Fair and Huh? Fox News Anchor Tells Trump Shill that She “Needs to Go on the Offensive’

The evidence that Fox News is just Donald Trump’s in-house propaganda ministry keeps growing with each new day. The network seems to have no bottom with regard to blatantly biased support for, and adulation of, Dear Leader. And the argument that they have two separate types of programs – one that is opinion based, and one that is “news,” is repudiated on a regular basis by their own reporting.

Fox News Fair and Balanced

America’s Newsroom on Fox News is supposed to be one of their allegedly “straight” news shows. However, on Friday’s edition of the program Mercedes Schlapp, Trump’s White House director of strategic communications (whatever that is), was interviewed. The discussion included a question about the “contentious moment between Sarah Sanders and Jim Acosta of CNN.” That was when Acosta asked Sanders to acknowledge that the media is not the enemy of the people. Sanders pointedly refused to to do sotwice. And now Schlapp was being given another opportunity to set the record straight. But instead, she said this (video below):

“Fake news is dangerous. We know for a fact that many of these so-called news reporters go out there have a complete disdain for President Trump. It’s no wonder that we’ve seen that 90% of the media coverage for President Trump has been negative.”

Schlapp went on to whine about how Trump and company are helpless victims who have been mercilessly attacked by the all-powerful media. Poor babies. She cited blistering assaults with examples that they have been “called names” by journalists. Gee, Trump would never do anything so unspeakably hideous, would he? And to this pitiful rant, Fox’s host, Bill Hemmer (who is rumored to be a candidate to succeed Sanders as press secretary) said:

“I don’t think you should be defensive about this. You need to go on offense. And I know that’s a big part of why you came on today.”

Then they all had a good laugh when Hemmer asked Schlapp if she was “tired of winning.” What we have here is the Fox News anchor advising the Trump shill to be more offensive, as if that were possible. Just Thursday night at his cult assembly in Pennsylvania, Trump himself escalated his war on the press by calling them the “disgusting fake news,” and “horrendous people.”

Hemmer’s not-so-subtle coaching of Schlapp may have been an attempt to add a new clip to his audition reel for the job at the White House. After all, he’s facing stiff competition from three other Fox Newsers: Heather Nauert (currently stationed at Trump’s State Department), Kimberly Guilfoyle (Don Jr’s new girlfriend who was recently terminated by Fox for sexual misconduct), and Tony Sayegh (now on duty at Trump’s Treasury Department).

This abundance of candidates all from the same network shouldn’t surprise anyone. Trump spends much his day watching Fox News and is advised regularly by people like Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, Lou Dobbs, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. Plus his brand, spanking new Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications is former Fox News president, Bill Shine. He was also recently jettisoned by the network for enabling and covering up the sexual misconduct of big shots like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. So Hemmer would fit in nicely with this wholesome group of cretins, don’t you think?

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5 thoughts on “Fair and Huh? Fox News Anchor Tells Trump Shill that She “Needs to Go on the Offensive’

  1. I thought you’d want a heads up.

    I’m using a Chrome extension, ExtensionTrusted News for Google Chrome. It has your site labeled as UNTRUSTWORTHY, which it isn’t. Download the extension and take a look at what it says about your site.

    This website knowingly publishes false and/or misleading information and is therefore deemed untrustworthy.

    You should look into your low ratings and who is doing this to you.

    • I’m not too worried about that. The extension only has about 7,000 users. And I couldn’t find my website on any of the sources they use, except for one. And that one (the only one that actually has ratings) rated me as “Political.” Which is fair. I don’t think the extension is particularly trustworthy.

  2. The extension is new and will get better, I hope. It shows Faux news as biased (as heck), the Onion as satire. and Alex Jones Infowars as untrustworthy. Many smaller sites have insufficient data to get any kind of rating. I’ve been very pleased with the extension, at least until yesterday when I saw how wildly inaccurately it portrayed your site. I’m assuming you are being labeled as untrustworthy by a slew of conservative trolls and Russians.

    I’m glad you looked into it. I’m hoping they improve the extension and ban false reports, if not I’m going to have to delete it.

    • Thanks. I appreciate your kind words and support. Also, I think as a user, you can report to the extension’s authors that they made an error.

  3. trustednews@eyeo.com is the extensions email. I sent them a friendly message. I suggest anyone reading this comment do the same if you think the label of untrustworthy is incorrect.

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