Fox News: Trump ‘is Going to Defecate All Over Everything, Squawk and Fly Away’

It’s getting more difficult with every new day to ignore just how deferential Donald Trump is to Vladimir Putin. Trump has never been shy about expressing his feelings, particularly when they are brash insults to anyone who he thinks is less than adoring to him. Trump will lash out viciously at friends, associates, and strangers who dare to criticize him, even in mild terms. But he never has a harsh word for his pal in the Kremlin. Many people are wondering what Putin has on Trump to guarantee this endless supply of affection.

Donald Trump Chicken

This peculiar – and conspicuously anti-American – behavior was exhibited again this week when Trump ventured off to Brussels for a meeting with our NATO allies. He even foreshadowed the position he intended to take when he told the media that his upcoming tete-a-tete with Putin would be “the easiest one” he would have on this junket. And in the very first public gathering open to the press, Trump demonstrated that his relations with our allies would not be easy at all by launching a wild harangue against Germany for partnering with Russia in a natural gas pipeline.

So the battlelines have already been drawn in just the first few hours of the NATO summit. And, naturally, Trump is bashing our friends and cozying up to our enemies. The brazen manner with which Trump displays his betrayal to long-time allies is now being noticed by his most vociferous defender: State TV (aka Fox News). As the summit was getting underway, Chris Stirewalt, Fox News digital politics editor, had a few words about the President’s disloyalty to America’s national interests (video below). Referring to members of Trump’s GOP who have been feverishly trying to spin Trump’s unsettling commentaries, Stirewalt said that:

“I want to tell these Republicans, quit kidding yourselves. You will not stop Donald Trump from undermining NATO, and you will not stop him from undermining U.S. foreign policy to be more favorable towards Russia. He is going to do it.

“And the Republicans who say, ‘Well, we have a broad foreign policy apparatus and we forced him to impose these sanctions, and we forced him to do these things.’ He is going to fly into Brussels like a seagull. He is going to defecate all over everything, squawk and fly away, is what he’s going to do in Brussels. And the Europeans are going to continue to say to each other, ‘We don’t have a reliable partner in the U.S. government right now. We don’t think this is a working relationship.’

“Plus, we have a trade war going with them. The President will succeed, whether it’s temporary or whether it’s lasting, realigning U.S. foreign policy away from Europe and toward Moscow.”

Clearly the quotable portion of that analysis concerns the defecating seagull. The media will likely highlight that colorful phrase to draw in readers and viewers (just as News Corpse did). But no one should let the more substantive part of Stirewalt’s remarks go by. Because the significance of a Fox News editor telling their primetime audience that Trump is “realigning U.S. foreign policy away from Europe and toward Moscow,” cannot be overstated. This isn’t Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow talking. It’s a senior Fox news editor who is issuing a warning to an audience that he knows won’t welcome it.

But will they listen? Probably not. At least not until one of the pharisees of the Fox/Trump cult like Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham says it. Until then, Trump’s disciples will continue to believe that he has the infallibility of the Messiah. And anything he says – no matter how destructive to American values or interests – will be agreed to and worshiped like gospel. And Stirewalt will be dismissed as a heretic. That’s how cults work.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News: Trump ‘is Going to Defecate All Over Everything, Squawk and Fly Away’

  1. For the record:

    Trump’s problem with Germany was somehow related to his ongoing complaint that Europe isn’t paying their “fair share” of support for NATO, and that the U.S. is carrying too much of the burden. That’s a false allegation that proves once again how little Trump understands foreign defense pacts and diplomacy. Trump’s is whining that the European nations aren’t paying the two percent of their GDP that the agreement stipulates. But there isn’t any such stipulation. It’s a goal that’s suggested to be met, but not until 2024. So there is no delinquency. And even when all the other NATO members are paying the full amount, the U.S. will still be paying more because its GDP is greater than the the combined GDP of all the other members.

    What’s more, the U.S. commitment to to defense in the region is not to protect the interests of the nations where American soldiers are based. It’s to protect American interests. Because a free and democratic Europe is essential to the welfare of the United States. This isn’t some selfless humanitarian gesture. It is purely self-serving.

  2. And of course, Darth Moronikus had the audacity to say THIS:

    “Germany is totally controlled by Russia… A captive of Russia.”

    SERIOUSLY?! While you have been working so hard to do this to US?!!!

    Irony, thou hath no shame….

  3. I’m afraid for the future of America. People don’t seem to have the will to oppose trump and his corrupt russian-asset cronies in the GOP, among the so called “government “experts,” and the corporate sector. Trump is having hate rallies every week and definitely getting a psychological jump as “the president”(even though he is a fake), and an informational (he lies incessantly so its not real info) head start because the media is completely mesmerized by trump. They voraciously report on his every move, even under the guise of critiquing him- its sick and twisted. The Congress just gave him the power to USE nuclear weapons, even though it is a well known fact that trump is dangerously ignorant of foreign affairs and US policies as well as reckless in every area of his life, both public and private. He has Rudy Giuliani as his foul lying mouth- piece, who has also become the darling of the media daily and weekend talk shows and with pundits. All of what is going on to normalize an American fascist/nazi regime is irresponsible, politically naive and WILL destroy not just people of color as white people mistakenly believe but the whole nation and Democratic structure of this country. Mark my words. We as a nation are just about at the door of hell with trump as the crazy king that too many don’t have the courage to oppose on a CONSISTENT and CONSTANT basis, and it is disturbing. I don’t want to hear ANY criticism of Cong. Waters, or NFL players who DO NOT have to kneel for the travesty that is America, or Black Lives Matter activists being unpatriotic or any thing else that criticizes the progressive movements around the country. THESE PEOPLE are the TRUE patriots, who want American democracy to function at its best for everyone. Trump and his enablers, handlers, explainers, supporters, fascist/ racist/ nazi swamp dwellers- want the opposite with their fake patriotism. They MUST be opposed and those of us that truly care about this country HAVE to be the ones to do it.

  4. You are quite correct, but unless the Democrats come up with some positive suggestions and take the spotlight off the Hate Manager, they won’t win.
    There are a lot of angry people who think that it is entirely appropriate to HATE “those other people.” They love his call to hate . This is exactly what Hitler did , and millions of Germans loved him.
    The Democrats need to emphasize the need for HEALTHCARE, and call attention to the need to rebuild our nation. FDR put millions of people to work improving our nation. Our roads and bridges and school buildings need work! Put people to work and truly make America a great nation!
    Responding to hate with anger just makes it worse. WHEN THEY GO LOW, WE GO HIGH!

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