many of his associates have already conceded this. Also, not knowing someone doesn’t make such a pledge less likely. It makes it more likely. And Comey’s notes were written contemporaneously to the events, before he knew what would transpire or what effect Trump’s behavior would have. That’s what makes them valuable and credible.

Now Trump is just venting his wishes for what he hopes will happen. More to the point, he’s projecting what he fears will happen to him. Because he is – you know – not smart.

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The endgame of all this whining will still center around Trump’s devastatingly low approval ratings. All but a sliver of deadenders abhor him. And even many Republicans find him too obnoxious to stand next to. Specifically with regard to his feud with Comey, “yuge” majorities of the American people are siding with the FBI guy. No matter how much Trump stamps his feet and throws infantile tantrums, he can’t change that. And his lame attempts to do so just make him look all the more guilty – let’s just say #SAD.

Update: Comey responds: