Holy Moly: Trump Says He’s Staying Out of Mueller Probe for Now, But ‘I Could Run It If I Want’

The delusional machinations of the mind of Donald Trump are getting more distant from reality on an hourly basis. And what he just told Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason will surely make eyes roll into heads of Americans everywhere.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Trump has not been shy about slandering special counsel Robert Mueller as corrupt, conflicted, disgraced, discredited, and most recently, as a thug. He calls the investigation a “witch hunt” and makes thinly veiled demands that his Attorney General, Jess Sessions, should bring it to end. But now he’s gone further than ever before:

If Trump thinks that he can “run” an investigation into himself, he’s more disturbed than anyone thought. Even if there were a legal scenario wherein he could assume such control, the Congress would have to finally get off their butts and introduce Articles of Impeachment. It would be the final straw in what most people recognize as Trump’s campaign to obstruct justice. It would be a descension into a totalitarian dictatorship that America would not tolerate.

Just suggesting that he could do such a thing is reflective of Trump’s diseased and un-American mindset. These remarks should not be be underplayed by the press. They should be given the exposure warranted to a deranged leader asserting his right to become a tyrant.

Mason got a few other items of interest in his interview as well:

Each of these comments point to Trump’s willingness to interfere in areas that a president would not ordinarily go. But Trump doesn’t care about precedent or ethics. He only cares about what he can get for himself. And that makes him a dangerous person to have in the White House whether or not he acts on any of these things.

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